Sacred But Single (free podcast)

by Reid on May 25, 2009

Getting your Relationship Needs Met When You’re Single And A Practitioner May Be More Important Than You Think…

Download this free podcast of Reid’s lecture given at the 2008 Chicago Daka/Dakini Conference. In this convesation, world renowned sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko discusses the phenomenon and impact of being single as a sex positive professional and how we as practitioners can get our relationship needs met even when we opt out of or are in between relationships.

Reid candidly and with great humor offers his viewpoints, perspectives, and strategies on the ins and outs of dating and relationships as a sexual healer. Included in this conversation is a further inquiry into how we as a community of healers and sex-positive professionals can be a support for all of us having –when we chose to– healthy and fulfilling romantic relationships to come home to.

Podcast length: Under an Hour

Cost: Free!


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