A Summer Camp About Gender? – Gender Camp with Oblio!

by Reid on July 30, 2016

banner A camp that is interested in increasing the outlook of what gender really means!


With Reid Mihalko from http://www.ReidAboutSex.com/ and Oblio from http://www.Gender.camp/.

Reid: Hello everybody, this is Reid Mihalko from http://www.ReidAboutSex.com/ and I’m very excited because I’m recording right now with Oblio. One of the creators and founders of Gender Camp check out at http://www.Gender.camp/ which I have a little url and as I didn’t know we have dot camp option and now I have to reconsider. You know Sex Geek Summer Camp and other ideas where on this. So, thank you, you just win for that. And I myself have been invited to be a part of camp along with Allison Moon and a host of amazing other folks so just give us like tell the world, share your dream and the vision. And thanks for making time for me.

Oblio: Hi Reid. My pleasure. So Gender Camp is gonna be awesome. It’s a collaboration between ideas taking from Network for a New Culture summer camp and Gender Odyssey and kinda smooch them all together to make a whole new brand of awesomeness. So we’re gonna play out in the woods for 6 days and were gonna have you and Allison. We’re gonna have Chucky holding down the temple space, we’re gonna have a forum everyday where people got to show themselves and connect. And there’s a whole brand of connection that can happen when you take in out in the city and into the woods and do that personal work in that community building.

Reid: And I also, coz when we first meet is that same ground. For people, another reason for coordinates, if you are inclined to come to camp I can attest for the camp ground itself  is magical especially the way that you said that take it out into the city and into the woods, sounds a little dirty, sex geeks. But the idea of getting out into nature to just kinda reboot our nervous system and the community building and the amount of brain sex and the geekiness for the crew that you hang out with and roll with. I’m excited just to go and hang out and intellectually feed off of people and just get steep and more upgrade while rebooting, swimming in the trout stream thing and hiking and all of that so.

Oblio: We can make an awesome point, the thing being in the wood and the space, wherever you can swim in, there’s places to hike, there’s you know for folks, this is for everybody who really wants to look out and reconstruct gender as a foundation of how we interact with each other. This is for everybody. And for lots of Tran’s folks and lots for gender to reverse folks, there’s some body stuff in terms of how one could feel comfortable juts like being naked in the woods if you wanna be. Certainly you don’t have to be but if you wanna be there’s a lot of people probably like you and certainly and would be open mind and it’s going to be very freeing to be able to be and to be surrounded by nature and the community that gets it.

Ried: What are, so who I know we say it’s for everybody but I loved asking the question, who is this not for and then for people who are watching who should they be sharing this video with and http://www.Gender.camp/ with?

Oblio: So this camp is for everybody who wants to look at gender as a foundation of how we interact with each other. It’s particular tailored to new wants and needs of people who are trans or gender diverse and certainly not only. And does not even necessarily primarily, it just really with network and new culture and gender odyssey continuing to deconstruct to the ways that gender affect. The way that we see one another and the way that we interact, so it’s for everybody who it’s not for if you’re the partner of Trans or gender diverse and you just kind of discussing their transition or what that means to you just probably isn’t the place for that. If you’re a partner that’s fine but you need to look at yourself and you’re own relationship to gender rather than processing [inaudible 00:04:00].

Reid: This is not a support, while there’s support and acceptance. This is not a support camp, support group for people who are wrestling that their partners maybe deconstructing gender and re assembling it as an active reclamation.

Oblio: Yes. That’s very much true. It’s very much personal and it’s very much deconstructing personal ideas and looking at that but also community building and a community that’s really interested in broadening the perspective of what gender means and how it plays out between us and inside of ourselves.

Reid: Yeah! I’m so excited!  Thank you so much for being one for the all sparks for his particular event and for doing the work that you do and your journey and going onto those into other spaces and grabbing the copying and pasting the tools and the technologies that will allow us to have in the amazing 6 days. And again http://www.Gender.camp/ is where people can go. Thank you so much for making time, Oblio and I will see you soon and ideally this is the first year when we’re recording this video and the intension is that, this is the annual event which is why we didn’t mention dates right now. And again share this with your friends, with your communities, post it on Facebook and Social Media and I will see you very, very soon.

Oblio: Can’t wait.

Reid: Bye.

Oblio: Bye.

Reid: Perfect.

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