What do Reid and Deepak Chopra have to say about Finding Your Soul Mate?

by Reid on June 25, 2013

Arielle Ford Attract Your Soulmate I’m so excited to be part of an upcoming free call series with Deepak Chopra and 49 OTHER LOVE EXPERTS!! I mean, how often to you get to hear Deepak Chopra dish on love and relationships?! And I’m headlining alongside John Gray, Lisa Nichols, and Marianne Williamson, too!

I have to thank for this honor, the scintillating and brilliant Arielle Ford, who has gathered together a Who’s Who of experts, luminaries and thought leaders to talk about dating and relationships. This amazing teleseries is called Attracting Your Soulmate – and I’m honored and flattered that Arielle asked for my perspective!

Will you join me on this exciting journey?

I’ll include some GREAT info about the teleseries below, but regardless of whether you’re in a happy relationship or a frustrated single, the information these experts are sharing is GREAT LIFE ADVICE as well as LOVE ADVICE.

And I’m going to do my best to share on my call tips and techniques you can APPLY ASAP, and I can’t wait to hear everyone else’s advice and perspectives!

Sign up and begin finding out all about the Attract Your Soulmate Now! Online Series. (And get your FREE BONUSES asap, too!)

Need more convincing? Here’s more for you to read below to tempt you… Giggle.

If you believe in “true love,” like in The Princess Bride, and you’re ready to learn how to help make that happen… If you’re looking for the kind of deep, passionate love that makes your heart flutter, that satisfies your soul kind’a love…

The kind of relationship that makes you feel safe, warm and supported, where you recognize yourself in the other person and you’re the same “species” such that, every time you look at them, you feel at home and things run smooooooooothly…You know me, relationships are about more than just the “love cocaine high” we get from our blood chemistry. And as far as soulmates are concerned, I think it’s great if you’re looking for a single soulmate or 20! I want you to have the love-life YOU want in a way that makes those you love happy, too. The skills are the same… deep, authentic intimacy makes life really juicy. And whether you want to bring more Va Va Vroom to your current relationship, or find new hearts to connect with, I think the experts Arielle has rounded up are going to give you GREAT TOOLS to help you shorten your “dating, mating and relating learning curve” so you can manifest a love life YOU LOVE!

Where else can you get a buffet of top relationship experts, ready to share their best tips and insights with you?!

We all want to love someone(s), and to be loved, unconditionally. If you call that type of person a Soulmate (or whatever you call them, frankly!), then THIS call series is for you!Join us for the Attract Your Soulmate Now! Online Series!

Starting on July 10th, Arielle Ford’s bringing the world’s most renowned love experts right to your home in a spectacular 9-day series called Attract Your Soulmate Now!The entire 9-Day Series is all online and it won’t cost you anything to attend. And since recordings of each day’s events are always available for a full 24 hours after they air, you can stay focused at work, make it to the gym, stay current on Facebook (giggle) and keep your appointments, AND still find time to create deep, long-lasting love in your life.

It’s online. And it’s free. And I’m geekily excited! Come play with us!

Listen in as more than 50 of the world’s top authors, thought leaders, and luminaries share their insights, tips and techniques on attracting powerful love into your life.

We’re talking about the very best of the best, including Deepak Chopra, Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, John Gray, Lisa Nichols, Marianne Williamson, Gay and Katie Hendricks, John Assaraf, Marci Shimoff, and so many more! Plus, you’ll hear from master panelists on every facet of creating and sustaining a soulmate relationship. Arielle’s even invited some real-life soulmate couples. They’re people just like you—who are powerful examples of exactly what’s possible.

I’ll be talking about on-line dating and how to authentic self-expression can help you find people who are naturally your species!

It all happens online, over the course of 9 days. And while there is absolutely no cost to you, the payoff is HUGE!
Reserve Your Spot For Attract Your Soulmate Now!

From Arielle’s website…

Previous event participants say they experienced real break-throughs resulting in big shifts in their love lives. Here’s how they describe it:

“I feel so blessed to have come across these teachings at the place I am now in my life—dating for the first time at the age of 33. Tears of gratitude fill my eyes when I listen to and learn from the talks!” –Melana”Recently single after being in a relationship for three years, I had been afraid to date again. But this series completely changed my perspective and now I’m so hopeful!” –Cheyenne

“Just a few days before this series was released, I met someone who feels like my soulmate. These lovely sessions helped me learn more about how to accept this relationship, enjoy it and take care of it!” –Adrienne

“I love the whole series! Especially the messages about self-acceptance and how to connect to our feelings . . . plus, all the fun dating advice. I’m now ready to try online dating with a whole new perspective and ability to attract my soulmate to me!” –JillThis kind of soul-satisfying love is possible for anyone, at any age, in any stage of their life.

You are meant to have love, and with all you’ll discover during this extraordinary 9-day event, you will have it soon!

But the power to create this soulmate relationship is yours alone.

Join Arielle To Attract Your Soulmate Now!

Choose love AND Date Your Species!

P.S. When you register today, you’ll also get immediate access to a limited-time gift bag including an exclusive, never-before-seen video by Deepak Chopra, a meditation called “Facing the Doubter” by Debi Berndt, an e-book, Your Pathway to Joy, by Sonia Choquette, an audio seminar entitled “On Relationships” by Marianne Williamson, the audio seminar, “Exploring Love and Understanding Relationships,” with Jonathan Aslay and Carol Allen, and the e-book called The Love Letters of Arielle and Brian by Arielle Ford.

Again, these gift bags will only be available for a limited time, so Claim Yours Today!

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Brenda July 10, 2013 at 9:43 pm

I have tried to register for this series – and am not able to – please HELP !


Reid July 10, 2013 at 10:09 pm

Hi Brenda,

Where are you having trouble? If you weren’t able to register this afternoon, their system was down for a bit due to a bad storm in Canada.

Here is the link again in case you need it:

Hope this helps!


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