November’s Reid(ing) Is Fundamental Newsletter

by Reid on November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks for Savvy Sex Education!

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

The holidaze are officially upon us! And while I’m surrounded by family members that drive me bonkers at times (yes, even I, the relationship black belt, am not emotionally impervious when it comes to family! LOL), I am reminded as I write this, and oh so greateful, for all the support I’ve gotten this year from YOU!

It’s been a busy, busy month and while I gear up for Black Friday and the holiday specials (see below) I’ll be offering on my products thru the holidays, I’m gonna keep this month’s newsletter short and sweet so you can get back to your friends and family – may they not drive you too crazy!


Much peace and nourishment to you and yours.

Gobble, gobble!!!

Holiday Savings on Savvy Sex Ed…

Receive 25%-off everything of mine that I’ve got for sale on my site, with the exception of coaching, when you use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout!

Naughty, nice… Doesn’t matter! Use the code. Save BIG.

Think you missed a teleclass? Couldn’t find that eCourse you remember me promoting? Do a search on my site for “products” and that should give you a list of everything.

Tell your friends, too, especially if their relationships need saving!

These savings are good till Dec 25th… Ho! Ho! Ho!

Coming Up In January…

I’m busily plotting and calendaring 2011 as we speak! And while there’s lots I can’t “officially” reveal yet (Hint: massive college tour with several of America’s top sex educators…), here’s what I can say:

  • For those of you fellow Sex Educators and Workshop Leaders who might be in the San Francisco/East Bay area in early 2011… I’d add Jan 13-16th to your “Save the Date” lists. Just sayin.’
  • For those of you who’re dying to attend one of my workshops, please let me know where in the country you are just in case I can steer the college tour in your direction to speak at a local, non-University venue. You never know, right? Just send me an email with where you’re at to – type it as you would a regular email (so the Spam-Bots can read and copy it here, fyi).

And, for those of you who loooooove conferences filled with smart, sexy people, or just in case you’re wondering how best to get your sex geek on this coming April, I’d consider checking out D.C.’s Momentum Conference. Why? Well, for one reason, it’s where I’ll be! I’m extremely honored to be appearing along side many of my sex ed heroes on Momentum’s Making Waves In Sexuality keynote panel… Carol Queen, Jenny Block and Ducky DooLittle sitting next to me! Moderated by the amazing Tristan Taormino… How the heck did I get on this invite list!?!

As I said, we’re keeping it short and sweet this month so you can recover from all the food and family! With no further adieu…

This Month in Pictures…

October and November were nearly 8-weeks on the road as I jumped from LA to Seattle to Portland to Oakland to LA to Oakland and finally to Santa Cruz where I finished up my workshop teaching for 2010.

I’m taking December off, so I can get some sleep and count my Frequent Flier Miles!

To view more pictures of what I’ve been up to, consider checking out my Sex Education Photo Album on Facebook!

Me doing my best E.T. impersionation at LA’s The Pleasure Chest with the awesome (and 100% silocone) WetForHer by… WetForHer!

I helped organize as well as MC’d the Sex and Consciousness Educators Conference, which hit Seattle in mid-October, sharing all sorts of knowledge with men and women working in the areas of sex and consciousness education.

The “Income Arousal” Business Track, co-lead by Lawrence Lanoff, Niki Faldemolaei, Crystal Dawn Morris, myself and several others, focused on giving sex-positive professionals and consciousness educators better tools and contexts for “stimulating” their income.

Seattle’s Sex and Consciousness Educators Conference highlighted why and how educators should and can leverage social media to increase their impact (and income).

MC’ing the group thank you to all of our amazing presenters at Seattle’s Sex and Consciousness Educators Conference, which I helped organize. So much fun!

Teaching my popular “The Ins and Outs of Hand-Sex” workshop at Seattle’s Sharma Center…

As the featured guest at Dante’s open mic night in Portland, OR, I taught the crowd my international “Sex Educators’ Gang-Sign” during my 10-minute, Stand-Up Sex Ed routine!

Geeking out with Sex At Dawn author, and fellow sex geek, Christopher Ryan.

Getting my copy of the revelatory Sex At Dawn signed by author Christopher Ryan.

Having a blast teaching “Creating Your Safer-Sex Elevator Speech” at Seattle’s Poly Living Conference.

I was honored to be asked to facilitate 2010’s Poly Leadership Network’s Leadership Summit in Seattle, WA, a gathering of polyamrous/open relationship educators and activists.

I love teaching with props! And “Dildos, Dental Dams and Deep Throating” was made for it. (Thanks go to Chicago’s The Pleasure Chest for letting me raid their shelves in the name of savvy sex ed!)

Chicago’s Sacred Loving Tantra Meetup kicked off our Energetic Sex weekend!

Using a piano (poorly ’cause I never took lessons!) to demonstrate my thoughts on how the Chakra system relates to mastering Sexual Energy.

Chicago’s Energetic Sex 1-Day intensive climaxed on a high note!

On the set of Jaiya Ma’s new project about Energetic Sex sharing my thoughts on how erotic turn-on and sexual energy “work,” and ways you can learn to explore and play with them.

Reid dons his kilt and sporran for the red carpet at the LA Lesbian and Gay Center’s yearly fundraiser gala.

Laughing it up with one of my comedic heroes, comedy legend Lily Tomlin at the LA Lesbian and Gay Center’s yearly gala.

In my Oakland, CA, event space, Fruitopia, filming an interview for a Canadian documentary on polyamory and open relationships.

Teaching “Energetic Sex For Pragmatists” at Good Vibrations, San Fransisco’s premiere adult toy and sex ed store.

EcoSexual activist and sex ed legend Annie Sprinkle dropped to add some sparks to my “Energetic Sex For Pragmatists” at San Fran’s Good Vibrations!

Santa Cruz’ adult store, Pure Pleasure, invited me down to teach my “Negotiating Successful Threesomes” to a standing room only crowd!

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