Photo and Video Policy

The agreement for attending Camp is below, along with 4 options at the end. Everyone attending Camp has to agree to one of the first 3 options (which include no video/photo and no audio options). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

We film and photograph Camp. CAMP IS A FILMED AND RECORDED EVENT.

Say if one more time for the people in the back… CAMP IS A FILMED AND RECORDED EVENT.

The only way anyone can guarantee that you are not recorded or photographed is for you to not attend Camp.

And we want to help folks navigate this if they wish to not be photographed or recorded. Here’s how this works..

The videos of the educational portions of the event are recorded with the intent to be packaged and made available for purchase and other commercial use, and photos and clips from Camp are used for promotion. Photos are taken for promotional, commercial and educations use. However, we understand that everyone has different privacy needs. In an effort to respect each individual’s varying needs, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY the audio/visual release below.

IF YOU CANNOT AGREE TO ONE OF THE OPTIONS, we ask that you DO NOT ATTEND CAMP and we will gladly transfer your tuition over to an (SG)3 online, lifetime membership, which is the online/digital equivalent of Camp.

Sex Geek Summer Camp

I hereby expressly grant Sex Geek Summer Camp (Camp or Event), which is conducted by Reid Mihalko, doing business as ReidAllAboutIt, LLC, and to its officers, employees, agents, and assignees, the right to use photographs, video testimonials, video takeaways, audio, and other presentations of me or my voice recorded by Camp during my participation in the Event or Camp organized activities, and to use the photographs, my voice and picture contained within any such video or audio, my silhouette, the back of my head, and other reproductions of physical likeness and class-related work, in connection with or as part of any presentation, program, publication, product, or other professional endeavor in which the same may be used or incorporated, and also in the advertising, and/or publicizing of any such works and in any such formats existing or to be created in their perpetuity. I understand that these images/sounds may be used for commercial, educational or informational purposes.

I waive all rights of copyright, ownership, and rights of publicity in or the resulting commercial or educational and informational materials in which I appear. Any facts, figures, testimonials, stories, etc. I give are truthful and are freely given without payment.

For correspondence, contact:
Reid Mihalko
3745 SE 3rd St
Gresham, OR 97080

I hereby certify that I have read the foregoing and fully understand the meaning and effect thereof, and intend to be legally bound by these terms. Any disputes arising hereunder shall be governed by the laws of Oregon, and shall be resolved under binding arbitration in Oregon.


  1. Option a) PERMISSION TO USE MY FACE AND VOICE – I agree, and give permission to be photographed and recorded, and I understand that this doesn’t guarantee that Reid will use my face and voice.
  2. Option b) NO TO PHOTO/VIDEO BUT YES TO USING MY VOICE – I am a no-photo person, but I give permission for my voice to appear on video or audio. I also agree to lend a hand towards preventing my face and image from being captured on video or in pictures by doing several or all of the following: 1) Wearing a “no photos” vest during Camp to aid the photographers/videographers in spotting me in the crowd and helping me in protecting my privacy. 2) Sitting in the designated “no-photos areas” in the teaching/class areas. 3) Making a conscious effort to not appear in Camp photo opportunities staged by Reid or others (HINT: If you want camp pictures for yourself, make sure you only appear in ones taken on your personal phone/camera). I understand every effort will be made to avoid photographing or videoing my face and image but it cannot be guaranteed completely, and I understand that it is also my responsibility to not walk in front of cameras and video recorders. If I want to give an audio testimonial for Camp, I will make sure the camera person doesn’t record my face when I’m using the microphone.
  3. Option c) NO PHOTO/VIDEO & NO AUDIO – I am a no-photo and no-audio person. In addition to lending a hand in following Option B above, I also understand that I should not accept the microphone during educational portions of the event or give a video testimonial or appear in camp photos, and I should save my questions for when we’re not recording.
  4. Option d) NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! I’LL HAVE NONE OF IT — I cannot agree to any of the above options and understand that the only way I can guarantee I am not recorded or photographed is that I should not attend Camp.