Managing Workshops At Self Serve | Facebook Walk With Reid And Hunter

by Reid on October 22, 2020

Managing Workshops At Self Serve | Facebook Walk With Reid And Hunter






Reid: Hello Facebook! It’s Reid Mihalko from creator of and I’m with a sex geek summer camp alumni today, ladies and gentlemen Hunter Riley

Hunter: Hello.

Reid: Of Self Serve toys in Albuquerque and the reason we’re not walking is…it’s Albuquerque. It’s freaking hot here and we would melt so we’re sitting in the shade in the backyard and you manage Self Serve toys

Hunter: Yes, I am one of the managers at Self Serve toys. We now have two managers which is really exciting and I do a lot of the education and outreach at Self Serve so I plan all of our classes and I make sure that we have new people coming into the store all the time and I do a lot of outreach with medical professionals and health care providers to help them be better sex-positive doctors and providers and not shame their patients.

Reid: Oh, that’s nice.

Hunter: So I kind of get folks coming into the store and then also do a lot of the education at the store.

Reid: Got it and…and as you’re signing on if you are sex educator or sex educator wannabe or some sort of sex-positive professional, leave a comment like where are you watching from? What kind of sex education do you do? And what kind of I mean you manage the store and we were talking about I’m teaching tonight

Hunter: Yes

Reid: and you’re teaching tomorrow night

Hunter: Yes

Reid: which is your Blowjob workshop

Hunter: I am.

Reid: I’m teaching Rough Sex For Nice Folks and I’m actually staying the next day so I can finally see you teach.

Hunter: Oh no

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: So what I want to talk about for folks ‘coz I just got back from Denver, I was at the Eldorado Trading Company’s elevation event which was the training events for store owners, for…for retail store owners who own adult boutiques or franchises and things like that and the thing that a lot of people asked me about was how you know like we’d love to bring you to the store but how do we do that and what I realized was a lot of there’s a ton of adult stores out there that have never brought in educators and had never even run workshops in house

Hunter: Right

Reid: So I remember when I was…was a wee laddie, laddie sex geek and I reached out to…to you all and I was like

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: “Can I come teach in your store please?” You guys were great and…and connecting with you and just kind of corresponding with you about how you run your workshops is really great so I thought

Hunter: Right

Reid: we would have Hunter share some of the ins and outs of how they run workshops at their store

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: because that might be useful one, for…for adults boutique owners or people who are looking to open up a brick-and-mortar store and it might be also interesting for educators to…to listen to how the store or this one particular store does their thing. So, ladies and gentlemen Hunter Riley go!

Hunter: Thank you.

Reid: Answer all the questions.

Hunter: Okay, so as far as on the side of setting it up, I think there’s a couple things that people it would do you good to know these things before you get into it and one is do a little bit of market research, ask your customers what they want to know about. All the time, I get really excited for a class idea and then no one shows up you know so just because I’m excited about it and just because someone wants to teach it, doesn’t mean people want to learn about it.

Reid: Got it and can you give us some example of a…of a class that

Hunter: Oh gosh.

Reid: filled [Inaudible 00:03:19]

Hunter: Yeah okay, there was one I mean so like I think a lot of it is…is how you title stuff you know so we have a teacher who is really into teaching erotic hypnosis and the first time we did the class, no one signed up and now we kind of tried it again and I think we tweaked the title a little bit and now we’re getting more people to sign up.

Reid: Okay

Hunter: But it’s…it’s an example of something people being like

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: “What the hell is erotic hypnosis? It sounds scary.”

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: You know so we actually had to do a bit more tweaking with the title

Reid: Okay and…and

Hunter: and the description

Reid: and the copy, yeah.

Hunter: and the copy, right.

Reid: Okay.

Hunter: So, so we changed that up a little bit and then also you know sometimes you think oh well you know like we’re always really bummed that the blowjob class generally does pretty well but our cunnilingus class is hard to put on sometimes like sometimes people don’t sign up for that class.

Reid: It takes longer to get people to come

Reid & Hunter: Ah!

Hunter: Well and it’s…it’s a trend in the adult industry too. There’s lots of places where like we joke we’re the feminist sex shop that pays our bills at the blowjob class, right? And so that like doesn’t feel good on the inside.

Reid: Got it.

Hunter: So what one thing that we did, Matie the store owner, she started teaching a G-spot class right and…and putting orgasm in the title you know things like that of making it you kind of want to make it sound sexy you know, make it sound fun and you know cunnilingus is this kind of medical term people are like “what is that?”

