Cathy And Reid Facebook Live: How Can You Advertise Sex-Related Topics In Facebook?

by Reid on July 21, 2019

Cathy And Reid Facebook Live: How Can You Advertise Sex-Related Topics In Facebook?




Cathy: Okay all these people are saying this would be in the avatar like Abe yes. Reid it’s going to go live as well.

Reid: Alright. Okay
Cathy: Are you live?

Reid: So we’re good. We’re both live

Cathy: We’re both live

Reid: You….you have a better camera angle I think so. Alright, so hi everyone! This is Reid Mihalko from and I have a special situation today where I’m broadcasting with my good friend Cathy Vartuli from and your picture on your phone is amazing. Cathy’s live broadcasting so this is like a Facebook for way basically and today we’re going to be giving some business advice on using Facebook live to talk about like un….unfriendly or Facebook unfriendly topics which you know we’ll talk about in a second but I just need to explain. I’m wearing my….my tux because the airline lost my bag this morning and so I showed up at Cathy’s with nothing more than a crappy shirt that I was wearing and my tuxedo so we figured we would tux it up today for everybody.

Cathy: I….I want to go on record as saying I encouraged him to do it as topless. I thought that it would probably increase the views but he refused.

Reid: So back to the Facebook unfriendly topics which…me being shirtless might….might be Facebook unfriendly

Cathy: Yeah. Leave comments if you think he should be in topless

Reid: Okay

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: Alright. Well, we’re not going there

Cathy: Come on. Yeah. Facebook doesn’t promote anything to do with sex we’ve had ads taken now we’re promoting for relationship techniques where I used two people kissing both foolish for like for nothing it wasn’t like a like no one was giving tonsil hockey to the other and it still was banned by Facebook.

Reid: So somehow my….my video is sideways

Cathy: Okay

Reid: and then I’m trying to get it change. We’re having technical difficulties

Cathy: here’s…is this still sideways live?

Reid: It’s still sideways live

Cathy: Is it upside down or right side up now?

Reid: No. Hang on. So, is this better? For those of you watching my broadcast let me know if now at least it looks right and we….we can continue.

Cathy: I’ll have to get over a little bit because I’m a….

Reid: Alright.

Cathy: we can move back a little bit

Reid: Okay. So then we got Cathy’s got the great shot you might want to just go over to Cathy Vartuli’s page.

Cathy: Yeah
Reid: Okay good. Thank you Albert

Cathy: My notice my notifications are on and I’m not sure how to turn them off without messing up the Facebook live

Reid: Okay

Cathy: So sorry it’s buzzing a little bit on mine and yours is got the upside down a picture

Reid: Yeah. You but you can turn…. I’ll oh okay

Cathy: Do you know how?

Reid: Yeah. I think so. Alright. So what we’re going to talk about is Facebook

Cathy: I think it

Reid: unfriendly stuff wait is this this is an android…. I don’t know I don’t do androids get away from me I’m just going to break it. So we’re talking about Facebook unfriendly topics because as sex educators we it’s often hard to get ads to buy ads and run ads for any kind of you know sex

Cathy: And if you

Reid: and intimacy content

Cathy: and even posting that are too sexy they could get removed.

Reid: Yeah. If you push something with a nipple that isn’t you know it might get

Cathy: An a

Reid: get down

Cathy: unidentified person is okay?

Reid: it usually it’s okay but I’ve had some trans folk friends of mine who identify as male get stuff taken down. So, again like how do you is Facebook live the thing that you do now to sneak content in? I did a video the other day with a vulva puppet

Cathy: Yup

Reid: talking about sexual techniques on vulvas and the inverted Vulcan technique so you know is are we being sneaky now? What do we do?

Cathy: Yeah. One of the things that we’ve had luck with Reid stuff on is starting with we’ve promoted things that were less sex oriented and then once they were on the list offering them something that was a little more a little more explicit afterwards like the….the first page Facebook will work at the first page, you sent people to for an ad or like we’re doing live and we didn’t title it how to how to promote sex and porn on Facebook I don’t know what they do but start making sure it’s not quite as explicit and the first page the landing page they go to is not explicit but then inviting people afterwards. So, if they signed up for how to be a better kisser and we learned not to sometimes kissing pictures don’t aren’t approved and sometimes they are but saying okay if you like this, would you like to learn more about having using hand sex or something like that and offering them some way to go? You’re still getting people in that are interested in the topic you know in general about how to have better physical connection with people and then you’re that you’re starting off in the shallow end and going deeper as after they’re already on your list.

Reid: Yeah. So, that would be generally in response to the question that somebody emailed in around business advice you know if you’re kind of stuck in the sex ghetto

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: being that you can’t get ad space or you might be violating terms of service and things might get taken down for being too explicit, what…what can you create that you can get ads for that is….is in overlapping territory? So, let’s say that you’re doing you know you know erotic genital erotic massage for couples or erotic genital massage like that whatever that is that’s your area or multiple orgasms or you know erectile dysfunction

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: whatever you know can you create a product about you know self-confidence when dealing with you know romantic issues like is that the kind of thing that would that Facebook would allow you to have an ad for?

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: So, that you could run an ad for tangential tans gentle?

Cathy: Transgenital

Reid: Transgenital whatever that word, products that overlap and then once people sign up you can have you know emails that invite them to more products like I can’t buy advertising for sex 10x online which is my six-week online course with some free videos in the beginning for building your sexual self-confidence but I can create the safer sex elevator speech post and post that on Facebook. I can create you know how to be more romantic or how to have your difficult conversation formula and I can buy ads for those things if I wanted to and then once I get people into my mailing list I can I can have you know more explicit topics. Things that I don’t need to buy ad space.

