Sex Geek Conservatory – 3 Day Presentation Skills Immersion for Sex Educators

Sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko of about to lecture to 500 college students on rape culture, consent, and healthy sexual relationships at Brock University

Are You Ready To Ditch Stage Fright, Unlock Your Authentic Teaching Style, and Rock From Stage?

3 Days Working on Your Speaking Skills Can Change the Trajectory of Your Career…

Overcome your “stage fright” and tap into your authentic teaching style to become a more engaging, charismatic, trustworthy presenter and public speaker!

Feel more self-confident teaching in front of small and large groups… On camera or Zoom… Giving 1-on-1 interviews and leading coaching sessions…

And earn the respect of your peers by learning how to weave advanced teaching techniques with powerful performance skills… Increase your professionalism, prowess, and potential as a sex educator!

Banner logo for sex educator Reid Mihalko of's 3 day public speaking retreat called Sex Geek Conservatory with the tag line "Treat Teaching Like The Art That It Is and Make Pubic Speaking Fear YOU."
  • Have you ever lain awake at 3 am wondering if anyone would ever hire you?
  • Do you wonder if you missed out when they were passing out charisma and self-confidence (and worry that you got extra doses of stage fright and imposter syndrome instead!)?
  • Do you fear that teaching opportunities and invites to be on television and podcasts are going to educators who’re more confident and skilled at public speaking?

You are not alone!

Nearly all sex educators share or have shared your worries (myself included!), and Sex Geek Conservatory is here to help you turn the volume down on your insecurities while cranking up your abilities to rock everything from podcast interviews to large speaking engagements!

Sex Geek Conservatory Is 3-Days Where YOU Can Start To…..

Become the Educator Someone Wants To Hire…

Powerful speaking skills and an engaging stage presence not only makes you more marketable, it makes teaching more FUN! Increase your professionalism, prowess, and potential to earn money as a sex-positive educator by investing in yourself, your skills, and your career…

Overcome Your “Stage Fright” and Tap Into Your Authentic Teaching Style…

Become a more engaging, charismatic, trustworthy presenter and public speaker! Feel more self-confident teaching in front of small and large groups… On camera or Skype… Giving 1-on-1 interviews and leading coaching sessions… 

Deepen Professional Relationships While Honing Your Skills!

Make new friends and business connections. Earn the respect of your peers by learning how to weave advanced teaching techniques with powerful performance skills!

Montage of sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko of appearing on the Netflix show "Chelsea Does..." with Chelsea Handler

My name is Reid Mihalko and I want to teach you the speaking skills that landed me the gig teaching alongside Chelsea Handler on Netflix’ Chelsea Does…

Let me help you learn these skills, Or Your Money Back

Get Your Ticket To Sex Geek Conservatory
(Limited to the First 20 People)

Sex Geek Conservatory is for YOU if you’re ready to:

  • Be a thrilling presenter and sex educator from stage, in a room, during an interview, or on camera.
  • To be able to inspire an audience, a group, or a single client, and…
  • Change their perspectives, their relationships, and their lives!
  • Feel authentic, self-expressed, and downright GREAT whenever you teach!

Being a mesmerizing and engaging teacher who has great advice is one of the easiest ways to build a “word of mouth” reputation where people naturally want to share, post, Like, and tell others about your work. It’s the sex educators and speakers who have “word of mouth” reputations turbo charging their careers that get invited to speak, get hired, and are in demand.

And here’s the best part…
YOU can build a “word of mouth” reputation, too!

Despite what you may think, nearly all of these speakers weren’t born with charisma, charm, and inspiring swagger they exhibit on stage… They had to tap into it, hone and craft it, and exercise their “speaking muscles” until it became second nature…

While I was always this “dorky,” I wasn’t always this confident and self-possessed on stage. In fact, I was the fat, awkward 7th grader who wore the rainbow, Mork And Mindy suspenders and thought “Do you want to play Connect Four?” was an adequate pickup line. And today, I have the great honor of having had over 50,000 men and women attend my workshops and lectures. I get invited to speak on college campuses, teach at international retreats, share my wisdom at professional conferences. My YouTube channel has nearly 2million views and , and I’ve appeared on television shows, radio, and podcasts in nearly every continent on the planet.

