Walk With Reid Facebook Live: Reid Is Hosting One Of XBIZ Events, What Is XBIZ?

by Reid on July 18, 2019

Walk With Reid Facebook Live: Reid Is Hosting One Of XBIZ Events, What Is XBIZ?



Reid: Hello everybody! It is Reid Mihalko from http://reidaboutsex.com/ and this is our our morning walk but I am actually in a in Los Angeles this morning. I am hosting an awards dinner for a the XBIZ organization which is about the the adult industry so porn and adult toys and things like that and they asked me to emcee their awards dinner tonight for their for the Executive Awards for the industry and so I flew down this morning and I’m in I’m in the flew into Burbank and now I’m at the Andaz Hotel and the and since I don’t have my walking desk treadmill and, and I don’t I also you see I flew in this shirt. I do not have my green sex geek summer camp T-shirt to wear for this so that you know that this is business advice for sex educators and workshop facilitators and the.. anybody who considered themselves a sex-positive entrepreneur.

So hello everyone and good morning! And that you know maybe I could just do this and we can pretend I’m walking and I was gonna go outside. I’m in West Hollywood and walk around and talk to you but the one the traffic noise is really loud out there and I realized that you know the camera would be bopping around so it wouldn’t be a steady and might give some of you some motion sickness. So if you want some, some sex educator advice for this video imagine I’m wearing my sex geek summer camp t-shirt but instead I’m wearing my XBIZ badge and I’m still haven’t figured out a way to flip the selfie camera on my phone. So I apologize for all the lettering being backwards as well. If you if you’re joining us say hi! You know hit a like or a heart hello Wolf Hudson! Wolf! I’m in Los Angeles! You should have got a Facebook invite for me for some stuff tonight and I’m at the Andaz Hotel or Andaz so if you’re around dude, come on down. Ladies and gentlemen, Wolf Hudson in the house, and let’s see who else Rose hi Rose! So I’m gonna make this one really quick because there’s gonna be a a panel with an amazing adult performer and also an amazing sex educator Jessica Drake is gonna be on a one of the panels and I want go be there to to geek out and suck up all the brain sex.

So today I just want to share a couple of things I could have done better for when they asked me to host the Executive Awards dinner. Just notes for those of you who were educators and who like hosting things or if you ever get asked to host an award show, this is going to be my fourth or fifth award show hosting gig and I really loved doing them. It’s super fun it gives me an excuse to wear my tux and the first award show I’ve ever hosted was for the O Awards for ANE and AVN and it’s just really fun and exciting and for me as an educator and who somebody who runs http://www.sexgeeksummercamp.com/ which is a business retreat for sex educators and workshop facilitators.

The Executive Awards Dinner one of the reasons I said yes to hosting it is it was a really simple way for me to get in front of a lot of the company executives and the people that run the sex toy industry which is one of the ways we keep camp prices so affordable for attendees is we bring in sponsors and with sex geek summer camp, the thing that we do is we bring in sponsors who also donate product so that we have toys to review. And one of the things that we do at camp is talk about the importance of shooting video, getting putting yourself out there in some sort of you know way where you’re your advice and is needed and we’re adding value to people’s lives and reviewing adult toys for some sex educators and some bloggers especially is a really great way to kind of help people ‘coz of lot people out there don’t know what toys to buy, don’t know what their bodies are gonna like, don’t even know what’s out there and for me it was a no-brainer to host the award show because then I’m being in my my typical goofball self. Being my animated extroverted dorky Reid in front of all those executives that I’m eventually going to hit up and invite not not everybody but a lot of those people invite them to be a part of camp and to help make a camp possible by being a sponsor. So this is a great way for me to meet everybody in the room or for them to get to meet me and then they know me a little bit better and have a familiar face, get an idea of me as a person and as a business person when I invite them to come sponsor camp.

So things I could have done better for this award show which I’m telling you but also to note make a note for myself to do it next time is to ask for people to the people kind of walking in like thinking this is the room where Jessica Drake’s gonna be in but it’s not. One of the things I could have done better is I could ask one of the organizers to send me an MP3 file of them pronouncing everybody’s names so that I don’t get weird and anxious up on stage and that I’m going to mispronounce people’s names. So I’m I have something from fifth grade or some spelling bee where it happened to me where I mispronounced somebody’s name wrong or misspelled the word or something like that. So I have it in my head I get a little anxious when I’m reading names of of of of cards and things like that about just being bad with names. I’m super bad with names if you haven’t figured that out yet.

So I could have asked for an MP3 file to get better with the names. I also could have asked if I could get a pass for whatever event I’m attending for an assistant or for friend or something just to help me out if I needed help. The other thing I think I’d I’m going to ask for the next time if it’s possible is to bring my camera or get somebody to have a camera for the back of the room to just get like a wide angle shot of the entire event so that later I can use it like a game tape. I can sit down and watch and see how I did and and look at where I could have been better as a host and as an emcee. And the last thing I think I could ask for for what was it there was the.. Oh! Just making sure that there’s like a dedicated a lot of events will have a dedicated photographer or videographer at their event you know to kind of you know capture those amazing photo moments of the winners and things like that. But to make sure that the organizers know that I could use a copy of some of that footage and some still photographs videos and still photographs of me presenting and hosting. So that I have stuff to promote afterwards on social media which again gives them some, some reasons to give me the footage or get it to me somehow so that I’m promoting their events and how the successful the event was. But more importantly for me, I’m looking for great photographs done in a professional way and great video and hopefully great sound that I can use for a real a promotional real of me hosting in awards dinner. That kind of getting that kind of footage is really, really useful because then other organizations see your little promo real of you being an emcee and then they’re like, “oh my goodness like we could we could hire him. We could bring him in to do our event.” And that will one get you more business opportunities and gigs which then you know some of those, those hosting opportunities will put you in front of the people that will then hire you for other things.

So those are things that I would recommend you think about. Please add in the comments other ideas for augmenting and taking an advantage like leveraging speaking opportunities when you’re hosting and emceeing and the, and I hope that this quick video was useful. And I’m gonna go run over and and watch Jessica Drake and a bunch of other sex geeks get their geek on and thank you for our quick little morning walk today. I’m sorry I wasn’t on my treadmill. I’m going to be home I’m on the road for a couple of days now so next week we’ll be on the treadmill on the walking desk but, but I’m going to try to do a little quick live broadcast every day.

So this was the business advice for sex educators and workshop leaders. This is me doing my little walk in my treadmill. I I’ll look at the comments while I’m when I get a a second. Thank you so much all of you! Amanda! And Jimmy! Nika! Hi everyone! This is Reid Mihalko signing off from the XBIZ where tonight I will be hosting the Executive Awards Dinner for XBIZ.

Leave some comments. Share this video and the thanks for being a part of all my goofiness. Bye guys! Mwah!

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