Walk With Reid Facebook Live: Romance and What Is Romantic Orientation

by Reid on June 12, 2019

Walk With Reid Facebook Live: Romance and What Is Romantic Orientation



Reid: Hello sex geeks and nerds and friends and followers! It is Reid Mihalko from http://reidaboutsex.com/ and I’m about to walk up a really big hill. This is our morning walk or afternoon walk or evening walk. Wherever you’re at and I’m in Oakland California right now and I was driving from a meeting with the community organizer who has a really amazing event space that has a crazy view. And as I was driving home, I saw this hill and I was like, oh my goodness! We must conquer the hill!

So let me know, Hello Julie! Let me know if you can hear me. Okay? And if you want to like say where you’re where you’re where you are today like are you in Hawaii? Are you in Europe? Are you on a big hill by the I think it’s the 508 in Oakland and the oh, Massachusetts! Hi Leanne! So just all this green because we’ve been having so much amazing rain in California which we desperately need that the green of the hill called me.

And today we’re going to talk about romance and what is romantic? And I have some ideas that I think are pretty sure mine, I haven’t read them anywhere else from folks but it’s the idea that was kind of like a romantic orientation to things. And I’m actually going to scale I’m just going to walk up the hill and get off the street walk up hill. And the idea is that you might have like kind of an orientation around romance and to keep it really simple, I’m going to just you know frame it as two different orientations and for my friends who were like, “Reid that’s a dyad. That’s an either-or situation.” I, I understand and there’s probably many other kinds or maybe you’re a little bit of both or go to both ways but for the ease of teaching while climbing a hill, let’s keep it to two and it’s the idea rather than men and women and having the gender it, what if romance was kind of an orientation and that you’re more of a cat or a dog when it comes to a hello Des Moines Iowa, Hi John! San Diego, Julie!

What if, I do a slow panting while I teach, catching my breath. What if romance was more like you’re a cat or a dog and the idea being that your orientation is more about how romance occurs to you? What makes you feel warm and fuzzy and in classic style? I’ve got ten percent battery life left. So, so the idea is what makes a cat feel warm and fuzzy being you know that they’re being romanced is the idea that you were thinking of them the proof that you were thinking of them before they walked into the room.

So if I got if I bought some flowers, surprised you with them I’m that is proof that I was thinking about you when I bought the flowers and on handing them to while I’m standing in front of you so you know for certain that I was thinking about you. And if I have proof that I was thinking about you when you weren’t standing in front of me for somebody who’s oriented like a cat that would be more warm and fuzzy making more romantic. And for those of you who are oriented like dogs when it comes to romance and I’m definitely a dog. What makes you feel warm and fuzzy is somebody is somebody just saying good dog. As long as we’re doing a good job that makes us feels warm and fuzzy if we’re a dog. And the, the cruel, cruel trick and again you might be a little bit of both or you might be a dog in one relationship but with your parents you’re a cat I mean you, you go figure this out. This is just food for thought I’m not saying that this is the way it is I’m just saying give this some, some ideas and some thinking and maybe there’s a penguin out there. Maybe somebody identifies you know like a rhino to romance or giraffe or parakeet I don’t know. But the cruel, cruel twist here from a, from life is that dogs for the most part are not thinking about you until you walk into the room. Kind of like real dogs you sneak up to your house look in the window, your dog if they don’t know that you’re here kind a just sitting there doing dog things not thinking about you at all and that is very unromantic to a cat. And for cats, you know understanding that when you’re mad at us and we’re dogs like we feel like we’re doing a bad job. And we just want to be told good dog.

So while I have a few more percentages of a, of battery left check out just like Leanne said, check out the five love languages. Gary Chapman’s book on different you know dialects for what makes you feel cared for and how you show love. And if you’re nerd about the five love languages you go to http://www.5lovelanguages.com/ and take Gary’s quiz. You can bolster it or kind of turbo charge it with understanding if your partner or your friend or your boss or whomever family member is a cat or a dog because if your love language to feel loved is gifts and you’re a cat it’s like it’s like doubling down. It’s like a double whammy because now you have proof and I gave you the gift or if it’s words of affirmation, if I if you’re cat and I write those words of affirmation down in a card that is a proof or write them on your mirror in soap, that’s proof that I was thinking of you when you weren’t standing directly in front of me. And for dogs, when you’re standing directly in front of us, we’re so excited. It’s like we hear the keys in the door and it’s like they’re home! They’re home! It’s the best day ever!

So understanding you know how you can make each other feel little bit more warm and fuzzy, little bit more romanced from the ideas of cats and dogs, I have an article or too on my website about that I can’t remember the direct link but I’ll post it in the in the descriptions. Leave some comments. Share this video. Romance, it’s going to be really important coming up for holidays, Valentine’s Day, for birthdays. How can you really let your partner or teach your partner how to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy and broadcasting live from some nondescript hill by the 508 in Oakland, California.
Mwah! That was our morning walk. Thanks for walking up the hill and now I’m going to walk down. Bye!

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