Sexual Freedom

Is Sexual Freedom About “Whoring” Around?

Do you have to have a lot of sex to have sexual freedom?     With Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from Cathy: Someone wrote in and said that freedom wasn’t about whoring around and they felt kinda offended that we’re talking about people having.. Reid: Ethical monogamy? Which to them is […]

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And The Winners Are… 2016’s 3rd Annual Camp/Woodhull Sexual Freedom Contest Winners (and Runners-Up!)

2016’s Sexual Freedom Video and Blog Scholarship Winners (and Runners-Up) are…. We held a contest to promote Sexual Freedom, the Woodhull Alliance’s Sexual Freedom Summit and Sex Geek Summer Camp. Why? So we could celebrate, not just America’s upcoming Independence Day this 4th of July, but the idea of sexual freedom as a basic human […]

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