Thank you, Sex Geek Summer Camp 2017 Sponsors!

I’m so excited to announce 2017’s Sex Geek Summer Camp sponsors! PLEASE check out their websites, Share and Like these YouTube videos all over social media, and generally give these companies some sex geeky love… Why? Because these companies make Sex Geek Summer Camp possible for so many sex educators to attend! (To attend –and also […]

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I Do ____ for Sex Ed, and What I Learned at Sex Geek Summer Camp!

Listen To Various Sex Educators Answer the Question: “I Do __________ for Sex Ed.” Every wonder how sex education differs from teacher to teacher? I have. And I’m such a nerd about it that I took half a day to interview some of my favorite Sex Geeks (who also happen to be Sex Geek Summer […]

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Sex Geek Summer Camp 2015

Are You Ready To Make A Bigger Impact, Create More Raving Fans, and Make More Money? All While Staying True To YOUR Calling and Having More Fun? Join me at Abrams Creek, WV this July 25-30th, 2015! Sex Geek Summer Camp (July 26-30, 2015, at Abrams Creek in Elk Garden, West Virginia) is a 5-day/4-night sleepaway camp […]

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