Where to Find Places for Play Parties

by Reid on November 10, 2019

Where to Find Places for Play Parties






Cathy: Someone wrote in to you Reid and said, Hello I found out about you from reading Neil Strauss’s The Truth. I’ve thrown my own play parties before and even intended a few but I wanted to know where I can find more places. Any help would be great. I look forward to going or running in your event soon.


Reid: Oh, cool! Thanks for writing in.


Cathy: Yeah. This is Reid Mihalko from http://reidaboutsex.com/


Reid: Cathy Vartuli from http://theintimacydojo.com/. Places that you can go


Cathy:  For play parties


Reid: If you want resources, go to http://reidaboutsex.com/playparty or http://reidaboutsex.com/playparties plural and just sign up for the resource list that might help with this particular question. I can’t tell if they’re asking for more places to attend for play parties


Cathy: I think that’s what they’re asking for.


Reid: Or more places to throw play parties


Cathy: I think, I think it’s places they can attend parties.

Reid: Yeah. If you’re in or wherever you are at, you can Google around looking for you know play parties San Francisco or play parties Dallas. You can go to meet up groups https://www.meetup.com/ and see any kind of groups that are meeting either in the kink world, in the polyamory world so it can be BDSM polyamory swinging


Cathy: Or sensuality and a lot some people have private parties


Reid: Yeah.


Cathy:  It’s like might of us have like a more sensual or intimacy kind of based group that once they get to know them they might have private parties.


Reid: So you want to go what I would advocate for is you go find those groups for people who are meeting. Who are already kind of exploring or into alternative kinds of relationships that might include group dynamics.


Cathy: And then ask


Reid: And then you get to meet those people in those communities and ask around and be like, “hey like I like attending play parties” which is the new-fangled word for orgies and “If you know of any around that I can attend or kind of you know the organizers and can you put me in touch with them?” There’s also adult friend finder and kassidy are two swinger sites. Kassidy is the one that I know where people that run http://kassidy.com/ and that’s with the K. You could you know join that site and you know kind of meet other people who were into group dynamics there is fat life which is kind of kinky version of Facebook. Again, I’m a big fan of getting to know the organizers and I’m very snobby about the kinds of play parties I’d like to attend and those play party groups are often kind of underground or private but once you get to meet people who are in them and they feel like you’re a decent person like you have good play party skills, you’re good with your words, you’re great with consent, you know you’re sex positive and and you know kind of a feminist I think is important and useful these days too. Then those people like we’re always kind of looking for new awesome people to have at play parties. http://www.kinkysalon.com/ and http://missioncontrolsf.org/ I think is the website. That’s a group that throw a lot of play parties in the bay area and I can’t remember the New York one there’s a.. an event called Chemistry I think it’s called. So those are just some of the places to start but my advice, find the groups that are having physical non-sexual meet ups and get to know the people and ask around because ultimately the play party world, it’s a community. So, be a community member.


Cathy: Yeah. And if you meet enough people and no one’s trying to play party now, you’ve always calling people to invite to your play party.


Reid: Dungeons too like kinky dungeons type events can also be useful even if you’re not kinky. You can go and say, “Hey, I’m not really kinky but I am looking for play parties. Do you know any event organizers that are throwing?” Because some people throw kinky parties that are also non kinky and then some people who throw kinky parties also know who’s throwing the non kinky ones.


Cathy: Yeah.


Reid: So, you know you have you have to do the leg work. Play party just aren’t gonna fall out of the sky into your lap.


Cathy: Yeah we hope this helps and we’re so glad that you wrote in.


Reid: Leave comments.

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