[Sex Geek Pro] Using Facebook Live Landed Me a Coaching Client THAT VERY SAME Day…

by Reid on January 9, 2017

Screen capture image of sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko of ReidAboutSex.com doing a Facebook Live broadcast with follower comments to the sideBroadcast It And They Will Come…

I have something really exciting to share with you this week, something I started this past the weekend that landed me a $400 coaching client the same day I tried it!

Now, I’m not going to promise it will yield the same results for you; however, the principles in place that had it work for me… YOU CAN DO THIS, TOO!

The reason I’m sharing it? I think 2017 is most likely going to be a challenging year for many of us in the sex education profession, AND it’s likely going to be a challenging year for the people who need your advice.

[And I’ll go as far as saying that this might be true for whatever year you’re reading this post, btw! Message me your thoughts on that if you want and are reading this years from now…]

It seems like, with each passing year, the world needs our tools, our passion, and our sex geeky knowledge more than ever. And, now, too, we professional sex geeks need easily implementable ways to powerfully reach more people, engage and inspire our audiences, and accomplish it all in ways that recharged rather than deplete us.

I’ve given myself the task of trying to share what’s working for me business-wise as immediately as I can with you all. Sharing the tools of success, like sharing advice and approaches to help folks be more intimately successful and sexually healthy… This makes the world a better place for sex geeks and non-sex geeks alike!

Please share these posts and videos with your peers and peeps. To bringing all of us more success in all of our endeavors this year, Sex Geek.

What I want to share today is about my tinkerings with Facebook Live and how my first “broadcast” of 2017 landed me a coaching client that very same day.

Facebook Live logo image

The easiest (and also geekiest/most meta) way for me to teach you what I did/am doing is to show you, so I shot a quick, 6-min video…

The Important Take Aways From This Video:

  1. The power and ease of using Facebook Live to reach and engage your audience while you practice the A.B.E. principle (Always Be Educating), helping folks for free as a means of establishing your credibility and humanity while you teach them how to pay you for your services.
  2. Having easy to remember URL links that you can drop into your teaching that direct people to resources which help further help them solve their problems, provide clarity on your existing offerings and services, show them how to book and hire you, and give next steps and “calls to action” to your fans, followers, and potential clients. (Bonus Points: Create these resources so they are easy for folks to share and repost on social media, AND contain links and ways, where appropriate, to allow people to join your mailing lists).
  3. Making content for your fans and followers that is easy for you to create and a breeze to implement/publish because your content falls into your sweet spot – by “sweet spot,” I mean combines your favorite teaching styles with social media that comes easy to you with content and topics that you’re passionate about. Head in the direction of what thrills you and is a breeze for you! That’s your educational sweet spot.

The great thing about “live broadcast” content is the immediacy and flexibility/non-perfectionism of it, which, IMHO, is kind of how sex and intimacy are. No editing. No rehearsal. Often, no frills, too. (Your milage may vary. LOL)

After you watch the video above, I invite you to watch the actual Facebook Live broadcast…

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As with attempting to use any new technology or format, expect to run into all sorts of frustrating learning curves and embarrassing moments of “Akkkkkk! It’s all going horribly wrong!” Expect those moments to happen in real-time while you’re audience is WATCHING IT HAPPEN TO YOU AS IT HAPPENS!

Treasure these moments. Really. I’m serious.

Giggle. Blush. Embrace them, if you can. Why? Because these moments are actually, in my opinion, super useful for building your relationship with your audience. In those unexpected, unplanned, embarrassing moments (of which, real life and real sex are filled with, btw), your audience is learning to trust you even MORE!

The “old school” version of expertise was all polish, perfection, and “don’t let ’em see you sweat.” And guess what? People don’t trust perfection anymore. I’m not saying be intentionally sloppy or to disregard striving for excellence or to make mistakes on purpose as a tactic.

Always strive to provide great value AND authenticity. And just be as much with and in the moment as you can.

You’ll see me realize during my broadcast that my t-shirt lettering is backwards, and I get winded. LOL! Sweat a little. It’s good for your pores AND your career. 😉

Some Quick Advice When Broadcasting Live:

  1. Share with your audience what’s happening as soon as you notice it’s happening
  2. When you don’t know an answer or need help, invite your audience to play detective, if they’d like to. Invite them to contribute any solutions they already know of or can discover (this is slightly different than asking them to do the emotional labor because you can genuinely ask them to participate if they’re a yes, which, for me is a way of modeling checking-in and consent, while also giving folks a way to contribute and tap into their expertise). Thank them when they do!
  3. During the broadcast, don’t be afraid to acknowledge the comments, questions, and people who are showing up – It’s SO MUCH FUN for them when you acknowledge your viewers by name and address their comments and questions!
  4. Mention during your broadcasts that you won’t always be able to answer every question, like every comment, etc. – This is good modeling of expectation setting and will help folks feel seen and appreciated even when you can’t appreciate them directly.

Glitches and learning curves are normal, and also part of the reason why folks love live broadcasts… Remember: most people don’t want you to be perfect. They’re looking for solutions to their challenges, for someone to remind them that they’re not broken, and to be left feeling seen and heard.

If you decide to try Facebook Live this year, remind yourself that 1) you will get better with practice, 2) you’re just role modeling that it’s okay to be human rather than “perfect,” and 3) stay as present and connected as you can (even if that means revealing that you feel lost). And, as you’re probably noticing: these reminders are great lessons for getting better at sex and intimacy!

Oh, and the FB Live broadcast has one of my favorite boundary/teaching tips for when friends and family want FREE COACHING from you – THIS TIP IS WHAT GOT ONE OF THE VIEWERS TO REACH OUT TO ME, which resulted in them wanting to hire me.

To a prosperous, easeful, and nourishing 2017,

Ps. Let me know what you found useful in this post in the comments below, or leave a comment on the FB Live video!

Pps. Want to know how coaching and mentoring work for me? Visit here – www.ReidAboutSex.com/coaching

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