Sexual Freedom Scholarship Contest: Woodhull Freedom Summit and Sex Geek Summer Camp!

by Reid on May 31, 2017

Victoria Claflin Woodhull NewspaperAnd The Contest Winners Are…

See all the wonderfully inspiring entries below, along with our winners! Prepare to be inspired, moved to tears, and touched by what sexual freedom means to these amazing people who participated in this year’s Sexual Freedom Contest…

Many, many thanks to everyone who participated and gave support! And huge appreciation to Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance for donating a scholarship to their amazing Sexual Freedom Summit to sweeten our suite of fabulous prizes!





Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit Scholarship Winner:
León M. Powell!

León wins 1 ticket to Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit! Congrats, León!


Sex Geek Summer Camp Scholarship Winner:
Amanda Sovago-Royal, a.k.a. the Dirty Milf Next Door!

Amanda wins 1 tuition scholarship to attend Sex Geek Summer Camp 2017 in West Virginia! Woot! Way to go, Amanada!

Visit Amanda at


Runner-Ups 1 thru 4:

We were supposed to have only 2 runner ups, but it was too close to call, so I changed it this year to 4 runner ups! Each of the four runner-ups wins a $100-off coupon towards Camp Tuition + a Sex Geek T-shirt. Congrats, everyone!

Runner-Up 1:
Rebecca Hiles, a.k.a. The Frisky Fairy!

Visit Rebecca’s at

Runner-Up 2:
Mr. Mason Luke!

Runner-Up 3:
The Crobonerator!

Visit the Crobonerator at

Runner-Up 4:
Katy Halter!

Visit Katy at



In no particular order, here’s everyone who submitted an entry this year… Woot! All submissions who did not already receive a prize receive $69 in “Reid Bucks” that they can redeem at Well done, Sex Geeks!

Goddess Cecilia’s entry…

Visit Cecilia at


Mr. Mason Luke’s entry…


The Crobonerator’s entry…

Visit the Crobonerator at


Jimanekia Eborn’s entry…

Visit Jimanekia at


León M. Powell’s entry…


Rebecca Hiles, a.k.a. The Frisky Fairy’s entry…

Visit Rebecca’s at


Amanda Sovago-Royal, a.k.a. the Dirty Milf Next Door’s entry…

Visit Amanda at


Yoni Alkan’s entry…

Vist Yoni at


Katy Halter’s entry…

Visit Katy at


Guru Aum Jah entry…


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If you haven’t heard of Victoria Claflin Woodhull, the American suffragist born on September 23, 1838, now you know there’s a Sex Geek conference named after her, fyi. It’s call the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Conference and it’s fantastic!

Why is it so GREAT? The attendees rock, the presentations are profound and thought provoking, and the after hours events are all kinds of fun. I try to go every year, and I’ll be there THIS year giving a talk with  Cathy Vartuli on “The Revolution Will Be Drawn At Random: Leveraging Contests and Social Media To Raise Awareness”

And, if you haven’t checked out Sex Geek Summer Camp, go here:

Thank YOU for geeking out with me on these entries. I appreciate you!

To Creating More Sexual Freedom For Us All!


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