Breathing Easier Equals Heavey Breathing This Valentine’s 💘

by Reid on February 10, 2022

A Box of Chocolates Is Soooooo Pre-Pandemic…

Greetings from Lisbon, Sex Geek!

My partner (and author of Girl Sex 101), Allison Moon, and I are on a long-overdue vacation in Portugal. (Allison LOVES seafood, by the way, and last year, after we got vaccinated, Allison snatched up some super low-priced tickets to Portugal so we’d have something to look forward to… And seafood, which Portugal is known for, is something Allison can REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO!)

We’ll be here for 10 days, and then Allison heads home and I go on to Amsterdam next week to teach. But, leading up to our trip, I must admit, I was having lots of FEELS about traveling even though we’re both vaxxed and boosted, and the Omicron surge seemed to be on it’s decline.

In honor of all the research I was doing leading up to us traveling, I thought I’d share two nerdy things I came across that might help you at home this Valentine’s. 

Why am I sharing them, you ask?

Helping People Feel Safer Is a Great Way To Have Better Sex…

As a clearly labeled Sex Geek, who’s helped tens of thousands of people access more pleasure and healthier relationships, I can attest to the importance and power of small things (the right small things) making HUGE differences in the bedroom!

GIF of beautiful woman in bed using her finger in a "come hither" motion and throwing open the blankets

From being able to rock your Safer Sex Talk and how that can have your lovers feel more open to playing (because you’re indicating you care about sexual health, have your sexual health situation handled, and probably give a damn about their sexual health & wellbeing)… To being able to have nuanced conversations about secure attachment and casual sex so you can Date Your Species and avoid falling in love with good people who end up being HORRIBLE fits for you in the long run…

GIF of two animated rabbits wearing light blue covid masks and latex gloves kissing with a big read valentine's heart bubbling up when they kiss

Investing in the skills to become a self-aware, great communicator who’s on top of their sexual health, relationship needs, and understands how bodies and pleasure work… THAT can be a HUGE TURN-ON to folks! (Think about how poorly most people get treated in relationships and in bed – maybe not YOU since you’re a nerd like me, but generally speaking… It’s dismal what most folks experience, so you and I becoming the change we want to see in the bedroom… THIS can up our Valentine’s cache considerably! Not to mention the pleasure we get to give and receive!)

Feeling Unsafe During a Pandemic =/= Let’s Bang!

It stands to reason that people feeling unsafe around COVID-related things might get in the way of having great sex… How can you and your loved ones relax and drop into experiencing great pleasure if everyone is stuck in their heads worrying about catching Covid?

Proactive = Sexy As Fuck!

Pepole who are proactive when it comes to their sexual health are sexy as fuck. Especially folks taking action in ways that leave you feeling seen and your health taken into consideration! Getting your STI testing done regularly; knowing your way around the proper use of condoms, gloves, dams and lube; washing your hands really well before sex; cleaning your sex toys (and mine) after we use ’em, etc… #HeartthrobAchievementUnlocked 🥰🥰🥰

Breathing a sigh of relief because someone is an on-top-of-it sex geek is often the first step in the right direction towards sharing some hot & heavy breathing together, am I right!?

GIF of out of breath Ohoebe and Dynevor from NETFLIX' Bridgerton

And that kind of being-on-top-of-things’ness applies to Covid awareness and pandemic protocols, too!

Here are two things that apply to Covid Safety I think might help you help someone you love feel more grounded, safe, and reeeeeeelaxed… Which could be the hooking-up aphrodisiac you were both looking for!

Iconic image of John Cusack from 1989's Say Anything movie photoshopped to add him holding a Corsi-Rosenthal air filtration box above his head, plus wearing a light-blue surgical mask photoshopped over his face

1. Want To Breathe Easier? Check THIS Out…

Big thanks to the In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt podcast and their Omicron: Masking and Indoor Air Quality 101 episode. This episode pointed me to the Corsi-Rosenthal Box idea, PLUS the importance of air-scrubbing (especially if you have a sick family member who needs to quarantine at home, etc.)!

Yep… There is a kick-ass, DIY air filtration system you can build for under $100 that would totally get you laid if you stopped by my house, held it above your head, and said, “Let’s put this in your bedroom…” 

Here’s the resource page with all sorts of info and links on the Corsi-Rosenthal Box…

And here are 2 excellent videos from that page to make it feel less daunting: The first is a 4th grader doing a tutorial (my video favorite)! The 2nd is from Ask This Old House… 

Screenshot from Youtube video of a Asian 4th grader wearing a covid mask and assembling building blocks
Youtube screenshot from Ask This Old House channel for the DIY AIR FILTER episode

Does building a Corsi-Rosenthal Box for your lover feel like too much of a romance escalation? Maybe you’d like to keep things more casual but still let that special someone know you care about their health? Well, nothing says “Be My Quarantine!” like some good info on safely reusing Covid Masks… (I know, I’m such a nerd!)

Mature white couple kiss while takes off protective medical mask and obscuring their faces with the mask out in front of them

2. Wondering If You Can Keep Using That Covid Mask? You Can!

Here’s a wonderful New York Times article on How To Reuse N95, KN95, and Other Disposable Masks – Link HERE.

Hope these two resources make your Valentine’s and relationships more fun and more relaxed this year. Thank you again for the honor of being able to stay in touch with you via my website. If you’d like articles and musings like this delivered to your inbox, sign up HERE (and get a free video tutorial on one of my favorite bedroom moves, The Inverted Vulcan!

And, if you feel so called, please leave a comment below and share what you liked and/or how you’re doing! I can’t always reply, but I read every comment. 

annimated unicorn "I am my own valentine" GIF

And whether or not you have a Valentine’s this year, or you’re your own Valentine… Or whether you celebrate V-Day at all… I think you’re pretty badass for nerding out with me. 

To feeling safer and more confident in and out of the bedroom,
PS. And, on the off chance that you’re in Europe and in the Amsterdam area, Feb 18-20th, please consider joining the amazing Wilrieke Sophia and me for a weekend of sex geeky fun… But hurry! Things are selling out! Info on Wilrieke’s calendar.

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