Putting It Together At Sex Geek Summer Camp, with Janet and Carlos

by Reid on September 28, 2016

janet1Janet Trevino from http://JanetTrevino.com and Carlos Toboado share their experiences at Sex Geek Summer Camp.


Janet: Hi, I’m Janet Treviño and this is…

Carlos: Carlos Toboado

Janet: And my url is http://www.janettrevino.com/. What I’ve learned at camp, well, I finally put some pieces – really important pieces together. And for me, one of most the basic questions that I hadn’t even considered until now it’s, what other problems that I have solved, what are the problems that I’m solving, what are the problems that I’m experiencing right now? And so, when I think about that, that makes me then create like material, like I was so struggling as I hear all these amazing people who have this amazing material and thought why I don’t have really have anything to contribute, like, I want to do what they’re doing or I was like, it doesn’t fit me. But when I thought that really it’s really simple to find our material to what I’ve dealt with and what am I dealing with now that that’s what people want to hear. So, do you have anything to say?

Carlos: I actually came to support Janet last year and this year also. I’m not in the field that she’s in but I’m in the entertainment field — a musician, so I just kind of came to listen. And I realized that everything that Reid was talking about was very very helpful even if you’re not in this particular type of business. If you have your own business, you’re trying to be your own boss, these classes and courses were awesome in helping me discover how to promote myself, how to be my own agent, how not to be lazy anymore because I think I don’t know how to do it and those lessons are all taught here and I think, you need to press that button and come on out. Thank you.

Janet: I think I enjoyed this year, having the flexibility to do whatever I wanted to do and I think the pressures been taken off to attend everything especially if you have the finances to purchase like the videos later or to be able to attend some implementation stuff afterwards. So, I’ve been getting really good rest and sleep and that’s felt really good for me and I can still participate during the day. So, that’s it for me. How about you? What did you really enjoyed?

Carlos: I love the food and the bonfires and playing the bongos and singing with a guy called fish.

Janet: What I would say to you who, you’re on the fence about coming to Sex Geek Summer Camp? I would say this really helps you slow down. And usually, we have all these ideas in our head and they’re congested and you’re not really sure where to start, this takes you step-by-step and slows you down so that you can finally start putting the small pieces together that really gives you that big explosion, idea that you needed to really launch yourself. And then of course, the people that you meet really helps to integrate some of those small ideas and gets you inspired. That’s my story.

Carlos: And I would say for all guys who are on the fence, get off, it must hurt, ouch! You know you want to come out here, so go ahead, press that button, buy that package and we will see you out here. It’s a blast. Yes!

Janet: Bye!

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