Walk With Reid Facebook Live: Different Ways to Reach And Engage Your Audience

by Reid on July 27, 2019

Walk With Reid Facebook Live: Different Ways to Reach And Engage Your Audience



Reid: Alright. Okay. Hello everyone! It is Reid Mihalko. I think I’ve got this all working out right. I’m broadcasting from my office on my walking treadmill but I’m being really geeky I’m I’m testing out my wireless mic which I’ve got into my phone now which I think is going to work and I’ve got my phone taped to my computer screen. So it won’t fall off and now I’m trying to see if I can use my computer screen to watch the comments because I’m just blind enough to not be able to see what people write and I’m just trying to come up with a good way to do live broadcasts from my computer or from my office and have it sound good and also be able to interact with you guys more because I don’t like having to like lean in to the, the computer screen. So I’m just trying to I’m using you all as a live test and I’m curious if I can how well the sound is? And if you can hear my treadmill desk because I can think of no better way than in the mornings to get up and broadcast something and have it be have the sound be good and if I can maybe go for my morning walk with you all in my office, then I think that might be fun.


So sound is good, thank you Jean Marie! Hi Cass! Hi everyone! Okay good. So this is I think this is working. So for my sex educator workshop you know social media nerds on mornings when I wear my sex geek summer camp shirt this will be for the most part business advice just like on my YouTube channel on the https://www.youtube.com/Reidaboutsex and if I’m just wearing a regular sex geek shirt then it’s going to be relationship advice. And that way when you see it, you’ll be able to tell if you want to listen or not. I appreciate you all commenting and, and saying hi and stuff but again like I want to help my sex educators and workshop facilitators, healers, sex-positive entrepreneurs by giving you know sharing what I’m doing right. So I’m using Facebook live now and test testing this out to see if I like doing it like this, if I like teaching like this, if I like sharing like this. It’s a Facebook live is a really great way to reach a lot of people and to you know build engagement and I’m as much as I can type, I don’t think really fast with my typing fingers. So it’s a lot easier for me to get in front of the camera or turn my phone on and share with people what’s going on in my life and teach and just kind of riff than it is for me I’m a much slower writer than I am a teacher in front of a camera. So again for my sex educator friends and, and business people that are using social media, if you want to you want to find like my advice is you find the social media and the teaching modalities that work really well for you that are easy so that you don’t have a lot of resistance and put yourself through a lot of pain trying to create something that isn’t in your modality or teaching style.


So for me writing articles is really hard for me. I can do it but it’s not as fun as like I was getting excited you know grabbing my, my wireless mics and hooking them up and then you know clipping them on and then seeing if it’ll if it… testing this out on my phone. As a nerd you know around using technology and gear like this was fun for me so I got excited about this. I don’t get excited about writing things and I still need to do that and there’s some ways to you know to like I could transcribe this video and then take the transcription and have somebody or even myself kind of comb through it and create an article out of it. So there’s a way to do that but again if you’re somebody who just loves you know face timing and Skyping and being a dork live then maybe Facebook live streaming your advice once a week or once a day is a really great way for you to engage people and then leave comments and stuff. Most of you will never ever see me ever write a really long Facebook post you know like Monique Darling loves writing Facebook posts, Marcia Baczynski, my partner Allison Moon like they, they just write my blog or friends out there like you guys bang! Bang! Bang! You just you just, just wondrous things come through your fingers not so much to me but put me in front of a camera and you know and now kind of having fun on my treadmill desk now this is kind of fun and exciting and it doesn’t create a lot of friction for me because the excitement of doing this especially once I tinker with it and tweak it and have it figured out and don’t have to like literally tape my phone to my screen so it doesn’t fall off. Once I get this kind of figured out it’ll be really easy for me to put together advice and to teach and just say hi to everybody and feel more connected. So that’s the, the geeky business side of it. For those of you who aren’t doing businessy things with your social media, you know maybe you Facebook live when you’re you know just, just to talk to your friends and let them know what’s going on in your life because maybe blog posting and, and typing long replies or letter writing or emails isn’t really your thing. I mean you have to adjust the privacy settings for your live videos because maybe you don’t want it going out to the world but maybe this is a way for you to feel more connected and to have more fun with Hi Sophia! Have more fun with the technology of it.


