Reid At Sexual Health Expo | Facebook Live with Reid

by Reid on February 14, 2020

Reid At Sexual Health Expo | Facebook Live with Reid 





Reid: Hello sex geeks! It’s Reid Mihalko from and today is an amazing day. Today is the day we meet Dr. Ruth and we are at the Sexual Health Expo the hashtag is in the hashtag S.H.E L.A and we’re… I’m at behind the scenes right now because I need to go get my tux and then run around and be a dork and a nerd today. And then I get to interview Dr. Ruth later. And here are some of our speakers for Saturday and Sunday. You can see we’ve got a ton a ton of sex geekery. The brain sex will be fast and furious with lots of intellectual lube. We’ve got a our sponsors here like Johnson, Jopen, Bodywand, Rabbit Company, Ovo, baci, We Vibe who’s sponsoring also all the free tickets on today. So if you want to register at get free tickets. Pleasure Chest is in charge of all the educators , there’s Sybian is here today as well, we’ve got ViberTex, Divine Design, Temptation it is a plethora of awesome today.


It’s also be filmed so there’s a film notice to warn folks. We’ve got Lifetime is here filming some stuff on good morning [Inaudible 00:01:25] oh, those eyes Sexual Health Magazine. So I’m just going to give you a quick little behind the scenes because not….nobody’s here yet like the press is checking in and you know there’s still a uh, uh but only came in this size ladies and gentlemen. They try to bring magic wand so this is before the crowds come. We even got like fancy…fancy floor markings for baci.


Good morning Thomas! Good morning Traveline! So I’m just kind of giving you a given you the…the back the background of all this. Say good morning to Facebook everyone!


Woman: Good morning!


Reid: Good morning!


Man: Good morning!


Reid: I’ll come to see you later. I’ll be in the tux as Los Angeles kink. What else do we have here? People are people of setting up this is before everything do you guys want to say hi to Facebook?


Woman: Yeah.


Man: Come, come.


Reid: Everyone say hi Facebook Live!


Woman: Hi Facebook!


Man: Hi Facebook Live!


Woman: Good Morning!


Man: Yehey!


Reid: Yehey! It’s gonna be so good! It’s all starting to happen. We’ve got people coming through with boxes of sex toys probably, there’s photo ops going on. Say hello to Facebook everyone.


Man and Women: Hi Facebook!


Reid: The crowds will be lining up soon and let’s see what else? We’ve got candles in the shapes of genitalia. We also have Dr. Ava


Dr. Ava: Testing the microphone


Reid: testing the microphone do you wanna say hi to Facebook?


Dr. Ava: Yes.

Reid: Live this one


Dr. Ava: Hi Facebook!


Reid: This is Dr. Ava


Dr. Ava: Yes and I’m going… be doing sexy sizing.


Reid: Sexy sizes


Dr. Ava: Yeah


Reid: Today. Yeah


Dr. Ava: So check it out.


Reid: Check it out.


Dr. Ava: Hahaha


Reid: Okay. We’ll see what else we have behind the scenes so the crews are….are loading up. They’re checking out the….the projectors. Sorry if this is making you dizzy. We’ve got the Pleasure Chest which is over here and they are in-charge of all the educational stuff curating today look at that they even have sex geek t-shirts for sale! Oh my goodness! What else? That’s a film [Inaudible 00:03:44] maybe we’ll get On Television today.


Well, I guess we will get On Television another time because they’re filming, it won’t air and I [Inaudible 00:03:54] broadcasting. There’s Allison Moon’s book girl sex 101 felt like . There’s a whole stack of them look at that a bunch of book Ducky DooLittle will be here today Ella Chase, Tristan Taormino we’ve got the books if the books are here they’re probably coming. We’ve also got Jessica Drake is going to be here today as well. So, I’m just really excited and this is kind of fun to be running around in the background when no one’s here yet. We’ve got UVee which is a company that makes a case, a case that you can put your toys in that will then sanitize them with ultraviolet light. That is the bomb I mean the science got all kinds of leather goods over here. Hello everyone, good morning! Oh, Ducky DooLittle I just mentioned your name you want to say anything to….to Facebook live behind the scenes right now?


Ducky: Oh, are you Facebook living?


Reid: Yeah we are on Facebook live


Ducky: Oh, Hi everybody! Welcome to S.H.E!


Reid: Hi. It’s Ducky DooLittle


Ducky: Welcome to S.H.E!


Reid: You were the actually you were the first Sex Ed workshop I’ve ever went to.