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: you know

Reid: It’s a great scrabble word though.

Hunter: It’s a great scrabble word you get lots of points for that. So really looking at your customer base and…and what they want and on a regular basis, I try and connect with customers and with other instructors and ask them what do you want to teach and what…what classes do you want to attend as…as an attendee?

Reid: Okay.

Hunter: And we put out Survey Monkeys to have people give us ideas. So really knowing that what we’re offering is what people actually want, I think that’s a really good point because it’s easy to get super excited about something and go forward with it

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: and then that people are like “Oh no, no thanks.”

Reid: And I could see where like if there was a manager of a store who convinced their boss finally to have a class

Hunter: Right

Reid: and then went to all the trouble and then nobody showed up then the owner might be like “we’ll, see? You know I told you no one would show up for classes” and then they never…the owner decides to never run a class again.

Hunter: Right and….and the other thing too is that you have to…you’re dealing with people where they’re at and oftentimes the idea of going to a sex shop to learn about sex and relationships with a bunch of strangers is terrifying for some people so you really have to understand that people oftentimes are feeling a little bit nervous to go in and so how do you how do you draw them in in a way that helps them feel comfortable and then how do you blow their minds while they’re there so that then they come back

Reid: Yup

Hunter: and they tell their friends

Reid: Yup

Hunter: and that’s…that’s are one of our best forms of marketing is word-of-mouth.

Reid: Yup

Hunter: Because people come to a class and they’re scared and they’re nervous and we were

Reid: And tell all their friends

Hunter: and they….well yeah and that they’re scared and they’re nervous and then we work really hard to like relax them a little bit and break the ice and let them know they’re safe and comfortable and then they have an amazing time and they tell all their friends and I’ve had somebody come back to my class with her friends four different times and she says “you know I learned something new every time.”

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: And I’m like that’s awesome

Reid: That’s amazing

Hunter: like I’m so glad to hear that because the fact you’re coming back to this class and bringing your friends means that this is valuable to you…you know so I think I think that’s a big thing too, it is knowing that sometimes you really have to do a lot of work to get people just in the door and then when they’re in the door you have to make sure that you give them an experience that really rocks their world, that helps them feel safe and comfortable and seen and heard and…and they don’t feel like they’re going to some like sketchy place where like “Are they going to have sex there? Are they going to touch me there?”

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: That’s really important people to know that no sex or touching happens at our classes because that would be against the law and so we just try really hard to make sure that’s really clear so people know what they’re walking into and they feel comfortable walking in.

Reid: Yeah you can also on the…on the Survey Monkey survey if…I mean do you did you have a lot of customers fill it out?

Hunter: We did. We had almost a hundred responses.

Reid: Really?

Hunter: Yup

Reid: Holy crap! One of the things you can do in the survey and…and try to keep your survey short

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: like don’t make them huge like if they can take two to five minutes, that really helps because and then people…you train people to that your surveys don’t take a long time because people who love filling up surveys and it’s quick and it’s easy, they’ll you can almost always depend on them. The thing you can do is you can also ask folks what their concerns are

Hunter: Right

Reid: because those concerns, you can address in the bullet points and then the copy of your workshops like one

Hunter: Right

Reid: like you have somebody today who asked I think if I’m remembering correctly you know if it was going to be interactive or something like that or you asked me about it.

Hunter: Right. Right yeah. I asked yeah, exactly.

Reid: And so like with my Rough Sex For Nice Folks, I’ll be doing some demos and…and I’d love to use you if you’re available

Hunter: I’m there.

Reid: But the…it says in the description that the actual participants won’t be doing anything and that that they’re just going to be sitting there taking notes might be the thing that makes a beginner feels safe enough to come in.

Hunter: Right

Reid: Because they don’t have to do anything and they won’t be partnered with a stranger or something like that.

Hunter: Right, exactly.

Reid: What…from a manager perspective, what are some of the things you guys learned running workshops at this point?

Hunter: A big thing that we learned is how to incentivize people to buy tickets early because we were having a problem where we would cancel the class because we had one or two signups and then we’d have four people show up at the door

Reid: Got it.

Hunter: after we canceled it

Reid: Yeah.

Hunter: and that was really a bummer so we were canceling lots of classes and then we decided through a lovely friend of mine, Sarah Assissi who’s a sex educator and kink educator here.

Reid: Sarah!

Hunter: She’s amazing! She was like “y’all should just do early bird pricing” and I was like “oh my god!” So now we have a certain number of early bird tickets where they get five bucks off if they sign up…up to two days before the event.

