Enjoy 4 Days of Deep Connection With Reid This June at Intimacy Fest 2017!

by Erin Tillman on March 22, 2017

How deep do YOU dare to go? Explore Deep Connection with Reid, Dave Booda, and Rachel Rickards at Intimacy Fest 2017!

INTIMACY FEST 2017 is an invitation for you to fall in love and dive deeply into a wild love affair…

  • With yourself.
  • Your body and your breath.
  • Friends. Lovers. Strangers.
  • The wind, the Earth, the trees, the Sun, and the birds.
  • The magic and wonder of this moment.
  • Life Itself and the Great Unknown.

Plus, you get to spend the weekend with me, too!

I’m honored to bring my personal style of sex and relationship geekery to this very special event… For the 3rd year in a row!

Will you consider joining us?

When: Jun 15th, 2017-Jun 18th, 2017
Where: Aguanga, CA – 90 minutes north of San Diego and 90 minutes east of Los Angeles (exact location provided to attendees)
Tickets: Find additional information and tickets to attend HERE.

The tier pricing is:
Tier 1 (Ends April 1st): $297
Tier 2 (Ends May 15th): $347
Tier 3 (Ends June 15th): $397


Intimacy Fest is a 4 day celebration of falling in love on the grandest scale, where -through sharing, workshops, interactive games and exercises, movement, touch, and play!

The Love we’re speaking about is not here to offer you security, safety, or a place to stand.

The Love we’re speaking about is here to reveal your wholeness, your beauty, your innocence, and your vulnerable open heart.

Now, what if you could do that over, and over, and over again in the span of a weekend?

If that excites you as much as it excites us, we invite you to join us at the first ever IntimacyFest

What’s holding you back from loving people fully?
What’s holding you back from loving yourself fully?

We’re interested in these questions, not from a place of brokeness – but from a place of curiousity.

We want to know you. We want to feel you.
We want to see and be seen.

This is what IntimacyFest is about.


Three full days of facilitated practices, games and workshops.

  • To gain tools for deep connection and intimacy in all your relationships.
  • To get the chance to lean into your edges in the area of self-expression, honesty, sensuality, and sexuality.
  • Personal time to recharge and enjoy the beautiful land.
  • Deep connection to yourself, other people, and nature.
  • Dropping your armors, walls, and masks to be and share authentically with others.
  • Impromptu Talent Show
  • Falling in love with your body and trusting it’s wisdom.
  • A community of dear friends, lovers, and partners who support who you want to be.


  • Rock Pools
  • Incredible, organic food, all provided for you
  • Bonfire
  • Labyrinth
  • Cuddle Party
  • Burning Man type adventure structures
  • Impromptu Talent Show
  • Impromptu Music Jamming
  • Walks in Nature


All meals cooked and prepared by our favorite Chef, Andrew Velasco. There will be six meals (2 per day plus a snack), and all are included in the price. Food will be mostly vegetarian and you are welcome to bring any supplements, but make sure to bring your own cooler, fridge space is only for the prepared food.

  • Rock Pool (with water slide)
  • Incredible, organic food, all provided for you
  • Fire pits
  • Labyrinth
  • Burning Man type adventure structures
  • Bunk houses for sleeping
  • Walks in Nature

The bunk houses can sleep 25 people in total and are summer camp style (small bunk beds). There is plenty of space for camping, so you may choose between the bunk houses or camping. Those sleeping in the bunk houses will need to bring their own pillow, sheets and blankets. First choice for sleeping locations will be given to those who sign up first.

RV parking is available, there are 5 dedicated spots. If you would like one, just let us know.


1. Should I be attending with a partner?

Not necessarily. We typically have about half and half couples and singles. While attending IntimacyFest with your partner(s) would be brilliant, it is by no means necessary. There will be many people there who are flying solo, in fact attending alone often gives you the chance to meet and connect with more people.

2. Will there be nudity?

You’re welcome to enjoy nudity around the pool and the grassy area. There may be optional nudity in some of the exercises, never enforced. The land is very private and we will have it all to ourselves.

3. Will there be sex?

We encourage as much sexual expression as you’d like in your tent or in the designated sex areas. The exercises and workshops will not involve sex acts.

4. Can I get a ride if I fly into LA or San Diego?

While there’s no guarantee, chances are very good and we’re happy to help make that happen. In the last two years we’ve gotten everyone a ride that needed one.

5. Does this festival promote polyamory?

No, this is a festival for people in all relationship styles. Some of the attendees are in open relationships, but it’s not the focus of the festival.


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