Sex Geek Summer Camp 2015 Videos with Handouts

by Reid on November 26, 2015

Sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko teaching in a geodesic dome in front of dry erase boards and an audience at Sex Geek Summer Camp in 2014Access The Vault: The Next Best Thing To Being At Sex Geek Summer Camp!                                                     

  • Couldn’t make it to camp, and wish there was a way to get all the info?
  • Looking for solutions on how to make a career out of being a sex educator?
  • Made it to Camp, but was having so much fun swimming in the creek that you missed a few important talks?

You’re in the right place, ’cause we’re opening up Camp’s Video Vault just for YOU!

If you want Reid’s voice in your ears, reminding you how to take the next step, or how to tune your career to your passion… If you want to re-watch every talk, and have life-time access to the bragging rights: “This one time, at Sex Geek Summer Camp…”

Camp Video Vault 2015 Includes:

  • All 5 Days of  Camp’s Lectures (with the breaks and “take 3-minutes to write your answers now” edited out so you can learn, learn, learn!)
  • All of 2015’s Camp handouts and worksheets ready for you to download!
  • Lectures from Special Guest Sex Geeks: Ignacio Rivera, Cathy Vartuli, Rick Wilkes, Daniel Ray, the amazing feminists of Self Serve Toys, and more!
  • 24/7/365 Lifetime Access
  • Unlimited bragging rights! 🙂

Learn the best concepts from Sex Geek Summer Camp from the comfort of your couch! Now’s the time!

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Comes with Reid’s No-Risk 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Watch the Videos for a Month, and If Aren’t Getting Your Money’s Worth, Just Ask For Your Money Back.
It’s as Easy as That! Seriously. No Problemo. 

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