Connect with Reid at The SoulPlay Festival June 8-11 in Pinecrest, CA!

Join Reid At The SoulPlay Festival June 8-11: A 4-Day Immersion Into New Paradigms of Connection, Self-Expression, and Joy! SOULPLAY is a 4 Day immersion into new paradigms of Connection, Self-Expression, & Joy! SOULPLAY invites you to experience a more embodied state of being. Experience world-class workshops, heart-opening connections, invigorating yoga, deep inner reflection and healing, blissful dance, […]

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Reid Can’t Be at Ecstatic Fest, But YOU Can… June 9-12 2016 in Pinecrest, CA

I Can’t Attend This Year’s EcstaticFest, But YOU Can! If this amazing 4-days resonates for you, I highly recommend* this event! Please send my love to all the awesome folks there if you do go… Are You Ready For a Weekend of Radical Connecting? I was honored to be invited to teach and geek out […]

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Connect with Reid and other sex geeks at Ecstatic Festival Jun 12-14

Are You Ready For a Weekend of Radical Connecting? I’m honored that Ecstatic founder Romi Elan has invited me to bring my personal style of sex and relationship geekery along with several other sex-positive superstars to his very special weekend event… Will you consider joining us for a 3-day immersion into new paradigms of love, connection […]

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