Reid: Okay

Hunter: Right? And so that actually got people signing up more so now we’re canceling fewer classes.

Reid: And is that number of tickets enough to…to make sure you’re going to do the class no matter what?

Hunter: Exactly, exactly.

Reid: Got it.

Hunter: So we…we very specifically picked that number based on the breakdown for paying our instructors because we think it’s like pay your instructors, right? Don’t expect people to work for free. It really…really sets up an unfortunate sort of you know dynamic if you’re expecting people to work and not pay them so we you know we made sure that we’re taking care of our instructors and then also making sure that it’s…it’s you know viable for us to have this because we have to have a staffer there, someone has to stay afterwards and do sales and things like that so we have to make sure that we can you know it’s not a loss to do these classes.

Reid: Got it.

Hunter: And…and honestly for a little while, it kind of was and we were considering not doing classes and then I asked if I could take on the process if it felt like it was a really important part of what Self Serve offers and it was a really important part of our mission and that if we could tweak the system a little bit to get it to be more profitable, that that would be better and even still it’s not an incredible profit but it’s…it’s better now than it ever has been and we have like years of data in spreadsheets, the amazing store manager data sheets compiled data and like graphs and charts and it’s so

Reid: Sexy

Hunter: hot it’s like

Reid: So sexy

Hunter: I’m….her brain just makes me like so happy and so we actually have two to three years of data on how our classes have been going broken down by class, broken down by instructor so we’re going to be finding a way to compile that and deliver it to the people soon

Reid: Okay

Hunter: because it’s pretty, it’s very interesting to see that like you know what, September for us historically has been a shit month for classes.

Reid: So maybe

Hunter: And we’re…we’re actually

Reid: So maybe you don’t

Hunter: we’re going to take September off this year.

Reid: Got it, got it.

Hunter: Right? So it sucks when you have five classes and we….and last September, we literally canceled every single class that month

Reid: Wow

Hunter: You know

Reid: Okay

Hunter: And not and…and again it’s not exactly the same every year but we can see the sort of dips and…and…and peaks.

Reid: Well, if you’re going to…if you’re going to take, take summer, a summer

Hunter: Right

Reid: vacation for classes

Hunter: Exactly

Reid: than it….than the data showing September

Hunter: Right, exactly.

Reid: What what’s your busiest month or the month you can always count on for classes?

Hunter: Typically, January, February and March do really well for us and I think and…and also November but it really it’s the biggest thing for us, our biggest trends actually follow when instructors come in from out of town and then and you have a following so when Tristan Taormino comes in, when you come in, there’s other folks who come in and…and they get people really excited to come to the class, right? And so that’s…that’s always really helpful for us because we have an influx of people come to a class and we have you know thirty people sometimes in the class and those big spikes really help our year even out a little bit more

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: but often times January, February, and March do pretty well. I like to think the people there are like making New Year’s resolutions or something to like have better sex and learn more.

Reid: Sure.

Hunter: I don’t know if that’s true. Valentine’s Day also but…but those are some…some good times for us is the beginning of the year and then also like October, November.

Reid: So for those for you educators out there who are looking to maybe teach at stores, again like the ideas that we talked about at camp which is like how do you build a following, how do you educate them and get them to get to know you maybe through video, it could be blog posts, it could be podcast appearances like how do you build the following so that when you roll into town you know you can post on your social media and you have people in Albuquerque or people who live in other parts of the country who have friends in Albuquerque

Hunter: Right.

Reid: And say “hey, you know Reid Mihalko is going to be in town. He’s hilarious and he’s awesome, go to that class.” And so like as an educator, the more that you can build a fan base, the more valuable you are to other to stores and things like that and then for me like this is also an excuse to come and hang out with you all

Hunter: Right.

Reid: So as I’m flying back from Denver, I kind of skip to Albuquerque, make a detour, teach for a class, hang out for a little bit, get some work done and then you know keep going. So you know maybe we’ll do another video another day about like just how to think about as an educator you know doing store appearances but as a manager and also as…as you’re somebody who teaches workshops as well, what advice would you have for other managers and store owners about either having staff teach classes or…or maybe even like reaching out to somebody like Tristan Taormino like how do how does that work and how do you figure out

Hunter: Right.

Reid: you know split of the door or is it a flat fee

Hunter: Right.

Reid: like what are your thoughts?