So for those of you just joining us the, the geeky nerdy business social media pieces I’ve got my phone literally taped to my computer screen my big computer screen. I have some Sennheiser wireless mics that I use for when I’m filming workshops and stuff like that. So I’ve got a Lavalier mic that’s plugged into my other set of, of a wireless mics. And I’ve got that clipped-on here and this is something that we talked about in a sex geek conservatory where we’re geeking out on just speaking skills and public speaking skills in gear. So you can go to http://reidaboutsex.com/sex-geek-conservatory/ it should bring you to that page if you’re interested in getting the videos from that weekend. So I’ve got my wireless mic here and generally speaking you want your wireless mic to be about you know thumb and a you know pinky hand height away from your from your face so that if it’s a good mic it’ll usually pick up the sound great. And I’ve got the other side of the pack like plugged into my iPhone and it’s broadcasting this way. So this way there’s not any weird cords or wires you could use a… you could use a regular lob mic if you want that you can get off of Amazon and they have a lot of different ones. Some are really, really cheap but the ones that are about you know 12 bucks seem to work really well or eighteen dollars.


So like again I could just put that right into my phone and then have that here but this would be a little bit more difficult because I have wires dangling and stuff but that works great too and I’ve got my phone taped to my computer screen my, my I got a big screen and then behind my phone, I’ve got my Safari window opened and it’s open to the live broadcast and I’m using that so that I can see I can scroll and see the comments. So I can say Hi to Vera and the… and my cousins telling me that her daughter now wants a treadmill desk. I’ve got Stella’s chiming in, Can you save export live videos? Oh yeah. So Stella’s question is can you save or export Facebook live videos to YouTube or elsewhere? I don’t know if you can automatically do it. I don’t think so but what happens is when I finished the broadcast on my screen, it will give me the option to download the video to my phone. I recommend that you download it as a high-definition video which for some of you is going to mean that you’re gonna have to dump some of your other photos and stuff so that you actually have room on your phone to do this and then once the the video is on my phone, I can then upload it to YouTube or import it to my laptop and upload it that way. So again like I’ll kind of create a little workflow process for after I’d use live videos and get them up on to YouTube.


Their kids are laughing at me and asking why you’re out of breath? Because I’m on a treadmill and I’m nervous I’m looks you know I’m like ahhh! It’s going to work and I got, got all nervous so that’s why I’m out of breath. I might also be out of shape. Hi Dawn! Hi Kobe! Can I reverse the image it’s backwards, huh! Let me scroll up. Yeah it is backwards huh it’s on the browser backwards. I, I don’t know. I don’t know why it’s like that iPhones are usually pretty good about not reversing the image. Yeah, I’ll have to look into that Kobe thanks for mentioning that, that’s really annoying. I can probably flip it if I took the video and then flipped it in a in iMovie or premiere I could probably do that but now there’s a whole extra step that just makes it super annoying but I’ll look into it to great it’s super annoying that this doesn’t do that automatically. Yeah, so that’s it. So as I do these videos more maybe I won’t be out of breath so much Vera so please tell the kids cheer me on positively speaking. Uhhhh … other comments yeah that was it. I mean mostly I’m just kind of riffing here I just wanted to test out the technology make sure that the sound quality looks good. Can you hear the treadmill desk? That’s the thing I want to know because there’s a there’s a slight sound that I can hear but maybe you can’t because of a… of the microphone. And, what else? I think that’s it.

I’ll take a look at the comments in a minute but that’s really the, the big thing I wanted to oh! No there’s another thing I want to talk about setting professional boundaries with your friends and family. I was coaching somebody yesterday on a on Skype another sex educator and they were trying to figure out how not to give away all their coaching advice for free to their friends and so I’m going to I’m going to share something with you that I this is the first time I’ve ever shared it like on social media so so understand that I need to set a boundary up with this information about setting boundaries. The information that I stumbled upon for myself with friends who you know at cocktail parties or just hanging out because we’re nerds and Geeks about sex education and relationship stuff like you just kind of automatically start talking about stuff and then you start kind of going into just expert mode and helping people with their with their problems which basically sometimes means you’re in heavy coaching mode and then your friends get all this advice for free or your family members and then they never pay you ever for any of it. Maybe they take you out to dinner if you’re lucky or something like that but here’s what I would do which has worked really well for me for the last how over many years I’ve been doing this it’s at least six or eight years now. I will tell people if they have a question like they’ll be like “hey Reid you know I have a question about relationship stuff you know can I ask you?” And I’m like “okay, so here’s the deal. Everybody gets you know 10 minutes 15 minutes for free because maybe sometimes I can just point you in the direction of the resource or tell you what I would do really quickly but if this needs if this is going to go on for longer than 10 minutes and you really want me to be focused and you know like let’s dig in to the you know solving this silly this problem giving it creating a solution for yourself having a breakthrough what I’m going to say is after the 10 minutes which you get for free, if you want to go deeper then book me for a coaching session.” That’s worked really , really well because you can then not only help your friends a little bit in a way that feels good for you, you know maybe for you it’s 30 minutes 10 to 20 is good for me I like to say 10 because usually it ends up being 15 or 20 but you’re letting people know that you have a boundary and you’re training them to be able to hire you like how they can go further or go deeper with you in a way that you know you’re starting off with just kind of helping but then you’re also establishing a good boundary for your needs to get your needs met which is great role modeling for your friends and your family and your potential clients around the boundaries they probably need to be setting in their personal lives and in their business relationships, their intimate relationships all of that stuff.

