When Should You Reschedule and Cancel An Event? | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on November 28, 2019

When Should You Reschedule and Cancel An Event? | Facebook Walk With Reid




Reid: Hello sex geek! It’s Reid Mihalko from https://reidaboutsex.com/ and I’m sorry I’m so late today in our walk but I was hoping it would stop raining today and it’s not! And then I got sucked into a… trying to fix a sales page for a [Inaudible 00:00:26] live tomorrow. And then I realized that it was getting dark out and then ah.. and then I needed to do my walk with you. So hello sex educators, workshops facilitators, healers who maybe teach sex positive content, relationship coaches or intimacy coaches whatever you, you identify that brings you to feeling like you’re a sex geek pro as I like to say. And this talk is for you because it’s cold enough or chilly enough for me to put a sweater on today and not, not be walking around in my sex geek summer camp T-shirt but that’s visible. Imagine that I’m wearing it underneath.


It’s kind of, kind of stop raining but I’m still gonna keep the umbrella up. So first, let me fix my group here so you’re not bouncing around a ton. Say hi from wherever you are ‘coz it might be morning where you’re at, it might be evening. And I see Leanne is there. Hello Leanne! Somebody commented that it’s annoying when I stop and say hi to people. So, I’m a…I’m assuming that that it’s annoying to some and maybe not annoying to everyone. So if you wanna let me know also if it’s annoying when I try to acknowledge you all, rather than talking or staying on topic probably is quite annoying. If me getting distracted by people popping up is distracting too, please say yes that it’s distracting or yes we don’t do that or comment that it’s okay or you know give me just some.. make it rain hearts and smiley faces.


So yes, so I got caught in [00:02:19] scientist mode working on getting some registration buttons and stuff fixed for in upcoming workshop and has this running up the door so I can do my talk with you all. I realized that I should probably just talk about that. For those of you who didn’t know about eighteen months ago, two years ago almost three years ago but like two years ago, I was super super busy. So in 2014, that was the first year that was the year that I’m in huge jump in my business. It was the first year that I almost cracked six figures in bringing in revenue which is not.. like.. that’s what you gross not what you net. Gross is what you bring in all you know just the big number. Net is what’s left after you pay your expenses. So when people go like, “oh my God Reid you.. you almost broke six figures!” I’m like “yeah” but I have a lot of expenses when you run around flying all over the country to teach. So, you know just because somebody says they have the six or seven figure business at…. Always ask them what they net like how much money they had left over because if you have if you have a seven figure business and it cost you eight figures to run it, you’re… that’s not a good business. If you have a five figure business and, and it cost you two figures to run it, then you have a good business.


So.. so I don’t want to make it sound like you know it’s a big deal, I mean it’s great that I make a living and then I can pay all my bills and you know and have a little bit leftover to put into four or one K and you know, save up to.. maybe buy a property someday and thank you all of you who keep pinging me about Allison Moon’s posts. Yes we are looking at property potentially but it’s not like gonna happen next week. But you know I need to be a big adult and you know sometimes purchasing things, big adult things can be a good business move and also a good life moves. So, but for all this years I’ve only.. I’ve only rented things and that works really well for me. So yeah I just wanna remove all kinds of weird value judgements. All truly what I’m interested and is people being self-expressed, feeling like they’re not broken and being able to create the life that they want with useful tools and I think that that’s great sex Ed advice and I think that’s great business advice. And you know every choice that I make that’s good for me isn’t necessarily gonna be or good choice for you or congruent to you. Which brings us to self-expression and styles and you know I’m making the, the sales page for tomorrow with the registration buttons live tomorrow morning no matter what and so my deadline style is basically a kind of burn the ships. You have to do it and get it done style which would.. for some people creates a lot of pressure and will drive people bankers and for some people that’s exactly what you need to do.


So for anyone of you who’d ever tried to get me to do a book cover quote for you, you know that it takes a miracle to get me to do anything. And, and then that’s pretty normal and you have to basically keep reminding me to get your book cover quote. So if I don’t have a hard deadline where people will die and you know cities will burn then it’s.. you know I’m focusing on other things. So first ask yourself like what’s your… what kind of deadlines work best for you? In a way that feels motivating and keeps you accountable because sometimes for some us, you can create things like easy flowing, everything’s great atmosphere and that might be ideal for a lot of people’s creativity. And for some of us it’s you know you have to light a fire under your pants. And for certain things I know that my deadline needs to have real world costs and the easiest thing for me to do is to tell you all that the registration page is going live tomorrow and then I’ll have to get it done because I’ll be embarrassed if I don’t. So I’m telling you all that I’ll be emailing everybody tomorrow about our registration situation that will have be limited to thirty people and because I’ve told you now and I risked public embarrassment, I will do everything in my power tonight to make sure that it’s ready for tomorrow morning.


If you are curious about what I’m announcing tomorrow morning, then if you’re not already getting emails from me then just go to https://reidaboutsex.com/sexgeekpro which is one word and that’ll give you an opt-in so that you can be on my sex geek pro mailing list which means that you will get the…you’ll get the email tomorrow morning so do that tonight. And then over the course of the next you know couple of days, there’ll be other announcements but the reason I’m telling you this and I’m keeping it mysterious ‘coz you gonna always hit unsubscribe later. The reason I’m telling you this is the cut off like that workshop experience is sold out at thirty tops so this loan would be available for the first thirty people to come to the live event. And then everybody else can still purchase it and get all the recordings such kind a hell that’s gonna work.


So knowing what your deadline style is, can be really helpful ‘coz then you know how to motivate yourself in ways that really actually get you to perform. Hopefully it ways doesn’t cause you a lot of stress but sometimes you know pressure makes diamonds and I have to tell everybody I’m doing something for me to actually do certain things. Yes, accountability helps right. Thanks Leanne!