Hunter: So I’m…what we’ve done is we’ve created a whole application process for teachers because that you know unfortunately the reality is that a lot of people are like “I want to teach at your store” and we’re like “cool” and then we never hear back

Reid: I’ve been able to teach a workshop

Hunter: Right, right, exactly

Reid: before

Hunter: So we actually need to make sure like if…if we’re putting our name on it

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: and we’re and we’re inviting people into the space to say this is going to be a good place for you to be and you’re going to learn good content here, we have to know that that’s true, right? And so we actually have an application process and part of that is like if I make you fill out an application and you actually do fill out the application and send it back to me, great. You’ve passed the first you know quote and unquote

Reid: Hoop

Hunter: test. Yeah, exactly

Reid: The first hoop you have to jump for

Hunter: you’ve jumped with the first hoop to let me know that you can say “I’m interested in something and I have follow-through and I do it.” So we have an application process but we also get approached a lot by teachers you know like you or Tristan or someone else who come in and say “hey, I’m going to be in the area, can I do a class?” And…and basically we do kind of the way that we do bring

Reid: I think it, I think I filled out an application once.

Hunter: Yeah, I send it to everybody

Reid: You sent it.

Hunter: you know

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: And I send it to everybody and if I’ve seen you teach before you know I might be like okay cool this is you know I want you to read over the application so you know what we expect of you but I also know that like you’re going to fit that and you’re going

Reid: Got it

Hunter: to do a good job but

Reid: So another reason to go and teach at conferences and things like that

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: if you can afford it or if there’s a conference or a situation and appearance or like a telesummit or something like that you know things where as an educator, you might come

Hunter: Yes

Reid: across Hunter’s radar or some…some other managers radar so that you are in known entity.

Hunter: Right. Well and also um you know putting yourself out there and having promotion materials so helpful. So when you come I know that I can prom…I can promo your YouTube page and I can post videos because you have that so people can get a glimpse of your teaching style and know if that’s going to be fun for them, right? And so sometimes it’s hard when someone doesn’t have anything we can promo with, so if you can get little clips or examples of you teaching and then that helps me feel more secure and knowing that I’m going to be bringing someone who knows what they’re talking about and who will do a good job of keeping our audience and our attendees you know comfortable and feeling seen and heard.

Reid: So I guess from from…from the manager store owner perspective, if there’s somebody who wants to come teach to your store and they don’t have any social media presence, there’s no YouTube videos, there’s nothing but a clever title and an email to you, you might want…they might not be… they might be great but they might not quite be legitimate air quotes enough to or ready to…to teach at your store and they might not have a following that they can also bring into your store.

Hunter: Right

Reid: So you know pay attention on the things that Hunter’s saying around how do you vet educators to know if they’re going to be a good fit for your store. What else?

Hunter: Gosh. I mean

Reid: Well what mistakes, what mistake did you guys make that you want to share?

Hunter: Yeah absolutely. So I mean I think a big mistake that we made was

Reid: Besides letting me to come to your camp.

Hunter: That was number one on my list no I’d say you know the biggest mistake I think we made was not figuring out a way to incentivize presale tickets because that meant that we were cancelling so many classes and then another big thing is just really like titling your classes right because it you know you really need to get somebody in in that very first moment and…and sometimes it’s really easy to get excited about these sort of theoretical ideas for classes of like I mean I don’t know there’s there there’s so many

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: examples of amazing classes that I want to have but the title just doesn’t quite work and it doesn’t draw people in.

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: So I would say really having a really awesome title that you know you can just see the title and be interested, right? And…and know what it is that’s being talked about.

Reid: Is that the air-conditioning?

Hunter: Yes, it is.

Reid: Something’s making noise. So just real quick on titles, there’s two really easy ways to think about titles: one is something snazzy and catchy and fun that solves a problem, right?

Hunter: Right.

Reid: So for me, it’s Rough Sex For Nice Folks, catchy kind of tells you what it’s about and the problem that’s not clearly, clearly stated which is nice folks how do I how do I have rough sex if my lover wants rough sex?

Hunter: Right

Reid: The other thing you can do which works really well for some audiences is you know common mistakes of blank so like you know common blowjob mistakes the workshop

Hunter: Right

Reid: or common whatever mistakes. People resonate with mistakes really well so when in doubt like kind of kick those ideas around

Hunter: Right

Reid: and make sure you’re using words that your audience uses.

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: You know heteronormativity is a word that is only used by sex educators and scholars. It is not what you know most people, most customers are like “honey, if we’re just less heteronormative

Hunter: Right exactly.