Now that I’ve said this on Facebook and it will soon be on YouTube understand that I have the right to not give you 10 minutes free because that’s kind of a friend friends and family and people I’m meeting live and in person because I’ve said it on a video doesn’t mean you can email me and ask for 10 minutes free because I’m already too busy for that kind of a thing. But you can go to http://reidaboutsex.com/category/coaching/ and figure out if read upon how that coaching works and see if you want to hire me directly. For those of you who don’t have on a website of yours an easy way to send people to learn about how they can book you then my fellow sex educators, workshop leaders please create a page on your website with an easy to remember URL that you can direct people to because then you’re, you’re creating the structure for them to be able to get clarity on how they can work with you.


The other thing that’s really useful and why you might, “might” air quotes might want to have your little policy about your 10 minutes free is it allows you to geek out with somebody an actual live living breathing human being with real life problems. Its 10 minutes of field research and a focus group of one or a focus group of a couple if you’re talking to two people who’ve come to you. That 10 minutes of you nerding out with them to figure out what they’re struggling with that’s really useful, useful research and, and so that’s worked really well for me because it allows me to be able to do stuff for free, set boundaries, train people on what to expect and how to work with me while also figuring out what, what people are struggling with and what they’re wrestling with? So I just wanted to share that with you all here because that was something that came up on a coaching call with another sex educator and I thought that was really useful and now of course I have to deal with people seeing this video and then thinking they automatically get ten minutes free with me which is not going to be the case for everybody and I apologize in advance if I disappoint you but we’re all adults and, and adults can handle disappointment and, and you don’t have you know you can be weird about, you can be you know nervous about having to say no but again we’re role modeling as educators that it’s okay for the people that we’re helping they have to learn how to say no to and that can really, really be powerful.


So I’m gonna look at comments, hi Carol! Aletha! Yeah I’m I’d this may be this is gonna be my thing maybe it’s going to be the treadmill thing. Who knows? If it’s not too annoying let me know if the treadmill thing is too annoying. I’m not being paid or having spokesperson deal with the treadmill company but if you run a treadmill company come talk to me. A great idea? Latonya how are you? Oh yeah. You want your 10 minutes I know that’s going to start release the 10 minute flood. Thank You Catherine! Yeah. I know I’m, I’m its I’m very happy to share with everybody.


So, again as we wrap this up for those of you who ‘coz I’m going to try to start Facebook living a little bit more. I’m going to tinker with periscope and in live streaming on Twitter so you might see that happening to I’m just kind of curious and I want to stay you know up to date on how we can get our messages out there and help more people but on the days that I’m wearing my sex geek summer camp shirt which is my business retreat for sex educators that means this is going to be focused more on business advice and when you see me live streaming with my regular sex geek shirts that’s usually just a relationship intimacy advice and then over time maybe I won’t be so winded or maybe I just need to slow down my treadmill I don’t know. We’ll figure this out.


Thank you so much everybody for watching! Leave some comments. Let me know other things you want me to talk about in future videos and the and thanks for joining me in my little nerdy geeking out. I’m trying to figure out technology and stuff. I’ll, I’ll post some links to things I mentioned in the video and the, and leave your questions and I’ll try to answer them as much as I can. If your comment gets buried and I can’t and you don’t get an answer then you can always email me at http://Reid@reidaboutsex.com/.


Alright everybody, I’m leaving from my treadmill broadcasting live from my office. Bye!

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