Tristan Taormino

Reid on Tristan Taormino’s Sex Out Loud Talking About Polyamory, Sept 14th, 2012

Catch Reid and Tristan Geeking Out On All Things Polyamory and Safer Sex! Tune in or download to listen what Reid has to say and what Tristan has to ask about polyamory, non-monogamy, open relationships, safer sex and black belt-level communication skills on Tristan’s new radio show, Sex Out Loud! Listen LIVE every Friday at 5:00 pm […]

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Momentum Conference in D.C. featuring Reid, Tristan Taormino, Carol Queen, et al, April 1-3rd!

It’s no April Fools Joke, people! You do not want to miss this weekend!!! Do you love conferences filled with smart, sexy people? Dying for some social networking that’s in the flesh? Wondering how best to get your sex geek on this coming April? If you’re looking for a weekend full of tech, feminism and […]

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Poly-Curious 101: Understanding Non-Monogamy eCourse

Learn about Open Relationships from 5 of the Best of the Best in Polyamory! Listen to over four and a half hours of tips, tools, tricks, resources and advice from five of the world’s greatest experts on non-monogamy! Read the 44-page workbook compendium of notes, resources, and exercises to help you hone your polyamory skills! […]

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