Who Is Dan Powers? (X-men Origin Story)

by Reid on October 29, 2017

Dan PowersMeet the amazing Dan Powers

from BeyondTheBedroomEvents.com and Reid Mihalko from ReidAboutSex.com.

Reid: Who is Dan Powers? Dan dan dan… Hi Dan!

Dan: Hi Reid

Reid: Beyond the bedroom events in Colorado but also online at BedEvents.com and this is my surprise question. Dan doesn’t know I’m going to ask this question. Give us like the 2-minute version, 3-minute version of how you became the beyond the bedroom like what was your X-Men origin story for becoming a sex educator or relationship intimacy. How are you identify in the sex geek world?

Dan: Yeah, that’s perfect. I’m a software engineer with an MBA. I was a product manager for a number of high tech companies. I’ve started a number of companies and with my former wife like most relationships, in alternative saying, we’ve became sexless, we had sex just to scratch that scratch that need to be scratched. So that becomes fast. 

Reid: Scratch that scratch that need to be scratched

Dan: But we really had lost it. So we ended up getting divorced. I met a woman who introduced me to the world of Tantra.

Reid: A woman?

Dan: It’s like, “What the hell is this? Why I didn’t know this even existed?” I did know sex therapy existed and that’s how we pressed we were in the environment that I was in. We didn’t know anything about sex other than how to have it and of course we do the [inaudible 00:01:21] kind of, “Oh yeah, we had sex 5 times last week.” That kind… but it wasn’t true. That’s what we talked about. So I was really upset that I didn’t have this and know that was available for myself. Being an engineer I would go out and learn everything I could about it. I did. I’ve taken numerous classes from Body Electric, Human Awarenessicity, Source Tantra, on and on and on. Then people start coming to me and ask me, “What classes should I go to? You know about Tantra. You know of this.” And I knew the ones I didn’t like. And I also know just because I didn’t like it, it doesn’t mean that somebody else won’t like it. I’ve wanted to start putting something up to that was just non-judgmental for as many people as possible

Reid: Okay

Dan: So I created something called Beyond the Bedroom with Robyn Trask from Loving More and…

Reid: Hi Robyn

Dan: Hi Robyn. It was really a conference to provide sex education covering a wide variety of topics. Everything from talking of kids about sex to swinging to BDSM to everything in a non-judgmental way that was really safe for people are.

Reid: Okay

Dan: And then we wanted to reach a larger population. We started doing internet, video based teaching

Reid: Yeah and you have a YouTube channel.

Dan: And YouTube channel, Beyond the Bedroom, on YouTube. I don’t have the URL… vanity URL.

Reid: Oh okay.

Dan: But [inaudible 00:02:50] 500 then we can get that.

Reid: Okay. Got it.

Dan: Yeah

Reid: So I’ll link to something a Dan’s in the comments. Find out more if you’re in Colorado but also you and Elizabeth and the other people that you worked with, you’re online as well.

Dan: Yes, yes.

Reid: At Bedroom Events

Dan: BeyondTheBedroomEvents.com

Reid: BeyondTheBedroomEvents.com

Dan: Or BedEvents.com which is easier to type.

Reid: Yeah, excellent. If you’re on a phone. We appreciate those short URL’s.

Dan: Me, too. Can’t tell you when I mistype the other ones small ones.

Reid: Check out their stuff. Dan is a good friend of mine and thanks for showing up in the office and jumping on in YouTube with me.

Dan: Yeah, as always. It’s been great.

Reid: Yeah. Bye.

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