Cathy: Right and I….I have trouble just thinking of things what can I promote that will get them someplace else but I can think about it in terms of how can I serve the shyer people that might not be as ready to dive in the deep end of the pool or that would also attract people that are interested in the beam in the deep end either now or later. So it’s just a little different way of approaching it mentally for me it looks it lets me get in tune with how I want to help them and like you’re kissing you know how to be a better kisser I think most people many people have a lot of fear around and lack of confidence so it’s great to help them get you know a lot of people would want that and then if they’re interested in taking it further it’s still aligned it’s not like I’m not trying to sell them a washer and a jar of peanut butter so to speak.

Reid: Yeah. You can create something for like yoga for better relationships and ultimately it then brings people to more products on actual like yoga for better orgasms or yoga for better sex. And how this applies to Facebook live is now in the wild west of live broadcasts on Facebook live and you can read up on the terms of service for Facebook live. We’re kind of not sure where the edges are and we do know whipping your boobs out or dropping trout not going to fly on Facebook. So don’t do those things, right? But again like so far, me using puppets and being I can be explicit but more of like PG-13 rated R explicit not NC-17 explicit that seems to be working fine and as the more that we know and the more that we find out and the more that we hear from other educators that they’re using Facebook live, then you know we’ll let you know by creating another Facebook live video and sharing. What we do know is from us, educator perspective from workshop facilitators and people who you know give advice
Cathy: Yeah.

Reid: as part of their business, Facebook live is really something you should be experimenting with and you know getting more and more comfortable engaging with your audience on video if that works for your privacy settings

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: you know some people have pseudonyms and do stuff you know they’re authors and they….the world can never know

Cathy: Right

Reid: you know who they are so maybe getting in video isn’t going to work for you.

Cathy: I think also you don’t necessarily have to sell things directly on Facebook. It’s also about building relationships. So if you’re the social media is often very useful for building relationships that lets people feel safe when you do promote to them. So, if you can share like hey I’m this is scary for me or share some of your process that way you feel like a person sharing your story and often our stories are powerful and if we share we share them people get to know us and Facebook live I think is a really good way to do that.

Reid: Yeah. What some people are saying and thank you folks for…for sharing we’ve got Nick saying the Dallas Novelty which is an adult store can’t run ads on Facebook for the vanilla things that they carry that even Walgreens carries and that people have been put in Facebook….Facebook jail for things they’ve said. So, again like if….if you have if your business is an adult business then again like with terms and services it would make sense you know even though I don’t agree with it, it would make sense from a Facebook perspective that they’re not going to let you run ads for a business that’s an adult business even if the ad you want to run is for a non….non adult product.

Cathy: Yeah. You know it is challenging I’m not really sure how to solve it for something like that. Avid said that they shared several points that….that surprised them and thought it before really glad you’re on Avid, it’s good to see you. I think the more we talked together we start when the community starts talking and sharing the things were struggling with very different from the videos where people like I am the Guru I know everything you should just follow me and do what I say like we’re all sourcing together and we can say, “hey I’m not sure how to do this thing or I’ve run into this problem” and the community as a whole is much more powerful and has more experience. I don’t want to go to Facebook jail I think it probably is a really challenging job for Facebook if they’re listening to police this like there’s a lot of people that are have very sleazy sex related things and they don’t know how to separate the really positive educational and entertainment that’s….that’s in a sex positive light from the negative. So I can understand to a certain extent why they have the challenges but it’s….it’s sad that you can’t advertise because of the brand name that you can’t advertise things anyone else could….could be able to….to advertise that seems unfair.

Reid: Yeah. I mean we’ll share more of our thoughts as we

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: have more of our thoughts I mean I’ve been doing live videos for since New Year’s and so you know again I’m sorry for those of you who are expecting me to be on a treadmill

Cathy: Well, there’s a treadmill

Reid: for our morning our morning walk

Cathy: You get in the tux in your tux on the treadmill when you do your walk

Reid: There is a treadmill right over here

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: but it felt more advantageous to have this conversation with Cathy. We’re going to we’re going to wrap it up now.

Cathy: Yeah.

Reid: Leave your comments. Share the video. This was a business advice video and….and normally I would have my sex geek summer camp T-shirt on.

Cathy: but it’s….it’s in plane somewhere
Reid: but it’s….it’s it……they don’t even know where my bag is. It went on its own vacation.

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: But….but you got to see the tux which I wore last night at the XBIZ Award’s in Los Angeles so

Cathy: It touched many famous people

Reid: It touched many famous people and that does not include me I wouldn’t consider myself famous but thank you so much for watching for tuning in.

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: Leave some comments. Let….let Cathy know what you want Cathy to be talking about in the Facebook live videos she should be doing more of, don’t you think? And thank you all of you for showing up on my life feat. Sorry the phone thing was weird. Thank you for leaving comments to let us know that we needed to turn it right side up.

Cathy: Avid says, she…well it’s really awkward which I agree with and then on a separate run on the treadmill and take it off while you run everyone will pay more attention.

Reid: Oh yeah. Great and then I trip on my pants and then we… breaks this face. Awesome. Good advice everyone

Cathy: That would be awkward

Reid: Have a great day! We love you. Bye!

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