Memorable Experiences At Sex Geek Summer Camp

by Reid on May 18, 2021

Memorable Experiences At Sex Geek Summer Camp

Reid: Hello sex geeks. This is Reid Mihalko from and I have my flying squirrel on a t-shirt on. And I’m on a train and it’s quiet right now so if you can hear me, I’m in San Jose cause Cathy Vartuli and I are gonna do some more work on sex geek summer camp and I’m super excited to let you know that sex geek summer camp is, actually this is a better way to do this. Oh, that’s better. Sex geek summer camp is gonna be the largest camp ever this year. We are already over 80 campers and this is our 4th year and this is really exciting and there’s just a lot to do because that’s so much, Let me do this, better for lighting. We got so much to do and during at its 4th year when have a lot to figure out. But it’s always, always last minute things going on that you need to you know, either clean up or fix or you didn’t you didn’t realize you needed to do or you didn’t remember to do that thing from what you did last year that worked so well. So I’m basically going down to San Jose for the, for the day to work with Cathy. And then we’re like two weeks away from camp almost.

What I wanted to tell you was, one of the things I did this past week which kinda felt like it wasn’t doing work on camp that really was because I was interviewing camp alumni about what they do for Sex Ed and then also like what they, what they got on the camp. And I just wanna share with you really quickly like one of the reasons that I think this was really useful was I got to broadcast, promote and boost the signal on other sex educators. Kind of showing for my fans and followers different kinds of sex educations and people that are working in the different areas in the industry that also people who are solving different problems cause I don’t solve everybody’s problems, everybody’s challenges and not all everybody who wants to hire a sex educator wants to hire a white dude. You know, where somebody in my age or somebody who’s you know who’s polyamorous queer. And so me getting to boost a bunch of different voices was really fun for me because I got to promote other people’s careers. It gave people, who are my fans and followers, more experience with what other kinds of sex education are out there, what other kinds of services. So hopefully it’ll help somebody you know, either help themselves or help a friend or a family member who is struggling with x, y, and z. But then from a camp perspective, it allowed me to interview the alumni for what they got on the camp what was it that camp provided them and gave them. Which one helped me you know, reaffirm that camp was actually working. Right, cause for me as big as who isn’t secure not just very secure what happened on secure camp.

It was nice to hear nice things cause I do get critique for all the thing that don’t go well or all the invitations people give me to upgrade, things I can do better at camp which can add hate or approved to me like a critique, right? They hurt my feelings sometimes when I’m having a bad day or I’m having a good day that anybody’s speaking up about anything and offering feedback is actually a really good sign. It just doesn’t just doesn’t always immediately end well. But the other thing that was really great about during the interview was for me was it got me really pumped up about the camp. And I, I don’t really say to people that I get excited cause I grew up with an alcoholic mom and a dad that lied. So you know, I used to being disappointed so I think I just don’t normally get excited. But talking to the educator’s alumni about what they got to the camp and talking about their careers that really got me excited.

And I as I can, I can officially say, 15 days as on the camp. I have hoped about camped. And I just wanted to let you know that you might wanna consider interviewing your peers as a means of creating content and further need of discussion and improving or educating non-educators on the diversity and the different kinds of sex education and intimacy education and relationship coaching and the different services that are out there. So you know, maybe as a challenge if you want in the next week, do you have a peer that you can interview, doesn’t has to be on the Facebook live. But you can sign up for a free trial of the bluejeans app, that’s the app I’m using, to do those side by side interviews on Facebook. And you know, do you have a peer that you can reach out to and do an interview on just to exchange you know what is it you guys do for a living? And what’s a URL is? Or what problem do you solve? And if you want to download a fun worksheet go to and that will help you download a worksheet that will maybe you and a peer can download that worksheet and then answer that worksheet together as you interview each other, just an idea. And if you’re on the Facebook coming to camp, watch some of those interviews maybe it will help you get an understanding of what kinds of people that come to camp and, and what people get out of coming to camp and you can go to to register. And I just wanna thank our sponsor this is also a big week for our sponsors.

Our sponsors for camp this year, Revive, Njoy, Kamasutra, Uberlube, Uvee, and, I feel like I’m missing one. Ah! I’m always missing one. Revive, Uberlube, b-Vibe! And b-Vibe. We may have a couple more sponsors. As well Njoy, Njoy, Kamasutra, Revive, We-Vibe, UVee, and Uberlube. Thank you, guys. Talk to you later. Bye.

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