Initiating Threesomes Teleclass

You’ve read all the books you could find on the subject, taken all the communication workshops you could think of, done all the relationship homework you could endure, and watched every movie you could Google… Now you finally feel ready to tackle one of the hottest, most common, sexual fantasies, the mangé à trios… But how do you actually set one up? How do you take your desire and what you’ve learned and integrate them into three, actual, living and excited people in your bed?

This 90-minute downloadable, recorded teleclass will focus on answering the question, “How does one actually make the threesome fantasy a reality?” Join world renowned sex and relationship educator, Reid Mihalko (creator of Negotiating Successful Threesomes), for the nuts and bolts of initiating a threesome experience.

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Powerful Women in Relationships And Those Who Love ‘Em!

“Where is he?” and “How do I keep her happy?” are the most common questions I get about relationships today! All the time, at conferences, at social events, and in emails, powerful women find out that I do sex and relationship education and eventually ask me, “Where are all the great men who can stand […]

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Poly-Curious 101: Understanding Non-Monogamy eCourse

Learn about Open Relating and Consensual Non-Monogamy from Reid and Friends! Curious about this new “lovestyle” you’re hearing a lot about called polyamory? Maybe you’ve read all the books but want to talk to folks actually living and loving the poly lifestyle… Whatever your reason or level of experience, join sex and relationship educator Reid […]

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Finding Your Perfect Polyamorous Match

Learn what your Poly-Style is, and how to match it with someone who’s the right fit for you! How do you tell whether or not someone you like or are dating is a good match for you? When your polyamorous, dating challenges are often, quite literally, multiplied! Join renowned sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko […]

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Creating Connection with Women

Free advice that could change your life! Join Reid Mihalko as he gives up his techniques and shares his philosophy on how to meet and connect with the women of today in this candid interview with self-esteem coach Andrew Schwartz. Men, learn why it’s so important to tell a woman the absolute truth when you […]

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