The other thing that I think is important to talk about with this, Is how do you know when you should reschedule an event or when you should cancel an event? Because you know, eighteen months ago, two years ago I was really not taking care of myself. I created a whole bunch of stuff in 2014. I created Relationship 10X which was my first big six week online course with free videos and that’s.. you know invite to register video. I you know… I basically implemented all of these things let me give you a quick shot of the church right there it’s so looks really pretty with the lights. I’ve never seen lights on before.


I implemented a ton of the business advice that I was consuming and created my first six week online course and then created my first three day live relationship training seminar event which I hosted in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino and Resort and then that was Valentines in 2014 and then in the end of July we did sex geek summer camp. That was the first year for sex geek summer camp. So 2014 is huge for me as far as like creating a massive amount of content and too huge live events ‘coz camp is at four.. four night five day business retreat that’s actually at.. at summer camp for sex educators. So what I didn’t planned for, was that that was gonna be so much energy and so much manifesting that I didn’t really plan a vacation after that or understand what the tolled be to me in 2014.


So then what happened is 2015 I was still kind of still kind of gliding that wave of momentum without understanding that I was slowly becoming more and more exhausted and I really didn’t have a way to pay attention to that. So what happened was, in.. in the end of 2015 the beginning of 2016, I did basically.. I didn’t faint literally collapsed but I was not in a.. I was not in good health even though I was thank goodness healthy. I was very stressed and was becoming passive-aggressive to people I really cared about which is my signal that you are probably not taking care of yourself. So if you notice that you’re being passive-aggressive to people that you cared about especially, that usually means that there’s some self-care needs you haven’t identified and that you’re run down and depleted or if somebody’s being passive-aggressive to you. It is not to excuse the emotional or physically abusive behaviours but people when are being pas-aggress passive aggressive usually indicates that they’re saying yes to things when they really should be a no or they need to negotiate their existing agreement.


So if we’re gonna talk about hard deadlines, I think it’s also useful to just talk about what, what are healthy ways for you to measure and pay attention to whether you should reschedule or cancel an event. Certainly, if, if you’re health and well-being is on the line, I would advocate taking care of yourself and you know being able to let people know that hey, you know I need to cancel this event and here’s I’m gonna make it up to you or you know here’s  the restitution part of it. And then the other thing that I think this may be really useful in talking to other sex educators and mentoring folks around business is have a, a number that is your cancellation date and number. What I like to call it kill date. You can name it to something more elegant for you but it’s basically if we don’t have ex number of registrations by this date we automatically cancel the event or automatically reschedule it. What’s great about knowing that number and date is you can promote that. You can say, “Hey, everybody I’m running this event.” And if we don’t have five people registered by you know whatever date, the event itself will be cancelled or rescheduled. Now some people don’t want to do that because it will sound like you don’t have confidence in the event. However, if you have really done a good job that is inspiring and teaching and adding value to people’s lives and you’re promoting this event to your fans and your pre-existing costumers then you can tell them, “Hey, here is the deal. I’m launching this new event and I you know unless we get this many people it doesn’t make sense for us to run the event.” And in that way, you can you can with integrity educate people the way that we say, Always Be Educating at camp ABE. You can educate people to what to expect and then motivate them as your fans and followers and customers to to take actions so that we can definitely have this event that’s gonna be amazing! And it’s gonna kick ass! And we need.. you know we need at least five people there.


Now it’s really starting to rain but I keep wanting to tell you more. So the other thing about you know rescheduling and cancellation and you know having dates and numbers that you automatically cancel things by, I think when you’re planning out a live event where the over cost is gonna be you know bigger and people are also buying tickets and stuffs, flying in and what not. Definitely have that cancellation date and number set far in advance you know at least a month because people a lot of people gonna be buying tickets for the route then three weeks. I mostly personally don’t buy tickets for something until like a month out but, but other people plan six months in advance. So set your number set your date far enough out so that you’re not really screwing people over with the plane tickets and things. But the other thing that’s really useful is your kill number or your cancellation number make that a minimum of the number of people you need for the event to break even. For some of you you’ll wanna set the, the number higher so that your event is, is already making money. But if there are a minimum set that number at, at having your event break even. Because then if you make that minimum number, now you know with a little bit of [Inaudible 00:17:32] because it might have last minute cancellations. Now you know that that, that the bills for that event have been paid. That’s why I like to do it. And then if you’re really on the ball in planning things far enough out, then you what you do is you have an early bird ticket price with that number of early bird tickets being the number and at the early bird price. That pays for the rent so let’s say that in that event costs two thousand dollars to run and you’re gonna do, you’re gonna sell tickets for five hundred dollars and well whatever like just for math five hundred dollars. So you need four tickets to pay for the event and then you’re making money and let’s say the early bird tickets are not to do math are gonna be four hundred or three hundred dollars so you need to sell three tickets or no, no not three tickets seven tickets at three hundred dollars to make twenty one hundred dollars and now you’re in the you’re in the black.


Look at that, me going math while I’m walking in the rain in the quickly portion dark. So there! I’m gonna leave it like that. I’m announcing registration tomorrow morning for a three day business training course for sex educators. If you are not on my mailing list, go to https://reidaboutsex.com/sexgeekpro and the, and that’ll let you get on the list so you’ll get the email tomorrow and you can see if it’s right fit for you and you know in the area of the things you wanna work on and see if you can be and maybe you’ll one of the thirty. Who knows?

Thank you so much for being a part of these walks. I actually enjoyed being outside in the rain. You are the excuse to got me away from my computer today. Have a great night and hopefully I will a.. I’ll see you tomorrow either on email or on Facebook. Bye guys!

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