How To Be a Great Kisser: From Awkward To Wow! [Video]

by Reid on January 15, 2014

kiss male female coupleImprove your Kiss-Ability!

Kissing is the Starting Line for most sexual interaction.

When you’re confident and know how to use your body, how to listen to their body, and are able to tune into the mutual energy between you two, making out becomes it’s own exciting race track of sensuality!

Reid shows you how to use your whole body, and how to tune your energy, to have both you and your partner saying “On your mark. Get set. Go!”

In the video How To Be A Great Kisser: Go From Awkward to “Wow!”, Reid will teach you: 

  • Why your partner’s arms, legs, and hips are untapped resources you can leverage to take kissing to the next level
  • How YOU following your own pleasure can increase THEIR pleasure
  • The three mistakes most people are making that’s turning them into bad kissers
  • Two things you can do to salvage a bad make out session and possibly turn that bad kisser into a GREAT one!
  •  What “Kissing at the Speed of Pleasure” means and how it will increase your “makeout-ability” ten fold!
  • Seven erogenous points you probably never kissed and why you should be kissing them!

Whether you’re a great kisser, don’t know if you are, or have never kissed anyone before, this bonus video will give you new ideas, tips, tactics and tricks to enhance your self-confidence, make you more smooooooooochable, and help you have waaaaay more fun when it comes to dancing face to face!

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