The Power of Show-and-Tell Sex Education | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on January 24, 2020

The Power of Show-and-Tell Sex Education | Facebook Walk With Reid




Reid: Hello Facebook it is Reid Mihalko from with the sun setting behind us. Guest starring Allison Moon today for today’s walk.

Allison: Hello!

Reid: And the….and you got your Pokémon on?

Allison: Yeah.

Reid: We are catching Pokémon ladies and gentlemen and talking about sex education

Allison: I discussed Psyduck

Reid: As a what?

Allison: Psyduck

Reid: Psyduck?

Allison: Yeah

Reid: That sounds…that sounds dirty. So Hi everyone! As you as you tuned in, let us know where you’re tuning in from? Allison and I had to go to the post office for you to mail some girl sex 101 books off to Babeland and I needed to send off a sex geek t-shirts to Oklahoma like

Allison: Oh nice.

Reid: Oklahoma and the thing I want to talk about today was the power of show-and-tell sex education and what does that even mean and tomorrow, I am committing to at 11 a.m. Pacific. I…I hope to be doing I’m going to do a Facebook live and chat even more about show-and-tell Sex Ed and show and tell you more about show-and-tell Sex Ed because it’s not going to be explicit it will be Facebook friendly. But the idea is this is something I’m passionate about and that we don’t get a lot of opportunity in our culture to actually watch people doing the sexual things and be able to ask them questions. So, in the realm of what most people access for Sex Ed is they Google sex or whatever the sexual act that they’re looking for and then they see something on  a….online or click images or video and they try to get their information that way. A lot of folks if they don’t know where to go end up seeing traditional mainstream porn and as we’ve talked about before, trying to learn how to be a better lover from watching porn is like trying to learn how to be a better driver from watching The Fast and the Furious. Porn definitely has its place and there is sex education porn out there you can go to Jessica Drake’s, Wikipictures and Wik the, Justine Taormino has some amazing expert guides to blank fill in the blank no pun intended and those are that sex education explicitly shown where they’ll talk about and educate and then you get the kind of see people actually….porn performers in adult porn is actually doing the things.

What I like to talk about with show-and-tell Sex Ed is that these are situations, oh! There are bicyclists. Thank you Allison Moon for dragging me out of the way. Shhh, children.

Bicyclist: Hi.

Reid: Hello! And now we’re walking directly into the sun and so for me show-and-tell Sex Ed is….there are situations where it’s happening live and you get to ask questions and get your questions answered and the answers often modeled for you while you’re watching it. And for people who are visual learners, this can be really….really powerful. Let’s just turn around

Allison: Okay.

Reid: Here. Allison is asking questions. It can be really powerful….these situations because not only are you getting to see with living breathing human beings and hopefully really good educators in really you know conscious great role modeling of communication situations learning situations but the deeper piece that’s going on underneath the surface is that if it’s okay to watch and it is okay to ask questions then by the very nature that we’re doing these things, they must be okay to do. And we’re model…modeling just if you questions and your questions answered that it’s okay to have sex, to feel pleasure. It’s okay to not know the answers and to seek out guides for those kinds of things. Do you want to chime in here?

Allison: Yeah

Reid: In between your Pokémon?

Allison: Yeah. My favorite part of doing a…show-and-tell Sex Ed is being able to role model negotiation means a lot of time working with a model, you’re either working with someone that you know or you might be working with somebody who appear in the community but you’re not actually lovers with and so you’re doing sexual things to somebody and asking questions about their pleasure as you’re going which I think is what sex often does look like but people don’t think it does and so when you’re in front of a room touching somebody and saying “hey, do you like this?” “What would make it different?” Or “what would you prefer?” “Can I test you here?” In this really respectful fun light way. I think it gives people permission to realize that not only does this happen in a classroom context but this is actually what negotiation health look…healthy negotiation looks like in bed.

Reid: Yeah. Usually without the audience. Right? I mean

Allison: I mean?

Reid:  I mean some of you might have an audience and that’s totally cool! Whatever you’re into but…but that situation I think is really useful and you know show-and-tell Sex Ed can look in a lot of different ways. There’s

Allison: And also like the diversity of experience, right? Like I might suggest like okay I’m going to try this on you and they’re like [Inaudible 00:05:59] and there are “okay great.” Like what would make it different and then they can tell me something that they would like more and I’m learning how to do something and then the whole room seeing a new experience

Reid: Oh!

Allison: What can Pokémon’s?

Reid: Michael wants to know what you’re catching in this area

Allison: There are lots of tent…

Reid: Good question

Allison: There are lots of tentacles around here. We’re near at the water so we got

Reid: Yeah

Allison:  tentacle

Reid: Here’s the water so we got tentacle things

Allison: We got a lot of little carps…magic carps

Reid: magic carps

Allison: Which is I haven’t got my big one yet but then a bunch of like the new one I was getting so close to finishing the entire roster and then the new ones came out and now I’m like

Reid: Yeah

Allison: I have a lot more [Inaudible 00:06:37]

Reid: Alright. Enough for Pokémon let us go back to Sex Ed.

Allison: Thank you for asking

Reid: Yeah. Thanks Mike for diverting us. So yeah. So, I’m going to do a recording tomorrow. I’m going to try to stay on as long as Facebook will let me. I’ll use some puppets and things like that to demonstrate some….some PG-13 show-and-tell which actually not on a live body. The other versions of show-and-tell Sex Ed you can be doing things where they’re fully clothed, there’s lots of like non-sexual stuff that you can demo kissing and….and whatnot and then there’s the NC-17 or explicit stuff.

If you’re curious about show-and-tell Sex Ed stuff that I have coming up, then one of the things that happened this morning was I released our opened up the registration page for some new courses and retreats that are coming up so go to one word deep dive and you’ll find out all about the Sex10X stuff that’s happening and the Deep Dive retreat and some of that and then if you’re interested in girl sex 101 go to You can order your books today.

Allison: And it’s coming out in Español!

Reid: Yes

Allison: muy pronto

Reid: sí and that’s like mujeres de sexo or something?

Allison: sexo… sexo entre mujeres

Reid: Yes. Coming soon

Allison: Coming soon

Reid: That’s it! That’s our walk today. We’re done….Pokémon away my friend

Allison: It is saramentine

Reid: A mentine?

Allison: Yehey!

Reid: How exciting. How exciting. Bye, everyone!

Allison: Bye!

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