How Do You Get Sponsors and How Do You keep Them?

by Reid on November 22, 2017

Business Team Hanshake At OfficeHow Do You Get Sponsors and How Do You keep Them?

With Reid Mihalko from and Dr. Liz Powell from

Reid: How do you get sponsors for your projects and how do you keep them? This is Reid Mihalko from and I’m wearing t-shirt which means this is business advice for sex educators and workshop facilitators and I’m here with Dr. Liz from…


Reid: And you came to an event that we did at Cathy Vartuli from at her house and we filmed it and that was…

Liz: Sponsorship 411 Day

Reid: Since I have you here and we’re shooting videos for everybody else for the YouTube channel, what was that like? This is a non-paid sponsor…

Liz: Non-paid, he does not pay me.

Reid: Yeah. So just what were your thoughts on it and why would people do it or not do it.

Liz: Sponsorship 411 was great for me because especially as a psychologist I didn’t have a lot of ideas about how sponsorship could work for me or why sponsorship would work for me and it gave me a ton of new ideas about ways that I could approach different projects that I’ve thought about doing. It was like an entire shift in a way that I think about getting projects funded and how I would do different things that I’ve been approaching. For instance, one of the open houses we ran at the Embodiment Arts Collective, I was able to get a sponsorship from TRUST massage oil…

Reid: Oh really?

Liz: …and they send us some free little pillow packs so I could hand them out for our massage for friends and lovers class which was great.

Reid: Hi TRUST, one of the camp sponsors.

Liz: We love TRUST.

Reid: We love TRUST massage oil.

Liz: And then Good Vibrations also came out and vended on one of the days during our holiday gift boutique so just… it gave me all kinds of new ideas about how to approach different companies and to be able to leverage that to help build my business and build their business as well.

Reid: Cool! I didn’t know about TRUST, that’s exciting.

Liz: Yeah!

Reid: So now I feel like a proud papa. So we’ll leave in the description below a link to Sponsorship 411 Day if you want to check that out and again it might not be the right fit for you and it might be the right fit for you and your career to figure out ways that you can partner with organizations and companies whether those are paid sponsorships or free product or leveraging social media and things like that. So check that out and then where can people find the Embodiment Arts Collective and you as well?

Liz: So the Embodiment Arts Collective is at where a collection of practitioners from a variety of modalities who address whole body embodiment health from a sex positive radical perspective, totally vanilla friendly too and then my website is Reid loves to have me spell it.

Reid: Because the silent P in psych not everybody gets it.

Liz: No one knows how to spell it. S-E-X-P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E-P-S-Y-C-H dot com

Reid: Awesome, thank you. Leave comments below and hit subscribe then check out Dr. Liz and the collective.

Liz: Alright. 

Reid: Bye.

Liz: Bye.

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