Our America host Lisa Ling on a documentary set interviewing sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko of
Emmy nominated journalist Lisa Ling interviewing Reid 1-on-1 for Oprah’s “Our America” on OWN.

I went from clumsy 7th grader to “America’s favorite sex geek,” and I believe you can create your own version of this journey for your career. In fact, I’m so certain of it, I’m willing to guarantee it.

Being an engaging speaker is simpler than you think. In fact, it’s shockingly within your grasp… Yes, it will take work and won’t happen overnight, but YOU can tap into powers of presentation and teaching that you may not think you possess! And YOU can learn to do it in a way that is authentic and true to who YOU are so you can bring it forth easily over and over again. I can’t wait!

In this 3-day intensive, I’ll be teaching you the 5 Secrets To Being In Demand, how to discover and unleash your personal voice and authentic expression so that, whenever you teach, you leave an impression that touches, connects, and moves your audiences and helps them anchor your teachings and transform their lives.

This exclusive, small group, 3-Day, interactive, “feet-on-the-stage” and “mic-in-your-hand” deep immersion is like nothing you’ve experienced before.

As far as I know, nothing like this exists in the sex educator community.

I’m not going to teach you a bunch of public speaking mannerisms and cookie-cutter vocal technique approaches. Those just leave people yawning, bored, and looking at their iPhones. This also isn’t an NLP course or “train the trainer” program where you’ll learn a bunch of tactics and strategies that ultimately leave your participants feelings manipulated, distrusting of you, and ruin your reputation.

Sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko of sitting on a dark stage in a dark suit and blue shirt speaking to a full house at a MindshareLA event

I’m talking about tapping into your authentic self-expression as a teacher, plugging it into your passionate purpose, and combining it with your expertise so you can harness all of who you are when you speak.

This approach will allow you to overcome “stage fright” and the fear of public speaking while simultaneously building trust and connection with your audiences.

This 3-day intensive isn’t for slackers. Only apply if you’re serious about empowering others and making the world a more pleasure-positive place.

We’ll be digging deep within your being and who YOU are as a teacher and a human being to find the gold that leaps out of you and touches people’s hearts. And then I’ll show you how to deliver that gold in a self-expressed and congruent way that will naturally give you confidence, charisma, and have your audiences inspired to take action.

You’ll learn, anchor, and integrate teaching and performance skills that will catapult your speaking skills and stage presence to the next level!

AND I’ll be inviting you to some “pre-work” webinars and short videos before Conservatory even happens to prime the pump and get things percolating, so when you come to Conservatory, the information and our time together will unfold powerfully!

I’m so excited to help you with this.

Sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko of making a silly face while taking a selfie of the Lynchburg College auditorium's packed house of cheering students before his sexual assault prevention talk entitled "How To Be a Gentleman and Still Get Laid."

Envision yourself on stage, people leaping to their feet, cheering you on as your words and mannerisms convey your message and deliver the impact and the difference your followers have been craving for all their lives!

You can be THAT kind of educator.

Imagine the respect your family, peers, and loved ones will have for you when they witness and interact with you from your place of authentic expression that fuels your calling and career…

How would THAT feel, waking up every day with that kind of ease, alignment, and presence?

You deserve this, your career deserves this, and the world desperately needs your voice!

I’ve helped people go from wall-flowers who could barely say hi to getting multiple standing ovations in front of 700 people. Imagine what I can help YOU do with your passion and your voice!

Wherever you are, whether you want to stop dreading talking in front of a group or raise an auditorium of people to their feet, cheering, I’m going to tune you in and turn you on!

Access the latest recordings from Sex Geek Conservatory so you can start upping your game today, AND secure your seat to the next scheduled Conservatory (limited to the first 20 people). Start today and discover the skills and ability to unleash yourself in a way that opens hearts, inspires growth, builds a bankable reputation, and brings the crowds to their feet.

