Why GirlSex101’s Allison Moon is excited about teaching at Sex Geek Summer Camp 2016!

by Reid on July 28, 2016


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Reid: Hello, everybody! This is Reid Mihalko from http://reidaboutsex.com/ creator of http://www.sexgeeksummercamp.com/ and we are with Allison Moon author of Girl Sex 101 Secret Layer which..

Allison: It’s a magical cave.

Reid: It’s actually in my home, too because we’re romantic partners and co-teach things.

Allison: It’s not that romantic.

Reid: It’s not that romantic anymore. We’re doing it together for a long time. But you know what, I’m doing something right because you’re coming to http://www.sexgeeksummercamp.com/. Award winning author, Allison Moon and you’re going to teach some stuff on publishing.

Allison: I’m going to talk to you about figuring out what to do with your book. If you want to write a book, how to write a book and if you want to self-publish or traditional publish. How to make book life stuff happen for you.

Reid: And camp, aside me being charismatic draw, we’re doing something right because you were there at the first year of http://www.sexgeeksummercamp.com/.

Allison: I was.

Reid: You couldn’t be there last year.

Allison: I had a day job but first year I really, really loved it. I had a wonderful time. Last year I was bummed that I couldn’t go as a student more than as your partner. It was really just a great experience for me in my own career. It got me really thinking about things around how I can monetize different aspect of what I teach, how to actually really mediate a lot of my current material to make it something I could actually create for a career.

Reid: What was it again that you… What did you get out of camp that actually, can you give something specific that helped with your career, with your business?

Allison: I think, I’m really thinking about opt-in from mailing list are helpful because again I write books as my primary mode of teaching which feel sometimes like I don’t have all of the internet stuff that a lot of people do. So, just creating again opt-in just like you go to http://GirlSex101.com/ I give you the first 2 chapters of Girl Sex 101 for free if you sign up to my mailing list. I don’t have that before camp and I wouldn’t have thought of doing that ever other than because of camp. So, really simple practical things and sometimes it can feel overwhelming all of the materials because you spend like, you know, 5 days of just like tons of stuff. For me, even like living with you I’m used to it but it’s a lot. So, for me to feel like if I was getting overwhelmed there are still so many wonderful little nuggets of super easy actionable things to do that make me feel like I’m making progress. Those things are absolutely making progress with my career but I wouldn’t think to do it because it sometimes feels too much. So, having just like little check list things like having opt-in like setting up a twitter specifically for your brand separate from your twitter for your personal life if you have one of those. All of that stuff.

Reid: @GirlSex101

Allison: @GirlSex101 at Twitter and also have @HeyAllieMoon on Twitter which are two aspects of me. But people can just follow the book if they love the book versus having to follow me. But again, it’s like simple stuff like that so I could delive like actual to do list type stuff which for me feels really, really good. If there’s something I could get done under 10 minutes, I’m going to do it right away. So, that kind of stuff was really helpful. And also I really love seeing the diversity of various other educators that you brought in like I talked about books on first year and I talk about books again but like [inaudible 00:3:21] podcasting..

Reid: Who will also be there this year, it looks, right?

Allison: Yeah, Megan and Carol Queen like all these amazing educators who have different ways of framing their careers because like your stuff is really special, it’s really you and a lot is really helpful but it’s also nice to see other ways that other educators have built of their careers. If they’re not interested in doing like online products well what about having a store front, what about having a podcast, what about writing books. All of these things are really helpful and just made me realized that the diversity of the sex education community is actually really bad ass and helpful for all of us to really study what other people are doing successfully, to figure out where our self-expression could align as well.

Reid: As we end, where can people find you and one of your favorite moments from your first camp?

Allison: Well, you can find we online at http://GirlSex101.com/ or in Twitter @GirlSex101 or @HeyAlliMoon. My favorite part of camp first year I can’t share here but it was good. That’s all I have to say.

Reid: [inaudible 00:04:21]. Thank you!

Allison: Thank you, darling. Bye!

Reid: Questions, email, information, urls in the comments and get to camp. Share this video with somebody who you think would benefit from Sex Geek Summer Camp.

Allison: It’s really wonderful summer camp.

Reid: Bye!

Allison: Bye!

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