Ducky: I remember with anal sex


Reid: At….in….in at Babeland


Ducky: We had anal sex workshop together


Reid: We did and you took my you took my workshop cherry


Ducky: Well

Reid: you know if you get


Ducky: I take a lot of cherries


Reid:  you never forget your first. Alright


Ducky: Bye!


Reid: Enjoy your coffee. We’re going around. Who else we will get?  Places are still….still setting up this is shhhh don’t mind me which is this is me on Facebook. Shhhh. It’s live. So what else can we show? We’ve got spin to win wheel I don’t know what that is but I’m spinning it. Yeah, which people are still setting up and we’re going to have you have lots of people coming I know we are because they came a lot a couple times and this is a really….really fun event that. If you are in the Los Angeles area you want to come downtown just go to and….and there’ll be a whole way for you to register you can get to this for free thank you and We Vibe for sponsoring our tickets and there’s another little teaching stage back there on the side of the room. And there’s the Saturday schedule I don’t know this guy I don’t trust him. His kind of weird but I’ll be I’ll be narrating a Nuru massage which is a massage that we just slide around on each other. Psalm Isadora here Joe it’s….it’s going to be tons of people. It’s going to be amazing and ladies and gentlemen do you want to be on….on


Wendy: Sure


Reid: Facebook live? It’s Wendy Miller


Wendy: Hi everybody!


Reid: [Inaudible 00:06:44]


Wendy: Yeah


Reid: So, good morning Wendy!


Wendy: Good morning!


Reid: Can I get a hug?


Wendy: Sure.


Reid: Yeey!


Wendy: How are you?


Reid: I’m good so for those of you who don’t know, Wendy will….do you want to share what you’re going to be talking about and….and


Wendy: I’m going to talking about the ins and outs of creating sex positive feelings and we’ve got a booth here playboy [inaudible 00:07:01] people can come out and see samples of our shows


Reid: Yeah


Wendy: And talk to me about television and wrote texts to be creative and all of the bad things that I hear on the right there which is 99 percent of the plan.


Reid: Wendy is very patient with me because with some of those things that I pitch her are the bad things that I wish she should speak about. Here, feel free to use me as an example.


Wendy: No, no, no, no.


Reid: What not to do?


Wendy: No, no, no, no.


Reid: This is weird. Good morning.


Wendy: Good morning.


Reid: It’s good to see you.


Wendy: Yeah.


Reid:  So, I’m going to, I’m going to do this but then I’ll….I’ll come back and….and say hi.


Wendy: Alright. That’s fine


Reid: they don’t….they don’t need to listen in on everything


Wendy: See you later.


Reid: Bye! Alright so that’s where Wendy is, right here the booth come check out Wendy Miller from Playboy Television there. I think we’re almost done. Good morning!


Woman: Good morning.


Reid: Do you want to say hello to Facebook live? [Inaudible 00:07:04] Okay, okay they’re not ready. That’s right. I know better than that. Got all kinds of stuff here today so come on down. I think the first 1000 people get gift bags, chock full of fabulous things. There’s going to be raffles and prizes today do you want to say hello to Facebook live?


Cisely: It’s alright.


Reid: Hi, how are you?


Cisely: Hello. I’m Cisley from Jopen


Reid: Hi Cisely from Jopen. So if you want to come on and hang out with….with Cisely they’ve got a table, they’ve got Hershey’s kisses to bribe you with


Cisely: Our [Inaudible 00:08:20] collection


Reid: And amazing….amazing toys. Thank you for doing what you do. Jopen….I adore Jopen as good….good stuff.


Cisely: Yes.


Reid: So, come on down to the Sexual Health Expo. I think that’s it. I think we’ve made it around the block here and then let’s just….just…..just drop Johnson and say good morning to Facebook live?


Woman 1: Good morning Facebook live!


Woman 2: Good morning!


Reid: Good morning.


Woman 1: We’re at S.H.E it’s going to be the best experience.


Reid: Come on down!


Woman 2: Wooh! [Inaudible 00:08:49]


Reid: Come on down. Alright. So, that’s going to be it. Thank you so much for our quick little behind-the-scenes I hope this was fun. I hope this was useful. I have to go get my tux now so hang on I’m… I’m going to end right here by the media wall. So, thanks for….for viewing. I hope this behind the scenes was fun. If you can come on down to the Sexual Health Expo in downtown Los Angeles and if you can’t, go to go to their page because we’re going to be Facebook living on their page today. So I won’t be I don’t be living today on this channel. I’ll be doing it from….from their channel, okay? So sexual health expo you know type that into the Facebook bar, find their page and we’ll be doing Facebook live from there today. Alright? Bye! Mwa!



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