Reid and Allison Moon teach Slut/Slut-Lite at IMsL in San Jose!

by Reid on April 11, 2014

Author Allison Moon & sex educator Reid Mihalko co-teaching in plush chairs on stage with a red velvet curtain behind themLibido May Have Nothing To Do With It…

Join author/sex educator Allison Moon and professional sex geek Reid Mihalko at the International Ms Leather Weekend in San Jose,  CA, this April 24-27th for a weekend full of amazing contests, events and workshops!

From IMsL’s official website,

IMsL Weekend 2014, April 24-27: Cruising, flirting, playing, watching, hot fun, education, connecting, shopping and much more! The weekend starts on Thursday with Seduction, our steamy show to get you going. Friday includes intensive courses all day long, vendor opening, play space opening, judging and the opening ceremonies where you can meet the 2014 Contestants. Saturday we are in full swing with workshops, vending, silent auction and the second half of the contest. Sunday continues with a brunch, poker and Bawdy Storytelling. Throughout the weekend will be hospitality parties such as the queer mixer and hosted parties by clubs and organizations.

Come with friends or fly solo, either way you’ll enjoy lots of mixers and hospitality parties, the attendees are welcoming, and there’s plenty of hot hook up action. If you would feel more comfortable being there and having a job that helps you meet more people, consider volunteering.

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Sun, April 27th, Session 5 (1:00pm — 2:15pm) features Reid and Allison teaching…

Slut and Slut-Lite: Negotiating Healthy Relationships with Disparate Sexual Self-Expressions

There are plenty of challenges being in a relationship with someone who is far sluttier or far less sluttier than you. The slutty one wants to frolic while trying to honor the needs of the not-so-slutty one. The not-so-slutty one may have a hard time figuring out what makes them feel safe at sex-positive events or even “what to do” at such events. The not-so-slutty one may be shamed for not being “as evolved” or sex-positive, while the slutty one, having to deal with society’s judgments may be afraid of facing that same judgment at home. Sound familiar?

Wherever you fall on the “slut-spectrum” you can learn from relationship blackbelts Reid Mihalko (slut) and Allison Moon (slut-lite) as they discuss how to make disparate sexual self-expressions work. In this lively workshop, filled with humor and exercises, Reid and Allison will cover the communication skill sets and damage control devices they apply in their personal relationships that allow each of them the freedom to be exuberantly self-expressed in how they like to love. It’s possible, and it may be easier than you think! Join us!

Location: Monterey Room

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