Finding, Starting and Sustaining Relationships For The Spiritually Minded (teleclass)

by Reid on August 25, 2009

Finding, Starting and Sustaining Relationships For The Spiritually Minded
(A.K.A., Dating the Goddess is Driving Me Crazy! or Attracting the Divine Masculine Is Darn Near Impossible!)



Tuesday, Sept 1, 2009
10-11:30pm EST/7-8:30pm Pacific
Your Own Home or Office: Dial-In Teleclass
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Do any of these sound familiar to you?…

  • – Dating men in the Tantra community is driving you crazy ’cause “they just aren’t ready for a relationship!”
  • – You’ve found a beautiful goddess to love and worship, but “she’s a complete nut-job!”

If you’re feeling that dating these days is hard enough without adding spirituality to the mix…

If you’re wondering how you can attract the perfect complement to your juicy, higher self and how to gracefully steer clear of those who aren’t ready to dive deep in relationship…

Perhaps you are longing for something “more” out of your relationships but feel like you’re not spiritual or “sacredly experienced” enough to pursue the men and women you resonate with…

If dating spiritual, heart-opened beings has sometimes left you struggling with the “day to day” necessities of relationships and often has you wanting to throw in the towel and go back to looking on or Craigslist…

If you find dating in the Tantra community a constant struggle with jealousy, boundaries and agreements…

Then the good news is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The bad news is: It might take a little more than a mantra and some pranic breathing to get you out of your rut and into the delicious relationship of your dreams… But fret naught!

As a recent “newbie” to the Tantra scene, Reid’s web-seminar was not only humorous, but packed full of practical tools for dating in this overtly sexual world. It was positively refreshing to hear him tell us to Slow down and not rush to intimacy lest we have a “trainwreck”. I could definitely relate to this having experienced those “trainwrecks”. I was beginning to believe that I needed to date in a totally different arena, but Reid’s pragmatic advice made me realize that I was falling in love with Tantric trainwecks or guys that were totally mismatched for me! With his tools I plan to approach Tantric dating in a whole new way and have the fulfilling relationships I deserve.
  • Spectacular workshop last night! Priceless in fact. Thank you, Reid, for the gifts you
  • bring to the world! And you are a natural with the technology.

DATE: Tues Sept 1, 2009
TIME: 10-11:30PM EST/7-8:30pm Pacific
REGISTER: has invited world renowned sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko to do his FIRST EVER video webinar/teleclass!

Join Reid on your computer or just on your phone for this humorous and informative 3-hours on dating and sustaining relationships when your heart chakra comes before your sex chakra (pun intended!)…

In this 2-part webinar/workshop you will learn:

  • – What not to do (Relationship Pitfalls and Tantric Dating No-Nos!)
  • – How to find someone who’s like minded (and like spirited)
  • How to tell when the man and woman you’re resonating with is ready for an actual relationship!
  • When is holding space for someone’s own spiritual growth holding yours back?
  • Ways to increase your dating success and deepen your spiritual practice even when the odds seem stacked against you
  • – Advice on great Tantric first dates!
  • – What NEVER to do after a Tantra workshop or conference weekend with someone you like!
  • – And much more…

If your spiritual path and dating seem at odds, tune in for what promises to be an enlightening conversation with lots of self-aware giggles and illuminating anecdotes to dissolve your frustration and stress while expanding your capabilities.

If you’ve “had it” with dating Tantra men and women or find that dating gods and goddesses is driving you nuts, then this 2-part webinar is for you!

Reid Mihalko’s online workshop rocked the rafters! His FUN effervescent personality boiled through my ‘puter screen; it was the next best thing to having him in my house. Much more valuable than a magazine article. He not only gave workable real world tips on attracting and keeping spiritually oriented lovers, he gave great advice on avoiding repetitions of past mistakes.

Discussions with other students, while necessarily brief, were enlightening with the diversity of our experiences. For members of OneTantra, it will be easy to continue dialogue and chats with other attendees.


I really dug the way he took questions and got off running with his replies. This was anything but a rote lecture. Reid, if you ever pass through the Grand Teton/Yellowstone area, you’ve got a place to crash.

~ Northstar of

ABOUT REID: Reid Mihalko helps people create more self-esteem and greater health in their relationship and sex lives, no matter what their self-expression of those happen to be.

Reid has worked with thousands of individuals from all walks of life, all orientations, relationship styles, countries and religions. Known for his charisma, wit and emphasis on integrity, Reid travels the country teaching, coaching, consulting and collaborating. He has been a writer and producer on a number of film and television projects about sex and relationships, and appears regularly in the media.

Reid has been a featured speaker at dozens of conferences on relationships and sexuality. He has also appeared on the Emmy award-winning talk show Montel, Fox News, VH1’s Scott Baio is 45 and Single, Showtime’s Penn & Teller’s Bulls**t!, Canada’sThe Sex Files and SexTV, and the short-lived Life & Style, on NPR, Sirius’ Maxim Radio and Cosmo Radio, and in Marie Claire, GQ, People, Newsweek and The National Enquirer, as well as media across the globe in thirteen countries and at least seven languages.

Reid will teach the first evening of this intensive for OneTantra on August 26th and the concluding night on September 1st, using an online webinar system with video. You’ll be assigned some very interesting homework for the week! Only 80 slots are available, so be sure to sign up early in order to insure your attendance. Once registered, details for logging into the intensive will be sent to you.

DATE: Tues Sept 1, 2009
TIME: 10-11:30PM EST/7-8:30pm Pacific
REGISTER: The cost for call 2 is $25. Register and get Call 1’s Slides and Recording Free!


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