What Sex Geek Conservatory Alumni are Saying…

Headshot of Jimanekia Eborn
Jimanekia Eborn, creator of TraumaQueen.Love podcast

“As someone that was newly budding into a new career and getting over the ever-present impostor syndrome, Sex Geek Conservatory came at the right time in my life. I was able to walk away with skills and confidence that I do not know I would have gotten if I had done it another way. The pushing and support (in a loving way) was what I needed. As someone whom people assume is an extrovert who is TOTALLY NOT! This was a great way for me to practice how to give talks, how to create pitches, and how to just talk in front of strangers without wanting to run away.

Since doing Conservatory I have created my own podcast series, I have spoken at numerous colleges, I have keynoted conferences and spoken at some of the best of them. Overall Conservatory was uber helpful in getting my skill set together to be able to do all the things.”

~Jimanekia Eborn
Consultant, Host of Trauma Queen podcast and
Director of Education for More than “No”

Cathy of sitting on a stage holding a microphone, speaking, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans, gesturing with her left hand.
Cathy of

“I’ve always been super shy. Insomnia for nights before a presentation in front of 5 people, and my hand shaking so badly the laser pointer made people nauseous level of scared. I tried Xanax, positive self-talk, and therapy. Nothing helped the raw panic and anxiety I experienced when I spoke publicly. The study that said people would rather face divorce or death than public speaking could have been about me!

Working with Reid helped me get in touch with being in service when I shared, and the message meaning more to me than my fear. He also guided me into connecting my body and energy to my voice so my words had more impact and power.

Being part of Sex Geek Conservatory, and seeing that other people struggled too, and learning skills to improve the way we reached people made a huge difference for me. I’ve had standing ovations in front of 700 people, and at 4 Bawdy Storytelling Shows. I know my words are able to reach people more deeply and hopefully inspire them at a more profound level, whether I’m sharing ideas at Sex Geek Summer Camp or at a workshop. Conservatory is amazing. The people, the skills, and Reid’s unique approach to finding each individual’s power center made a tremendous difference that will last the rest of my life.”

~ Cathy from

Image of Hunter Riley taking a selfie at the Coalition to Stope Violence Against Native Women event, holding up a sign that says "Survival sex work is not a crime!"
Hunter Riley of

“Sex Geek Conservatory helped me identify the areas of public speaking where I needed some attention and improvement. It also gave me several opportunities to workshop those skills and get better. I noticed a significant increase in positive feedback from my public speaking & teaching gigs after participating in Conservatory. Now I get regular comments of people saying that my teaching & speaking style is engaging, effective and leaves them feeling comfortable participating in my workshops & events.”

~Hunter Riley, Director of Education & Outreach 
Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center
Albuquerque, NM


Conservatory Comes with Reid’s

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 7.18.55 PM

Reid’s Double-Tap Guarantee

Why? Because I Care Twice As Much.  

Guarantee #1: My Standard, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – So long as it’s within 30 days of you registering for Conservatory, take action right now and Register with absolutely no risk! How’s that possible? Because you’ve automatically got an entire month to ask for your money back and get it refunded, no questions asked. If you’re registering for Conservatory “last minute,” meaning inside of 30-days ’til the event, then I still got’cha covered!*

*See my “Reid Won’t Waste My Time” Guarantee below…

Guarantee #2: My Special, “Reid Won’t Waste My Time” Satisfaction Guarantee – I know your time and focus are extremely valuable! I promise not to waste your time and am prepared to back it up! How? If you attend and participate in all 3 days of Sex Geek Conservatory’s lectures and activities and you feel that you’ve learned absolutely nothing and that I’ve completely wasted your time, let me or my staff know with integrity, “Reid, you wasted my time and I didn’t learn anything. I’d like a refund,” and we’ll refund your tuition price IN FULL!

This is how much I believe in Sex Geek Conservatory, and how much I believe in YOU!

The skills, understandings, connections and experience you’ll gain in these 3 days will last a lifetime, positively affect your career as a sex educator, and flow into how you look and think about teaching & the business behind the business of sex education.

What is the value of such a transformation? Priceless. You bring your courage, your passion, and your drive to make a difference, and I’ll help you unleash your power! I guarantee it or your money back.

The Reid Won’t Waste My Time Satisfaction Guarantee does not include your travel costs, your accommodations, and food. You will be required to return all Conservatory course materials, your notes, and all S.W.A.G.

