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Iron Slut Sex Educator Showdown Goes Pelvis-to-Pelvis! Reid Mihalko vs Sheri Winston

Watch and Learn as Real Sex Educators Go Head To Head and Reveal Their Best Bedroom Moves… What better way to learn about practical sex education that you can actually use than to watch two sex educators literally go head to head? Let’s face it, sex is one of the few things we’re not allowed […]

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Reid speaking at Seattle’s Sex 2.0 Conference…

“The Intersection of Social Media, Feminism and Sexuality,” is where you’ll find Reid, of course… SEATTLE — Sex 2.0 celebrates its third year May 22-23, 2010, in Seattle, Washington, at the Quality Inn.  For the first time, the conference is heading to the West Coast and expanding across an entire weekend, attracting local and national […]

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Three Times the Sex and The City… Negotiating Successful Threesomes In NYC!

Just in time for Mother’s Day… 🙂 The menage a trios is a popular fantasy with twice the pleasure potential, but navigating a three-way romance (if only for one night) can be tricky. Join world renowned sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko of for this R-rated, fun-filled, two-hour workshop (with live demonstrations!) and enough […]

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Negotiating Successful Threesomes seduces Seattle, WA, May 21st…

If the idea of “doubling your pleasure” gives your tummy the butterflies, have we got the workshop for you… The menage a trios is a popular fantasy with twice the pleasure potential, but navigating a three-way romance (if only for one night) can be tricky. Join world renowned sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko of […]

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Relationship Dojo 1-Day Workout: Jealousy Judo and Communication Kung-Fu!

Flip jealousy and kick it’s ass while increasing your relationship skills, all in one day! Do you fear jealousy’s kick in the stomach? Often find yourself getting sucker-punched in your relationships by negative emotions or an inability to communicate what your needs are? Wish you could see your partner telegraph their emotional freak outs and […]

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Earning Your BLACKBELT In Relationships DVD Launch Party blasts off in Oakland, CA!

Wanna kick ass in your relationships? Already kicking some serious butt and wanna kick some more? Join world renowned sex educators and relationship “black belts” Kamala Devi and Reid Mihalko in Oakland, California, this March as they celebrate the East Bay launch of their newest and most powerful educational DVD yet: Earning Your Black Belt […]

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Reid to launch, the world’s first sex education t-shirt company

FYI, everyone… I’m gearing up to launch a side-project of mine soon. It’s a sex-positive, sex education t-shirt company I’m calling SexPositiviTee. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more info soon!

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Reid’s Day of Jealousy with Guest Jealousy Experts

Jealousy isn’t just about romantic relationships, you know! You can experience jealousy over your children taking up too much of your partner’s time, or become jealous over a co-worker’s promotion, or even a lover’s favorite hobby could trigger jealous twinges…

So what’s a person to do?

Join Reid Mihalko, Nina Hartley, Dr. Carol Queen, and other quest jealousy experts as we make sense of what jealousy is, how it impacts our lives, and how we can gain the upper hand. Whether you’re experiencing jealousy on a regular basis, in love with someone who does, or just afraid that jealousy might rear it’s ugly head, these two calls promise to give you a wealth of information!

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What people are saying about Negotiating Successful Threesomes and a Sample of the Workbook…

Here are a few testimonials from Reid Mihalko’s Negotiating Successful Threesomes, the 2-hour workshop on menagé à trios (with live demonstrations!), and a preview of the workshop’s Followup Compendium… Reid, Not only was your threesome workshop SUPER fun with all the live demos, but it also produced results within 24 hours. The following night I met […]

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Initiating Threesomes Teleclass

You’ve read all the books you could find on the subject, taken all the communication workshops you could think of, done all the relationship homework you could endure, and watched every movie you could Google… Now you finally feel ready to tackle one of the hottest, most common, sexual fantasies, the mangé à trios… But how do you actually set one up? How do you take your desire and what you’ve learned and integrate them into three, actual, living and excited people in your bed?

This 90-minute downloadable, recorded teleclass will focus on answering the question, “How does one actually make the threesome fantasy a reality?” Join world renowned sex and relationship educator, Reid Mihalko (creator of Negotiating Successful Threesomes), for the nuts and bolts of initiating a threesome experience.

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