Sexual Health

Talking About Masturbation

  Cathy: Do you ever masturbate? Reid: No! Never. Cathy: You’re going to scare them. Reid: What are we talking about? Cathy: Masturbation. Reid: Oh, no! No, no! Cathy: A lot of us are brought … Reid: I’m Reid Mihalko from Cathy: I’m Cathy Vartuli from Reid: What are we talking about today? Cathy: Masturbation. In our society, a lot of people were taught that […]

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Free Safer Sex Elevator Speech PDF Download

Get Your FREE Safer Sex Elevator Speech Download NOW! Sign up below to get your FREE downloadable PDF that will walk you through crafting YOUR Safer Sex Elevator Speech! Enter your Name and Email and Click “Safer Sex Me!” so I can send you some sex geeky resources on making your love life less awkward and more […]

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Reid’s Safer Sex Elevator Speech

Get the hardest conversation out of the way in the Reid-way! Many people find it difficult to have a Safer Sex conversation. I used to worry, like most people do… What if it ruins the moment? What if they don’t want to sleep with me afterwards? What if they think I’m a slut because I […]

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