The Energetics of Sexual Ecstasy, Part 3, Playday Lab in Escondido, CA!

by Reid on June 28, 2012

Sex and relation expert Reid Mihalko demonstrating Energetic Sex techniques of moving sexual energy on co=teacher Monique DarlingYou took Parts 1 and 2 AND 3… Now let’s REALLY play!

For those of you who have taken Parts 1 and 2 and are eagerly looking forward to Part 3, Monique and I are also offering you a completely experiential “lab” day for you to “free style” and do your own energetic Research & Development with the two of us on hand to offer suggestions and adjustments! This day is for YOU to create, to explore, to dive deep, to ask questions while you are trying out and putting to use all of the tips, tricks and techniques you have been learning.

You MUST have come to parts 1,2,3 to partcipate in the Playday Lab.

Some area’s we will encourage you to try and lightly facilitate you through are:

  • Helping you be more in tune with your lover during sex
  • Giving you ways to integrate your “woo woo” with practical and pragmatic ways to mix your passion and your knowledge into your bedroom activities
  • Masterfully guiding you on a journey toward deeper pleasure and delight
  • Group energetic meditation in the swimming pool, which is clothing optional, so please bring a bathing suit if you desire to wear one!

Regardless of what belief system you subscribe to, our bodies are giving off signals, an these cues and clues can be read and tracked with practice, especially during sex! And in a world as uptight about sex and intimacy as ours, engaging these subtle and powerful energies and learning how to interact with them can transform people’s relationships to themselves and to each other.

As you practice and get more hands on experience with your partner/s you will begin to intensify your sensitivity and your ability to follow the moving of your partners’ sexual energy, learning how you can be completely in touch with the movement and vibrations of your partner’s arousal.

This experiential day is for those of you who learn by doing. The only limits as to what you can discover about you and your partners energetic ecstasy are those in which you put there. Let go play, discover, uncover, and dare to see how much pleasure you can really allow yourself. While having Reid and I there for back up, to amp things up, cool things off, allow you to let your “kite” truly soar, knowing we are there to help reel you in.

Where: Pu’uhonua event space Escondido, CA – address upon registration
When: Sunday July 29th 12:00pm-6:00pm
Cost: $69

If this sounds like a day of heaven to you grab your ticket right now as it is sure to sell out!

Remember, you must have taken Part 1, 2, and 3 to participate in this Lab day.

You can sign up and register for catch up parts 1 and 2 here

and for part 3 here

Group photo of sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko and Monique Darling's Energetic Sex workshop intensive The Energetics of Sexual Ecstasy

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