Reid Appearing at Poly Palooza 2013, Desert Hotsprings CA, Oct 10-14th!

by Reid on July 24, 2013

Poly PaloozaTop 10 Reasons to go to a 4-day festival for free lovers: POLY PALOOZA!

Want to experiment in community, connection and compersion?

Poly Palooza is an advanced 4-day community building and educational festival focusing on non-monogamy happening in Desert Hotsprings, California, with Kamala Devi and nearly all her lovers on Oct. 10-14th 2013.

From Kamala Devi, Poly Palooza’s creatrix… Here are the top 10 reasons WHY free lovers don’t want to miss the opportunity to immerse themselves in such an intensive sex positive celebration of Non-Monogamy…


The entire San Diego cast of Showtime’s hit docu-series: Polyamory: Married & Dating will be there soaking, dancing, studying, eating, sleeping and playing together! (OK They may not be that famous, but they do ‘get around’ in the Poly world.) Where else can you access such intimate connections with people that have mad experience successfully navigating complex poly relationships. There will be dozens of role models and mentors who are eager to play with you!


Emotionally and physically. We are doing a Total Resort take-over so that we can soak nude in the mineral spring water pools! Sun decks and event rooms are a clothing optional environments. Since this is not normally a nudist resort, we will be closing it off to the public. We still suggest you cover yourself while walking to and from the pools, because there will still be hotel staff on the premises. All overtly sexual play is reserved for the sacred sexual play parties, Red Room of Pleasure and/or your private room.


San Diego Tantra Theater will be putting on a live Polyamory performance art. We use song, dance, comedy and improv to entertain and enlighten you. This troupe is made up of artists, healers and teachers whose mission is to transmute sexual guilt, fear and shame into art, healing and liberation. And after an engaging journey we will open the stage for a community talent show!


Delicious hot and healthy Vegetarian meals will be fully catered. This is a luxury dining experience with an abundance of plant based protein. “The Wave” restaurant and bar will be catering an in-house vegetarian buffet which can be eaten in the lounge or by the pool. There are also Vegan and Gluten free diet options! If you are addicted to meat, you are welcome to bring your own supplimentary animal protein such as cold cuts and Jerky, but in past retreats many students appreciated the opportunity to “cleanse” and experience the energetic clarity that comes with a few days without meat.


Free lovers will get high level support from a variety of love leaders who are qualified to work on your most difficult relationship issues. We have dozens of designated listeners who will help you release limiting beliefs, whether that is in a group process or a private conversation by the pool or over a meal, you are encouraged to transform potential break-downs into break-throughs!


We will have a special spa suite for free lovers dedicated to sacred sexuality which will be open 24 hours and hosted by Goddess Keli Lalita. The playroom is called “The Red Room of Pleasure” but it is also known as the orgasm room. For those who don’t want to play in the splash zone and prefer a shallow end, we will be offering a more meditative community playroom called the “White Temple of Tantra” where there will be healing, massage and chanting.


Did you know that Kamala Devi’s super sexy girlfriend Roxanne is a master yoga instructor and will be offering Naked Yoga. That’s right. It’s daily and optional. Come sweat, stretch and heal the body in its most natural state. This has been the highlight of many retreats…and if you want to sleep in, but don’t want to miss seeing Roxy’s naked bootie, she will be performing an unforgettable public lap dance during the opening assembly!


Poly Palooza is a safe place for free lovers to experiment with group Play, even if you’ve never experienced any kind of group sex before. Reid Mihalko will be co-creating a sweet sensual laboratory for you to practice expressing what feels good and what doesn’t, asking to get your needs met, setting boundaries, and perhaps even overcoming rejection! event where you can practice flirting, touching, massaging, running sexual energy, while laughing, crying or sharing anything else spontaneously arises. It’s a drug and alcohol-free party where we can relax and connect with like-minded people. Singles, married couples of any race. This is a sober event and all levels of experience and sexual orientations are welcome.


Since Poly Palooza 2013 will be a wild fun whirlwind, we don’t really know what is going to happen, but one thing is certain: you will connect with a world wide tribe of love leaders! You may meet new friends, soul mates or friends with bennies. Whether you come alone or with your lovers, you are guaranteed to leave with deep bonds that will last a lifetime.

And the #1 reason to go to Poly Palooza… (drum roll…)


You will be so deeply immersed in a utopic experience of love that you will forever change the fibers of your being. We will support you in creating a daily practice so that when you go home you can keep your heart open in any and all circumstances. This event will not only change your personal love-life, but influence the future of humanity!

This event will sell out, and since special room upgrades are limited, get your ticket now go to:

DATE: Mon, October 10 – October 14th
TIME: Starting Thursday October 10th @ 4pm
WHERE: Desert Hot Springs (near Palm Springs, CA)
Cost: $897 Per Person – Buy tix in advance to guarantee your room!
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