Free Bonus Teleclass Invite – Attract Your Soulmate Now

by Reid on August 8, 2018

Free Bonus Teleclass Invite – Attract Your Soulmate Now






Reid: Hello, everybody.  It’s Reid Mihalko from broadcasting to you from the corner of my tiny, little office, and I’m inviting you to join me on a really exciting call series that is happening this summer being hosted by Arielle Ford and it’s called “Attracting Your Soulmate Now”, and it’s going to run from July 10th through the 18th, and I’m super-geekily excited to be a part of this call series that’s featuring such kick-ass people like Deepak Chopra, and Alison Armstrong, Marianne Williamson, Johnathan Gray, Harville Hendrix, and a host, a smorgasbord of other people who’ve got some really great thinking and advice about how you can make relationships healthier, and more connected, and deeper, and we’re all going to share our ideas on basically what you need to do, or ways that you can increase making your relationships and how you go about your relationships, the kinds of things where you’re attracting your soul mate and you get to be the person that you want to be in relationships and not having to hold yourself back.


As a bonus, an incentive, inviting you to sign up via my affiliate link here on the bottom is for those of you who do sign up using my affiliate link, you can email me your confirmation email from Arielle, and that will put you in a list of people that will all get together after the series ends on July 18th.  We’ll get together after that for a free teleclass that I’m going to offer where I’m just going to answer whatever questions you have about the advice that Arielle and her experts shared, any challenges that you have, and it’s also my geeky way of checking in with you all and just kind of hearing how the call series went, and what was the advice that you found most important. So please check our Arielle’s website. You can use the affiliate link here and if you want to be a part of the teleclass just email me your confirmation email and I’ll add you to a list and then I’ll send you information about the free teleclass where we can all brainstorm and geek out together at the end.


This is Reid Mihalko signing off. Bye.

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