Reid Appearing In Special “Sex Geek Secrets” Bawdy Event in LA, June 27th!

by Reid on April 23, 2013

Reid Mihalko on his knees begging the audience while he tells a story about meeting swingers at a resort in JamicaTalk Nerdy To Me… And Make It Dirrrrrrty…

You’ve been asking for some Uber-Geeky sex stories, and it’s always fascinating to watch known entities share their sex lives firsthand. Don’t forget: all these tales are TRUE! And the geek factor will be high!

This all-curated event features a crew of well-known Nerds sharing their intimate adventures for your edutainment. You’ll learn new tricks for your bedroom arsenal, we promise!

The theme…

Bawdy’s ‘Sex Geek Secrets’

Performers include:
– sex blogger Sex Nerd Sandra
– Sex educator & Role Model Reid Mihalko
– Physicist & Pornstar Ned Mayhem
– Music by Windows to Sky
– Way more storytellers to come!

Date: Thurs, June 27th
Time: Doors @ 7PM, Stories at 8PM
Where: Busby’s East5364 Wilshire Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90036
Cost: $12 in Advance, $15 at the door!

This is a BIG event ’cause our pal, Sex Nerd Sandra, is making this geeky night of dirty tales a part of her 100th podcast on the Nerdist Podcasting network!

From Bawdy Storytelling’s website: Hey smarty, wanna party? If you’re finding yourself drawn to that professorial pin-up boy, Dr. Stephen Hawking; if you do the Sunday Times crossword in pen, or have impure thoughts about what you could do with a retro-fitted Large Hadron Collider (the “largest Fleshlightâ„¢ in the world!”), then this is the evening for you. On June 27th, Bawdy will be part of Sex Nerd Sandra’s 100th podcast on the network, and together we’re creating an event dedicated to those size queens who salivate at the flash of a MENSA membership card, rather than a massive package. I mean, naughty bits are awesome but we say: show us your naked BRAIN!

Bawdy Storytelling- the girl who wants to put her Heidegger in your Derrida – presents an evening of real world Einsteins with big libidos and even bigger IQs. Our handpicked line-up of pervy brainiacs will put down their copy of Kant’s “Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals,” put their pants back on, & spend a Thursday night telling you true stories that illustrate where their ‘intellect’ and ‘sex drive’ Venn diagrams intersect. Those nerds on “The Big Bang Theory” have no idea what a really big bang is about, do they? Join us on June 27th at Busby’s East and let’s celebrate the cerebellum, Bawdy style!

Tickets $12 in Advance at
$15 at the Door
(Buy you tickets now! Holy Handjob, y’all: you wouldn’t believe the Pervert Rockstars I’m talking to)

RSVP on Facebook/share the invite with your friends/see who’s going at

Keep up with storyteller additions on the fly at

Join Bawdy’s FetLife group at

This special event will be held at Busby’s East in their Mile High Club (go wild with that, we did). And hey, even though we have more space for this one, we know these tickets will sell out fast so please buy yours online soon. We know you’ll want to be there to hear some diehard Bawdy Faves and Choice New Meat, all sharing their true Nerdy and Perverted TalesMiss this one and your friends will never let you live it down.
See you on June 27th, & stay tuned for more Sexual SuperStar updates!

Dixie De La Tour
Twitter: @Bawdy
“The Moth for Pervs” – LA Weekly
America’s Original Sex+Storytelling series featuring Real People & Rockstars sharing their Bona Fide Sexual Adventures
Winner of the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay Award
“Dixie De La Tour’s scandalous, over-the-top Bawdy Storytelling series” – SF Weekly

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