Indie Author Road Trip (Day 8 Pt 4): Dateland & presents!

by Reid on May 10, 2018

Indie Author Road Trip (Day 8 Pt 4): Dateland & presents!





Reid: This is so funny. I am so handicapped right now because my arm barely works I feel like tyrannosaurus rex.

Allison: He’s walking around like a really old man.

Reid: It’s I hurt. I was…

Allison: I’m not judging honey I’m just saying. It’s kind of amusing.

Reid: Check your mouth’s on your sex swings people. It’s important. So I have surprise for you. First off, where are we?  We’re in…

Allison: We’re in Dateland. I don’t know this place existed but if you can see the beautiful palm trees behind us. This is a date grove…

Reid: Don’t pull my hands so hurt.

Allison: Sorry. It’s a date grove. So we bought some dates which I really enjoyed.

Reid: Apparently dates grow on palm trees, I did not know this.

Allison: Yeah. So I got some from Iraq I think. It’s a different milder not sweet kind of date because sometimes date comes in too swiftly but there’s so sweet kind of milds. So I’m going to excited to try them.

Reid: And we have shakes made from dates.

Allison: Hmmm. Oh and I just got this sour cream and onion crickettes. Do you see? I’ve always wanted to eat crickettes and now I can and I’m excited about that. So…

Reid: This is scary. Oh no, I won’t try those.

Allison: They’re cute.

Reid: And I got you a surprise.

Allison: You did?

Reid: Because we’re talking this morning with our friend Lila. Thank you Lila for housing us in Arizona.

Allison: Thank you Lila.

Reid: You’re talking to Lila about getting ready to at some point do your audio book version of Lunatic Fringe.

Allison: Yeah. Before that would probably next month.

Reid: So in honor of that, I got, I bought… I think this is the first audio book I’ve ever bought. It is a book about Warren BD called Star and it was on sale. Biskind [inaudible 1:36] says the author explains how BD’s private life had been the subject of gossip for decades and star confirms…

Allison: His status as Hollywood’s leading man in the bedroom, describing his affairs with Joan Collins, Natalie Wood, Leslie Caron, do they know that these [inaudible 1:54], this doesn’t seem very fair…

Reid: And Madonna

Allison: Julie Christie, Michelle Phillips, Diane Keaton, and Madonna. Well I mean I just feel like that’s kind of be, I would hope there would be subconsent there.

Reid: Star. Let’s find out. This could be exciting.

Allison: That’ll be fun to listen to. Thank you for that, honey.

Reid: So there you go. Alright. I think, are we good?

Allison: Yeah.

Reid: My arm hurts.

Allison: Oh well then okay, bye.

Reid: I had to use my good arm just to show. We love you all. Thanks. Bye

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