Reid: our relationship and our sex lives would be better.” So you know don’t you know don’t title your…your workshop the “three common mistakes of heteronormative relationships” no one will show up.

Hunter: Right. Well it’s so exactly using the language that you’re that your audience and your customers are using is really because sometimes they might that might actually be the best workshop for them and they don’t know it.

Reid: Yeah.

Hunter: Another big thing is like I….I really want to do like communication workshops and safer sex workshops but you know what? I’ll be honest, I’ve tried them and not a lot of people show up so instead what we do is we just actually weave you know consent communication and safer sex through every single workshop.

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: Right? And so as much as…as much as those topics are really important not a lot of people feel like I don’t need to…I don’t need the safer sex when I already know it or I don’t need the communication

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: I already know it.

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: And that’s…whether or not that’s true you know whatever it’s just actually nice to…to have that be a mainstay for all of

Reid: Yeah, weave it.

Hunter: your classes. Yeah, it has

Reid: Weave it for all it.

Hunter: to be there and then it normalizes it is you don’t need it a separate class for consent, it’s no, consent has always talked about always and forever throughout all of our classes.

Reid: Got it.

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: And the last but not least, show us the money. How…how do you think about or like whatever some of the ways to be tried or figured out how you’re going to pay people and then also how do you take advantage of the workshop to make more money at the store?

Hunter: Right. So we…the way that we do our pay structure is the more people that show up to the class, the more money that the instructors and us making and then sometimes we do 50/50 splits with touring instructors too. So just kind of depends on what’s going on but basically we have instructors who make, who sell out their classes and who make a decent amount of money with us every month because they have people coming back. And one of our teachers Stan Alexander, he does a really good job ‘coz he’s up….he does a lot of kink education right and so he does what…why his classes are popular is because there’s a lot of hands-on and so you’re going to the rope class and you’re sitting down with your partner on the floor and you’re tying rope.

Reid: Got it.

Hunter: Right? And so what he’s what he’s told me is that that his Self Serve classes funnel people into his kink

Reid: His other classes. Yeah

Hunter: Yeah, his….his like kink stuff

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: you know and he does he does munches and…and different parties so what he told me is that he gets people all the time who’ve come to a Self Serve class

Reid: And then

Hunter: get on his email list and then

Reid: buy other things

Hunter: Right and then buy other things or come to other events. So it’s a really good way to let people see what you do and then have them find you other in other places and that’s

Reid: And to…to continue their educ…

Hunter: I think really powerful.

Reid: find you as a teacher then continue their education

Hunter: Right

Reid: and the other courses and offerings that you offer.

Hunter: Right.

Reid: And then how do you take advantage or how do you set ticket prices like how did you figure out what works best for ticket prices?

Hunter: Yeah and that’s….that’s hard because you know I think we are pushing the limit for what Albuquerque is willing to pay for a sex Ed class

Reid: Every town’s different. Every town’s different

Hunter: Every town is different and that’s a big thing too, telling you know letting…letting marketer or teachers know what your demographic is, right? So Albuquerque is interesting because it’s like oddly conservative in a lot of ways and so that’s why I think a lot of people are kind of like “oh, going to sex class…what?” But then we also have a beautiful you know like sort of queer alt scene here that…that really is…is the bulk of…of who comes to our classes but now it’s starting to even out a little bit more and so now we have a little bit of a more like you know mainstream audience coming to our classes

Reid: Sure

Hunter: and that’s actually really good

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: So

Reid: And you’re also not you know San Jose or

Hunter: Right

Reid: Silicon Valley so you don’t have people necessarily here making six-figure salaries.

Hunter: Yeah, no, no. Yeah and so for us our ticket prices range from $15 to $20 a person and…and what I’ll tell you is that a lot of people feel that that is very expensive before they come to the class and then when they’re in the class and they’re like “alright, it was worth it. It was worth every single penny.” And so it’s a common thing people are like “oh that’s sounds like a lot of money, I don’t know I don’t know if I want to pay that” and then like they said, they end up coming to the class four times and we have people who come to every single class we have if they can make it.

Reid: Got it.

Hunter: And we have like a little punch card you know so if you come to nine classes, you get the tenth class free.

Reid: Cool! So incentivizing and kind of encouraging people to come back and then how about making money, how do you leverage it for actual like selling merchandise and stuff like that? Like this

Hunter: Right. So yeah, so we….we try and make sure that you know people are at least aware of what products we have that might fit into their class. We don’t want you know we don’t want instructors to be pushy and to be you know too salesy if…if they like if it’s not natural, don’t do it but the likelihood is that there’s probably several things we sell at our…at our store that would literally and legitimately help the people who are in your class.

