The Importance of Asking For What We Want!

by Reid on September 20, 2019

The Importance of Asking For What We Want!








Reid: I just want to be the first to say that Cathy is making me do this video and withholding dinner from me.

Cathy: The steak is over there.

Reid: There’s…there’s steak

Cathy: With mushrooms and blue cheese on top.

Reid: All I’m just saying

Cathy: So it’s a non-consensual

Reid: it’s already kind of sketchy

Cathy: it’s a non-consensual video?

Reid: hmmmm… I don’t know, we’ll let them figure it out.

Cathy: Oh

Reid: I’m Reid Mihalko from and this is Cathy Vartuli of

Cathy: The very mean Cathy Vartuli

Reid: The very mean Cathy Vartuli

Cathy: me holding

Reid: Cathy, what’s the video that you would like us to shoot right now?

Cathy: Well, I…we always encourage you guys to ask questions and we love it when you send them in and someone wrote in and said, “I love the videos and now I feel finally ready to make my request. You guys upload a video and you guys touching and making out, sorry if this is in bad taste and…”

Reid: Taste…what would our dinner would taste like right now?

Cathy: With your coleslaw

Reid: I’m just waiting mm-hmm

Cathy: and I wanted to appreciate the person for asking that kind of awkward question like I think it’s really important to….we encourage people to ask questions and talk about the…the things that we want and ask for things we want so I really just want to appreciate that you’re willing to reach out and we wanted to role model that you know that’s not something we’re going to do on our video.

Reid: I’m not your make out monkey especially when dinner is being withheld which is your fault for putting me into this so what we will do is we’re going to role model these little rubber ducks doing this. Okay, are you’re just going to come in and kiss me without asking?

Cathy: Oh, hi. Can I kiss you?

Reid: Sure but you better make it quick ‘coz I’m hungry as hell and do this quick. How do you like to be kissed?

Cathy: Oh, lots of tongue

Reid: Lots of tongue?

Cathy: It’s not actually true but

Reid: Okay here it comes, get ready

Cathy: Oh

Reid: this is going to be like a tongue twister right here. Oh, yeah

Cathy: lots of bale there, lots of bale

Reid: Okay, alright that was great

Cathy: That was wonderful, you have a cigarette?

Reid: You’re the best we just started a YouTube channel together

Cathy: [Laughing]

Reid: Alright

Cathy: Thank you

Reid: You’re welcome. What other questions are you withholding? Send them in

Cathy: Or Cathy Vartuli, Cathy@

Reid: Alright, thanks for the video. Now it’s the time to eat.

Cathy: Yay!

Reid: Come on Cathy, dinner!

Cathy: Do ducks…ducks eat steak?

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