How Will The Food Be At Sex Geek Summer Camp In Portland?

by Reid on January 21, 2021

How Will The Food Be At Sex Geek Summer Camp In Portland?








Find out more with Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from


Cathy: We had someone write in and say, “I heard that the food at Sex Geek Summer Camp the last four years was amazing. However, you’re gonna be someplace new this year and I’m gluten tolerant. How is it gonna be?”

I’m here with Reid Mihalko from who’s pretending to eat in the background and he is also from

Reid: And I’m here with Cathy Vartuli from who is not pretending to eat anything. That’s fine, go right ahead you don’t have to partake in the deliciousness…

Cathy: Of invisible food.

Reid: Of Camp’s invisible food. Um, I was having so much fun eating. What’s the question?

Cathy: So they said, they heard

Reid: Gluten-free needs?

Cathy: They heard that the last four years are great and that people…

Reid: Yeah. Now they’re worried because we’re moving to a different location.

Cathy: A new place, they’re gluten-free

Reid: West Coast Camp, everyone this is our first West Coast Camp for our 5th anniversary.

Cathy: And they’re…so they’re like “Is it gonna be okay? Is it gonna be up to the standards I’m used to or heard about?”

Reid: I know. We’re legend, our food has been legend.

Cathy: They’ve done amazing jobs.

Reid: We’ve done a great job at Abrams Creek if you want to run an event there, their kitchen staff kicks butt. We try to do as much as we can to show up for everybody’s specific food needs and this is a new campground, I think everything’s gonna be fine or else I wouldn’t be hiring this space to do this and maybe it maybe it’ll be horrible, maybe it’ll go completely wrong. I don’t think so. We’ve done a really good job of working with people’s food needs and I will say that if your needs are like super… super specific you already know this about your… your food needs so you know email me, let’s talk about those things, see how we can front load everything and I always recommend if you’re worried bring a little cooler with your own stuff so that you know that’s handled in case somehow we don’t nail it. And we’re putting a lot of thought and effort into keeping camps food reputation as amazing as possible. And I’m gonna be… I’m gonna be honest with you I will do everything I can to make the food at camp great because I think that that’s one of the things that a lot of events screw up on especially like Summer Camp, they think they can do pork and beans and that’s not how you take care of people for this kind of an event if we’re gonna be diving deep and geeking out and nerding out and having insecurities and impostor syndrome and… and fears come up around business. So, I’m gonna do my best gluten-free is probably one of the easier things to pull off at Camp.

Cathy: Yeah, he has an application that everyone fills out and there’s a long list of possible issues people could have.

Reid: Yeah because we just… we just wanna know ahead of time and do our best. We want to be as inclusive as we can when we’re running a camp out in the middle of the woods and you know if you register, we have a 30 day money-back guarantee so you know you have 30 days to grill me for questions and then you can always pull the plug on…on camp for yourself  but we’re gonna do our best and I don’t wanna ruin our amazing reputation just because we move to a new location so I think I’ve got it covered, I think.

Cathy: Yeah.

Reid: Why don’t you come to camp and then you can tell me if I had it covered.

Cathy: Yeah and luckily Portland is not far away so we could…if desperation hits we can order pizzas. They’ve gluten-free pizzas in Portland.

Reid: Cathy is not helping right now. Cathy is not helping.

Cathy: Well you said they come to think

Reid: Pizza is your solution to everything Cathy.

Cathy: No, lasagna I’m Italian.

Reid: Wow, if they’re not gluten-free.

Cathy: No… [Laughing]

Reid: Alright, go to or Hit subscribe, share this with a sex educator friend of yours and come to camp. Please. It’s gonna be great.

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