Dealing With Different Financial Expression: Saver vs Spender

What to do, if one person wants to save and budget and the other person, someone who is a lot more free thinking about money, doesn’t want to budget or plan? That can cause a lot of conflict in a relationship, because one is a saver, and other is a spender. Join relationship expert Reid Mihalko from […]

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The ‘Embarrassing Questions Sex Educators DON’T ask’ FREE Telecall

Don’t Let the Embarrassing “Too” Questions Ruin Your Career! Dear Sex Geek, What are the questions that are holding you back from going pro as a sex educator and/or from paying your bills? Chances are, they’re of the despicable and embarrassing “Too” Questions variety! The questions that are “too” embarrassing, “too” simple, or “too” obvious. […]

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