2016’s Sex Geek Summer Camp Video Sex Toy Review Contest Winners!

by Reid on September 5, 2016

Montage image of all the YouTube video players for Sex Geek Summer Camp's sex toy video review contest with the camp's circular logo in the middle over top it allAnd The Winners Are…

At Sex Geek Summer Camp , the only 5 day sleep away business retreat for sex educators, we encourage attendees to anchor new ideas, foster teamwork skills, network, and get better at teaching and building a brand/reputation. Why? So sex educators can transform more lives while making a better living and having more fun!

One of the most powerful ways to do this in today’s media driven world is through shooting educational video that allows your audience to get to know you while you empower them. Toy and product reviews can be especially powerful because you can pair savvy skills and expertise with accurate sexual health information while introducing your potential clients to high quality, trusted brands.

Thus, the reason for Camp’s annual video review contest which encourages Campers to shoot product review videos of the amazing S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get) Campers receive from our generous sponsors!

This year’s proud sponsors were NJoy Toys, myLAB Box, Überlube, Sybian, and Good Clean Love

Sex Geek Summer Camp sponsor logos for the 2016 Camp Sponsor Companies: Njoy Toys, Uberlube, my LAB Box, Sybian, and Good Clean Love

By holding our contest, we create playful “competition” that helps promote awareness of healthy pleasure and intimacy while spotlighting some of the best adult brands in our industry. (Contest Rules listed here, in case your the curious type: ReidAboutSex.com/video2win)

This year, we had submissions from educators who’d never shot a review video before in their lives! Woot!

We also had reviews from “old pros” who were experiencing toys and products that were completely new to them!

Below are all the camper videos that were submitted within the contest deadline.

This Year’s Winning Categories Are:

  • “Newbie” Video Reviewer Award
  • Überlube Review Award
  • NJoy Review Award
  • myLAB Box Review Award
  • Sybian Review Award
  • Good Clean Love Review Award
  • Overall Video Review Award

We’ve listed the winning category videos first. The rest of the submitted contest videos appear after in random order.

Congrats to our Campers! And much gratitude to our sponsors for supporting sex educators and helping make Sex Geek Summer Camp possible.



“Newbie” Video Reviewer Award –
Pug & Skirt with NJoy’s Pure Wand

Überlube Review Award –
Dance Naked Productions

NJoy Review Award –
Energy Sexuality Insider

myLAB Box Review Award –

Sybian Review Award –
SOS Desires & Sex Coach Nikki

Good Clean Love Review Award –
Christine Dickinson

But Not

Best Overall Video Review Award

Good Clean Love Review with Wetlandia.com  

Sybian Review with Goddess Cecilia



Good Clean Love with Pug & Skirt

myLAB Box with Jimanekia

myLAB Box with Christine Dickinson

Sybian with Dance Naked Productions

Good Clean Love with Goddess Cecilia

myLAB Box with Libido Talk

NJoy Pure Wand and Fun Wand with Wetlandia.com

NJoy with Skirt & Pug

Überlube with Goddess Cecilia

Sybian with Wetlandia.com

Good Clean Love with Skirt & Pug

NJoy with Dance Naked Productions

Überlube with Wetlandia.com

NJoy Pure Wand with Christine Dickinson

Sybian with SOS Desires

Good Clean Love with Christine Dickinson

NJoy Pure Wand with Wetlandia.com

Überlube with Christine Dickinson

NJoy Fun Wand with Wetlandia.com,/h2>

Logo for sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko's Sex Geek Summer Camp: a canoe with Hitachi Magic Wand vibrators for paddles and the words "Sex Geek Summer Camp" in wooden log letter font and SexGeekSummercamp.com all in white on a forest green background and "EST. 2014" across the canoe

Congratulations to all the Campers, Our Sponsors,
And Thank YOU For Taking Action!

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