How Do You Implement All The Business Stuff You Learn?

by Reid on November 19, 2017

A group of business people are in a meeting in an office. TheyHow Do You Implement All The Business Stuff You Learn?

With Reid Mihalko from and Dr. Liz Powell from

Reid: So you learn all this business stuff but then how do you implement it? This is Reid Mihalko from also creator of and I am wearing the green shirt which means this is business advice for sex educators and I happen to have standing right next to me Dr. Liz from…


Reid: And you have been a part of the Implementation Boot (T) Camp which was a thing that we did last year after Sex Geek Summer Camp but you didn’t go to camp…

Liz: Didn’t go to camp. I didn’t know you yet.

Reid: But you did sign up for the implementation. Since I have Dr. Liz right here, what was useful about it? Just anything for telling people about it because I don’t think I’ve actually promoted on YouTube channel that product.

Liz: Implementation Boot (T) Camp was amazing. It gave me specific times to sit down and work on tasks that I knew I wanted to do but seems so large and amorphous that I never would have done them on my own. So there was this wonderful method of walking you through each step of the process and Reid approached us in this way where you kind of come at things through like a backdoor so you don’t have time for all your fears about things to get in the way.

Reid: That sound dirty.

Liz: It will, you know. Some of us like the backdoor.

Reid: When Dr. Liz says Reid, what we really mean is Cathy Vartuli of the

Liz: Cathy…

Reid: Who basically designed everything, researched it with Rick Wilkes and then did most of the slides, all the slides so that I could show up and basically with Cathy’s help give people focus time to actually walk through like setting up your website or building you autoresponder emails or things like that. What was something that you were either having problems with or thought you would have problems with that the camp helped or the Boot (T) Camp helped.

Liz: Wow! So there were several things, first was getting an email thing setup and setting up my autoresponse changed and that was hugely helpful because I’ve had like an email list that I really never really interacted with and I didn’t know how to make it work for me very well. The second thing was creating a freemium. There are free products that are available now in my site so that people can just check them out, signup for my email list and get a little bit of a taste of what it’s like to work with me. What my voice is like who I am. I never would have done those on my own. I will just let those sit forever.

Reid: And I’m envious that we ran the whole program because you all got to get setup in 3 months what basically took me 8 years and now not everybody who took the course implemented a 100% of everything but people got a sizeable chunk of stuff done and like now you’re further ahead of the game wherever you’re at in your game and then what took me 8 years.

So if you’re curious about that program, we’ve got a digital version of it. We may or may not be running it live every year or so, so check it out. I’ll put the links in the description below and then where people can find you?


Reid: Why don’t you spell that?

Liz: S-E-X-P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E-P-S-Y-C-H dot com.

Reid: That’s awesome. I love that she spells it because people don’t know to spell psych.

Liz: It’s a weird word and it sounds like so many other words, it’s just easier.

Reid: The silent P is the killer. It’s the silent killer.

Alright. Comments, check it out and thanks for watching videos. Hit subscribe. Bye.

Liz: Bye.

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