What happens if I’m not one of the first 20 people, Reid, and Conservatory is sold out? Great question! Once our upcoming IN-PERSON Conservatory fills up, new purchasers will be put on a waitlist and notified. You can let us know if you want to remain on the waitlist in case there’s a cancelation, or you can ask for a refund. If you wish to remain on the waitlist, your refund period will be extended until the event in hopes you can join us. If you can’t join us, you will have the choice to be refunded or roll your ticket over to the next Conservatory (so you don’t get shut out again!). Either way, you have choice.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to join us! Let’s do this…

I’m Ready To Register!

Click the Tuition Payment Option Best for You…
Need to request financial assistance?
Apply for a Discounted Ticket or Scholarship HERE.

snapshot (4)

Over 3 days, I’ll guide you to discovering that inner power and expression and help you bring it out where it can make a difference.

BONUS: You’ll get access to the “What Next?” group call recording that happened after Conservatory to help you tune into your next best steps. The call will give you a chance to listen in on the mentoring and advice on what to do next (and, if you’re like me, hearing the advice and brainstorming for others’ situations often helps me see – and seize! – opportunities that I couldn’t spot on my own!). This valuable post-Conservatory call recording lasted as long as everyone had questions! You will have lifetime access to the recording so you can pour over the geekery again and again.

SECOND BONUS: Finally, you’ll also be invited to my exclusive Getting Started Speaking And Getting Booked webinar showing you how to get started speaking in front of groups and getting gigs!

THIRD BONUS (to the first 20 people who register): Be one of the first 20 people registered to attend the LIVE Sex Geek Conservatory event, and get a video recording of your “formal practice run” on stage at Sex Geek Conservatory, which will include the live feedback and suggestions! This is a priceless way to see yourself from the outside and clarify your message and your self-expression to make the biggest impact.

If you’re ready and passionate about your speaking skills, let’s do this now!

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Montage of Reid's television appearances - teaching with Chelsea on Netflix, Lisa Ling interview, on CBS' The Doctors

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the next Sex Geek Conservatory: Nov 17-19th, 2023.

Where is Sex Geek Conservatory: Gresham, Oregon — Just 30-mins from Downtown Portland and 27-mins from PDX International Airport. The exact address will be sent to you after registering.

What should I wear? Comfortable clothes, we’ll be doing movement exercises, and we want you to be comfortable. You may choose to bring an outfit that you would wear on stage to use for your “formal practice run” since people are contextual learners. And bring a sweater and fuzzy socks if you get cold easily!

Are food and lodging included? No. You are responsible for your own travel, meals, and lodging. Feel free to bring snacks and beverages to consume during classes and lunch. The venue has an extra fridge just for workshop attendees. You’re welcome to bring your own food and eat lunch at the venue or head to one of Gresham’s many nearby restaurants.

Where should I stay? The event is being held in a private residence. Once you’re registered, you will have access to a list of recommended hotels that previous Sex Geeks have stayed at and loved. You’ll also be introduced to the other registered attendees and be able to ask if anyone would like to go in on sharing accommodations. Portland and Gresham also have plenty of options, as well as reaching out to other Portland-based Sex Geeks who might have a place to crash and willingness to host you!

Where do I eat? After you register, you’ll get access to a list of nearby restaurants on the private attendee event FAQ, which will be chocked full of more details.

What is Conservatory’s service animals policy? Animals that fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) definition of a service animal are allowed at this year’s Conservatory venue. We endeavor to make Conservatory as inclusive and accessible as possible. Please let us know in advance so we can properly plan. In general, for all of the events I personally organize and run, depending on the policies of the venue and the needs of attendees, when and if I can, there may be service animals at my events. If there are allergies that can’t be dealt with by taking allergy medicine, or other issues or concerns, please contact me at Here is Camp’s Accessibility Policy (which I am applying to Conservatory).

What will you cover? I’ll be teaching you proven methods to authentically find your core passion and share it dynamically and in self-expressed ways from stage. You won’t be a cookie-cutter version of me or anyone else.

Will I be on stage at the event? Yes. And it will be far easier and more fun than you’ve ever imagined it could be. We’ll do baby steps to gradually anchor your confidence and your congruent expression that will leave you feeling empowered and amazing!

Sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko in a blue, button up shirt, sitting on an auditorium stage with hand held mic and note cards, lecturing with a slide show on the projector screen behind him

You said I’d be videotaped on stage? Who will see it? After Conservatory, you’ll be given a video recording of your “informal practice run” and if applicable, possibly some earlier practice runs. These will be delivered digitally to you and are for your own use. You can post them, share them, or just watch them yourself for insight into how you move, speak, and how you deliver information and your energy. The event will also be video recorded, and footage may be used by Reid and ReidAboutSex for advertising and products.

What’s the evening schedule for Conservatory? After class “lets out”,your dinner and evenings are entirely up to you! Portland is only 30-mins away and has a vibrant Sex Geek and kink/BDSM nightlife scene, as well as kick-ass food and drink, etc. Portland, believe it or not, even has a vegan strip club! Do some research and make the most of your time in Portlandia!

I hear Conservatory has two money-back guarantees. Is that true? There are two guarantees for this event. Guarantee #1: Reid’s standard 30-day, money-back guarantee. All purchases for Reid’s events and programs allow for you to ask for a refund – no questions asked – within 30 days of purchase. The exception to this rule: If you register for Conservatory last minute, meaning inside of the 30-day window, there will be no refunds that close to the start of the event since the refund window can’t apply. Guarantee #2: Reid’s special, event satisfaction guarantee — if you attend and participate in all three days and don’t feel that you’ve learned anything, let Reid or his support staff know at the conclusion of the event, and Reid will happily refund your ticket price. This guarantee is only available for those who attend the whole event and ask for a refund before leaving the event.

What if I find out I can’t attend? Tickets are transferable once (1x) with no penalty, up to the week before the event to give everyone time for the transferee to fill out their training intake application and for it to be accepted. More than one transfer will incur a $35 transfer fee. There are no refunds after the 30-day guarantee window, or within 30 days of the event. You are also allowed to roll over your ticket to the next training at Reid’s discretion. In cases of documented medical emergencies, contact and we’ll see what options we can co-create.

Are you promising I can make a living by being on stage? No. Just like anything, you’ll have to do the work to succeed. I can’t promise any particular financial return. I can promise that I’ll show you and help you integrate techniques that if you use them will boost your charisma and make your speaking style and energy far more effective and natural to who you are.

What if I’m terrified of speaking in front of people? It is ok. I can help. One of my students (before I worked with her on this) spent 24 hours curled up in a fetal position before her first talk in front of 12 people, where she stuttered and had trouble meeting anyone’s eyes. She’s now spoken happily and enthusiastically in front of 700 people and got two standing ovations, and is regularly invited to speak at national conventions and meetings.

What if I’m already comfortable speaking in front of people? Great! Congratulations! Are you ready to dig deeper and get more authentic and vulnerable? I promise I can challenge you as far as you want to go. Are you ready to touch people so deeply they jump to their feet to applaud your wisdom and then take that wisdom and create lasting change in their lives? I can take you there.

Isn’t that a lot to promise? Yes. And I’m committed to going as deep as you’re ready to. This is not your Mother’s Toastmasters or even the Toastmasters of today (Nothing against them, great organization). I’m going to have you delve into your soul and the reasons you do this work, and help you find authentic, inspiring ways to share the gems you normally hide. We’re going to walk towards the scary things, together, and start sharing the facets of yourself you’ve never thought you could as a teacher and speaker. All in a supportive and compassionate environment. It’s a lot of work and a lot of courage, and infinitely worth the effort.

Portland, Oregon, USA skyline at dusk with Mt. Hood in the distance and "Come To Portland, OR" in white letters in the corner

I realize that classes end most nights at 6pm. Will there be any evening programming? Not exactly, meaning, I won’t be in charge of evening entertainment and activities. However, Portland has a thriving sex education and kink/BDSM scene, the amazing adult boutique SheBop, plus lots and lots of other awesome events going all the time, AND amazing food and drink! Feel free to take full advantage of everything Portland has to offer you while you’re here! And feel free to invite the other Conservatory attendees to join you!

Can’t wait to see you at Sex Geek Conservatory!


Need to request financial assistance?
Apply for a Discounted Ticket or Scholarship HERE.

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