For workshop facilitators: Reid recommends EventBrite

by Reid on January 22, 2009

For all my facilitator and sex educator peeps out there across the country and around the globe, I’ve just started using a ticketing sales site that is pretty slick, wicked easy to use, and can even CROSS-POST your events on Facebook… EventBrite.

I recommend it and suggest that you investigate.

It’s been great for me with pre-sales and all that, and I can offer discounts for “Early-Bird” registrations that end the Day-Of an event (I recommend creating a Day-Of ticket for those who don’t like to pay cash at the door) and send invites out, too.

One glitch I found: When you cross-post from EventBrite to Facebook, the promo photo you use on EventBrite will need to be reloaded onto Facebook and you’ll have to click on their agreement for posting pix. That’s about the biggest glitch I could find at the time of this writing.

Also, they list your event across EventBrite, too… 

Everything goes to PayPal and you can assign EventBrite’s $0.99 ticket processing fee to be paid by the attendee or by you, and you can do it all through PayPal and they’ve got some great event marketing support and such on their site.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with it and will let you all know if I find any more glitches. If you find one before I do, let me know!

Hope this was helpful! 


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