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: Right? So for me I’m lucky for my blowjob class like toys are amazing because they do make blowjobs easier and…and more exciting and cock rings can help people last longer and maintain erections, right? So all of those things fit in really…really well to a blowjob class so I just make sure to actually and honestly people come to the sex toy shop to learn about sex toys.

Reid: Yeah

Hunter: and sometimes I get the feedback from participants saying I wish they would have focused more on sex toys because I’ve I still have questions.

Reid: Got it.

Hunter: So it’s one of those things where people are generally curious about that and if you can find ways to weave that into your presentation not only is the store going to love you because you’re helping them with sales

Reid: Yup

Hunter: and they’re going to want you to come back because after…after the class you know we always do a 10% discount. So if you come to a class, you get 10% off your purchase that night for being for being brave and coming out to the class.

Reid: Like a reward

Hunter: Right exactly and saying you’re awesome and brave and you’re…you’re doing this and so here’s 10% off if you want to do any shopping tonight.

Reid: Got it. Alright.

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: Well, I think this video is long enough. I want to thank you Hunter for a gracing guest starring in today’s Facebook live video. Leave some comments, leave your questions, share this video with a fellow sex educator or somebody, a manager or owner of a retail store that caters to intimacy, sexuality, relationships I mean it doesn’t have to be a sex toy store but

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: it could be a health and wellness situation like any kind of retail or brick-and-mortar situation where they might want to bring in teachers and maybe they haven’t or maybe they’re trying and failing miserably because they’re making the same mistakes

Hunter: Right

Reid: that that Self Serve ran into when…when we often reinvent will

Hunter: Right

Reid: So hopefully this information was….will save some people’s some you know some grief and have people be more successful and more awesome and…and then we’ll spread the pleasure and the excitement and the world would just be a better place.

Hunter: Yes, hopefully.

Reid: Any….and where can people find you all?

Hunter: Yes so if you want to visit our shop, we have oh and we have online classes by the way. We have a blowjob class online so if you want to see me put my mouth on a dildo that’s…that’s the way to do it. So you can find us at and if you want to talk to me specifically about classes or if you want to apply to be an instructor at Self Serve, you can email me just H.U.N.T.E.R and I would love to hear from you.

Reid: Alright, check it out and for those of you who are waiting to register for camp we’re like 69, 68 days out from the camp

Hunter: 69 days?

Reid: Yeah, I think so it’s…or 68 maybe it just turned to 68 days out so go  and…and check out check out why you’re not coming to camp? This is silly. This….do you want to say anything about camp?

Hunter: Camp is awesome. I just couldn’t I’ve been every single year that it has happened and I have learned you know I’ve gone every year and have heard a lot of the same content and learned a lot of different things every single time. The people there are incredible, I’ve met I’ve met people who have had come teach at Self Serve at camp, the connections for you know fellow educators is just impeccable and it’s also really interesting and different experience than other sort of cons because you’re out in the middle of beautiful…beautiful West Virginia and you actually get a chance to unplug in a way that for me is very…very valuable.

Reid: Hug a tree

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: make a smore’s, just go skinny-dipping you know other things.

Hunter: Yup

Reid: Alright, that’s it. Hit some emoticons on the way out so that Hunter feels the love all the way here from wherever you are today to Albuquerque in the Mexico and tonight is Rough Sex For Nice Folks and tomorrow night is your Blowjob workshop.

Hunter: It is.

Reid: What…what’s it called?

Hunter: Mastering The Blowjob Interactive Skills

Reid: Interactive Skills

Hunter: ‘Coz…’coz we use dildos.

Reid: Wow.

Hunter: Sterilized dildos

Reid: Sterilized dildos

Hunter: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah

Reid: Everybody?

Hunter: Everybody, if you want to you don’t have to but I love it ‘coz I only had like one or two people not doing it. So most of the time you get a whole room full of people sucking on some dildos together, laughing, giggling, and having a goodtime. I make it I….I try and make it fun, there’s I….you will definitely see me

Reid: Can I have my own dildo?

Hunter: If you want to, yes.

Reid: Or do I have to use yours

Hunter: It’s…. you can bring your own dildo.

Reid: Excellent.

Hunter: Yeah

Reid: Alright, alright bye everyone!

Hunter: cool. Bye.

Reid: Look at all that love. Look at all that love.

Hunter: Look at that love.

Reid:  Bye. Mwah!

Hunter: Bye!

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