Reid appearing on SFSU’s “So You Want To Be a Sex Educator?” Sex Ed Panel, Nov 19th!

by Reid on October 24, 2013

a teacher's hand writes the word "sex education" on a chalk board which has an unrolled condom taped to it.The ins and outs, ups and downs, and glorious/not so glorious aspects of being (and becoming) a sex educator!

Curious about sex education as a career or calling but not sure where to start or which direction to pursue? Get the low-down from some of this country’s best and most prolific sexperts on how they got to where they are today, what being a sex educator entails, what not to do, and where they think their industry is going!

Sponsored by
San Francisco State University’s
The National Sexuality Resource Center (NSRC),
The Sexuality Studies Department

So You Wanna Be a Sex Educator?
Sex Ed Panel
When: November 19, 2013; 12-2:30 PM
Where: Jack Adams Hall on the SFSU campus.
Cost: Free to SFSU students!

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