How Do You Know What To Charge As a Sex Educator?

by Reid on May 17, 2015

Ever feel confused about pricing?

How do you set the price for your product or service that compensates you for your time and expertise (expertise earned via all the training and experience you’ve amassed)… AND how do you help people see the value and worth in what you’re offering so that you can make a living transforming lives?

If you charge an amount that’s too high, people shrug and go away…
Too low, and they may think what you’re offering isn’t valuable information…

How do you position your products and services so people know that your information is unique, worth what you’re charging, see you as an expert, and are glad to pay you handsomely for your help and support?

Plus the added challenge for some of us of paying our rent (and having extra to put into our savings) when we want to work with demographics that really are struggling financially and maybe can’t afford higher priced items…

I’ve heard from SO many sex-positive professionals that not knowing how to price their services is keeping them frozen and frustrated (and broke) that I decided to open this usually private, VIP bonus call to everyone on my Sex Geek Pro List.

So please feel free to invite any sex geeks, workshop leaders, healers, and educators you think would benefit from this information!

Just FWD them this article- it’s free – no need to register!

However, if you do wish to receive a reminder for the call AND the MP3 of the call recording, then REGISTER HERE to get FREE access to the What To Charge VIP Call recording.

This free, VIP bonus call is usually ONLY AVAILABLE to those who’ve already registered to attend Sex Geek Summer Camp as a bonus to gear up for camp; however, so many sex educators of late have been sharing with me their struggles and confusion around pricing and how to charge for their services that I thought it’d be of huge value (and fun!) to invite the entire sex ed/sex geek/sex-positive entrepreneur community. So please encourage your peers to join us on the call!

Signup to get access to the FREE MP3 recording of the call –

Stop struggling and worrying about what to charge! Learn an easy and powerful approach to design and price your products and services so you move your career forward and touch more lives for the better! Come to the call and get your questions answered and your doubts cleared up once and for all.

Ps. Hope you enjoyed the meme I made! Giggle.


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