5-Week Downloadable Workshop Design Class – Pimp My Design!

by Reid on October 18, 2008

Pimp My Design Workshop Design CourseYou can design and be running your own workshop in less than 2-months!

Learn exactly how Reid designs each and every one of his workshops!

Based on the practices that made the communication workshop Cuddle Party an international success, this 5-part, 5-week course will introduce a unique and revolutionary set of concepts and practices for creating your own workshops, allowing you to enroll whole communities of participants, and leave everyone wanting for your next series of workshops and creations!

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Sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko teaching a workshop at Fascinations Adult Boutique in Phoenix, Arizona

In this detailed and valuable course, you will…

  • Learn how Reid designs all of his world famous workshops
  • Learn how to align your creations to your self-expression so your workshops  become effortless to teach and talk about
  • Learn how to distill massive amounts of brainstorming material and ideas into a cohesive, concise, easy to deliver format
  • Use this approach over and over at no additional cost to design workshops for the rest of your life!

 Get it today for $497!

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You get…

  • Five, hour-long call downloads with Reid Mihalko and Marcia Baczynski
  • One comprehensive workbook/manual with 5-separate homework assignments, one for each call!
  • Download links for each call and the manual with each calls’ corresponding worksheets will be automatically emailed to you upon purchase!

Work at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office! Take as long as you need. No need to get overwhelemed, but start today! The world needs you to birth that workshop you’re being called to create!

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Just email him your finished workshop, and call to schedule your free coaching call so you can get Reid’s experienced opinion and advice! What are you waiting for?

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Reid’s More Than Your Money Back Guarentee:
If, when you complete the course, you’re not completely satisfied,
you get your money back and still get your free coaching call!

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