Robyn Trask joins Poly-Curious 101’s Call #2!

  Poly expert and publisher of Loving More magazine, Robyn Trask joins LiYana Silver and Reid Mihalko November 10th to lend her expertise, input and insight on open relationships to Poly-Curious 101’s Call #2 (Starting a Polyamorous Relationship). Register for all three calls and join Tristan Taormino, the author of Opening Up, on Nov 3rd […]

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Poly-Curious 101: Understanding Non-Monogamy eCourse

Learn about Open Relationships from 5 of the Best of the Best in Polyamory! Listen to over four and a half hours of tips, tools, tricks, resources and advice from five of the world’s greatest experts on non-monogamy! Read the 44-page workbook compendium of notes, resources, and exercises to help you hone your polyamory skills! […]

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